Monday, August 15, 2011

We interrupt this program for a little "T"

I'm interrupting my pre-sheduled posts to show you where I was yesterday.
Let's go.

Manon invited me to an eFashionista tea party at her restaurant. We were upstairs. 
Of course I dressed up for the occasion.
Part of the proceeds went to 
which is a temporary home for struggling women living in poverty.
 I wore this little number for awhile.
 I did bring my sweet baby blue Pill Hat that CC brought me, but
for some reason I didn't get a picture of it.

 Look at my FRECH girlfriend Manon.
Isn't she just beautiful?
This is our sweet hostess Tania.
Isn't she a little doll, and oh so charming.
I came home with a fun filled PINK box of goodies, and the most decadent cookies I've ever seen. Will you join me for a little spot of tea?
The flowers were also fresh and pink and pretty.
 I dared NOT take a bite from this pretty blue cookie. 
Could you?
Yes girls, we did eat Macaroons.
 And look at this one? 
Trimmed in GOLD no less.
 Takes my breath away, really.
 You know I must confess. 
I'm not a tea drinker, but today, well I was.
And I cracked open this sweet chocolate fortune cookie.
 China I've had for a few years now. 
But the sad part...
I was alone while enjoying this peaceful time.
I was thinking of all of you out there who would have gladly joined me today.
 What a great fortune cookie.

 And so my sweet little bear sat with me while I sipped my tea, and told me to 
NOT eat the cookies.



wendy said...

Oh my...what a lovely tea party. I think I prefer (as in the first photo) the "bottle" of whatever that was (tee,hee)
THOSE ARE COOKIES....unbelievable.
I'd never eat them either.

You look gorgeous in your pink hat and indeed Manon is a beautiful lady.

Your life is always full of fun and adventure I believe.
many hugs!!!

Kimberly said...

That looks like so much fun! you are so pretty in pink!

Rita said...

I am tea drinker and your experience sounds Fabulous; Love those hats(à la Kate). Your fotune was right on the mark. Très beau!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Le thé est super. Le thé avec une amie FRANÇAISE, SUBLIME! ET DE TELS BISCUITS? EXTASE!!!!!!!

Oh dearest, what fun and YOU, SO ME!!!! You know how to have fun. I LOVE YOU! Anita

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sweet tea party and oh those of art. You look so lovely in your Pink! Big Hugs, Linda

Grace said...

This looks so divine! Beautiful Tea for a wonderful cause. The cookies look like they belong on display as art! lol Thank you for sharing Grace xoox

Julie said...

I am so jealous! I am definitely moving to Montreal. Those cookies are too beautiful to eat and I love the outfits. You guys are such pretty girls. The restuarant looks lovely as usual and the pretty boxes such a treat.
Just stop having so much darn fun would ya!

I have to pay off the last trip before I can come out again.

To do today?
Buy a lottery ticket - because you just never know right?

Love ya.

Designs By Pinky said...

I would have LOVED to have joined you, beautiful girl! Those cookies ARE too pretty to eat!!!!! Maybe one bite???:):)You looked adorable in your pink outfit and hat! Your friend is gorgeous! Thanks so much for your sweet words to me! I just did a new post, you might like it. XO, Pinky

Sherry from Alabama said...

Wish I could be there to share tea time with you! I'm quite lonely since hubby went back to work after our ten day camping trip. I hope to have a lunch out with my girlfriends Thursday though.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Well, let's see if I can post a comment. Blogger won't let me post on my blog today.

This looks like such a beautiful event and you, as always, look gorgeous!

Wish I had got to meet Manon. Awwwgh! You got Macroons!

Let me try posting to my blog again.

Love you much!

Julie Harward said...

Hi Claudie, I just wanted to pop in to say that I think what you did for your friends visit there was the nicest thing any one could do. You are an amazing lady! :D

Anonymous said...

I wanna come, I wanna come!! Looks fabulous darling, as do you! :)

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh thank you for taking us right along with you to join the tea party! How delightful! You looked beautiful and I can tell it was an amazing time!

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and all your helpful comments about Europe. I am so excited and will take lots of pictures so I can do some blog posts!

Big hugs,

jeanne said...

Hello Dear Claudie, The 'High Tea' is just the most delightful idea. You both look beautiful in your oh so beautiful hats. Pink is definitely your color Claudie. I love that dress. It holds great memories. Smile.

The cookies are a work of art. Who could take a bite of those? More goodies for your pleasure. I am glad you had a grand time time at the tea party. I am sure Manon made everything special and a wonderful time was had by all. I have wondered how her mother is doing.

Still busy with company but having fun. Rick and Dee are long time friends and they are like family.However, I will be happy to have time to post again. I am very anxious to post and express my thanks for the lovely gifts we all exchanged. I am missing you and the Summer Breeze good times.

Good night dear Claudie.
I love you to pieces,
Jeanne xxoxo

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Claudie, you sure know how to have fun...way to much fun! Fun parties in the last couple post! You are adorable inside and out! Cute, cute you! xox

~CC Catherine said...

Honee French Poodle... Cheeky, Playful, and Ever Exploring the fortune cookie said~ Now how accurate is that one? SPOT on! ;) You are sweet friend just that!

So glad you could enjoy that fabulous tea, oh if I could have only been a mouse in the corner with a teency camera to film it; that would have been heavenly.

You look like you had a blast...and don't fret about drinking tea alone at home; it's actually GOOD to do that. It helps to lower the blood pressure and calm the nerves whether you think you have them or not.

Love you sista! the macaroons and cookies are just so artistic and luscious looking!!! Please say hello to Manon for me honee!

Your Summer Breeze Ga Peach!

Judi said...

Hi Claudie!
You look beautiful in the top picture with your pink hat and all. What a fun time you had! The gifts were lovely and I would not have been able to eat those lovely cookies either!! Such sweet gifts...I would have loved to have shared tea with you...
This is such a pretty pink post.
have a wonderful day

Sandy Camarda said...

What an awesome time you guys had! My son is giggling right now because of the song that's playing on your blog! Will keep in touch for sure!!


pinkim said...

Hi Claudie, what pretty cookies, certainly too pretty to eat! You look lovely too. You know I have never been to a do so many fun things...I do hope you are starting to feel better. Oh by the way, the background song is just perfect for this post!


racheld said...

What a lovely tea party, and such glorious company!!

As Shelby Eatenton Latcherie so aptly put it, "Pink is my Signachurr Color." And it's certainly YOURS---I'll never see hot pink without thinking of your bright smile.


Teresa said...

Yes I would have glady joined you! Looks like so much fun. You look lovely as always Sweet Claudette.
Miss you,