Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Breeze reprise-part two /take two

The rain keeps coming down. Why is that?
The sky keeps crying and their chairs are empty.
I think God knows how sad I am.
But when I look back at these pics, 
a great BIG SMILE graces my face.
So here we go 
 Picked up the girls at 11:00. We had a very LATE night so we kind of slept in a little.
It was time to get this party started.
Come on in.

 They wanted to see our bedroom. Of course the bed was messy, but who cares.
The monkeys were jumping on the bed AGAIN.
 Aren't my GIRLS beautiful?
 Randy baked some 
 And Colt popped the bubbly.
Randy and Colt made us a lovely brunch with 
Eggs Benedict, the girls favourite.
We also had Mimosa's with fresh fruit. 
Fresh dill from Randy's garden to boot.
  Our tiny cottage kitchen. We all fit in just fine. 
 Wendy from Alberta lovin' it all.
Canadian peameal bacon, only the best.
It was divine.
 Now outside we go to unwrap our treasures.

 Beautiful linens.
 Sweet little baby blue lamb. LOVE IT.
 Check out this sexy black sheer cape 
Jeanne brought me, oh la la 
 I look like a pin-up girl, lol.
 Since I don't cook and Randy does, the girls brought him some aprons.
 Miss Bee brought Randy the coolest 
DINO (Dean Martin) book ever. 
It was for his 50th birthday.
It's awesome.

 How appropriate hanging in my yard.
Always Welcome Sunshine Laughter & Smiles. 
 This little guy is the sweetest whimsical PINK clown I have ever seen. 
He truly is special.

Thank you Miss Bee... I love him.
 This says " I KISS BETTER THAN I COOK" that's right girls.
 Wendy brought us all one of these pretty crystals.
It now hangs in my little kitchen.
Thank you Wendy.

 Pretty Jeanne with her little bird. 
She LOVES birds.
 We also received vintage earrings. 
Mine were PINK with black. 
 Miss Bee made us some INCREDIBLE little boxes. SO MUCH LOVE went into them. 
She personalized the inside with a message and little treasures. 
Thank you Miss BEE.
This was Wendy's. 
Check out the little cowgirl boots and rope... awwwww 
 This was Jeanne's.
And look at CC's ballerina.
Oh and we all got pretty rings to wear too. 

We stopped for a little snack in between.
Julie gave us AUTOGRAPH books. 
Julie started collecting 
autographs when she travels.
Thank you Julie.
She also gave us each a piece of jewelry.
Wait till you see who we got.
My little cowgirl Wendy.

Shake your booty, shake your booty.
Look at this wonderful vintage sequins pursette. 
It's very formal and oh so sweet.
Thank you Jeanne.

 CC gave me the cutest BUNNY wine glass and so many other special
treasures I will share with all of you soon.

 I'm still trying to get all the gifts organized.
CC brought Julie an autograph book for this trip.
Wrapped with a pretty hanky. 

 CC brought us ALL vintage hats from GA.
Mine was the prettiest I think ; )
Julie and CC's hats. 
Julie's was mink, oh la la for sure.

 CC also gave us a little box. 
Inside was a piece of jewelry and a note.
See that piece of PINK string?
 We wore them on our wrists. Sisters.
Touching messages.

 Little Bella
 Julie gave me these " BEST SHADES EVER".

 Synchronized swimmers. 
Aren't we good?
Yes we are ; )

After all of the fun of opening gifts, 
it was time for a little swim. 
The party tunes were blastin' and we were a splashin'.
Next, our wonderful evening at the cottage.
Stay tuned.


Jori said...

Everything is so bright and colorful! Your home is just heavenly. It looks like you all had such a fab time. :) can't wait to see the rest of your pics.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am LOVING seeing all your beautiful girls!! All the gifts were amazing! More More More!!


Judi said...

Hi Claudie
What FUN. You all gave each other the cutest and funnest gifts. I can tell they were perfect for the fun you all had. Love the hats and the little pins and the autograph books are a great idea.
Your place is so colourful and you were all dressed in the perfect colours to go with it.

Cute coverall too Claudie.
Share some more...
have a lovely evening...

Julie said...

Just leaving work.... so much to say in these posts! You are a little mixed up with the who and where and when but that's okay.
It was a whirlwind of days!
I really like that little sheer hanky you got. How did I miss that lovely gift? Which of these girls with such great taste treated you with that one honey? I am sure they won't mind if you give it to me. You have my address! HA!
A lot of sexy pictures of you. You sure look good. I must have a bad one of you somewhere. HA!
The food was so amazing by chef Randy and as I go home now - I can't even think of what to have for dinner. I'll call ya later sista. Smooch!

Jennifer Hayslip said...

EEEEEK!!!! These photos are the best!!! You ladies look like you had the time of your life!!! You are SOOO adorable!!! You in your see thru nighties. Hot Mamma! Meow!! hee! hee! Jeanne is just as cute! The last photo of you all in the pool is the best. You gals sure know how to have a rockin time together. when do I get to come and see your little cottage? hint*hint*. :))) Love ya bunches, Jenn

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Well what can I say but that this was surely an event that is oozing with love and to think I was on the list. Wow. I am so blessed just sitting here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, knowing that you were thinking of me while planning this. Gorgeous people, wonderful cottage and a love that is only made in heavenly minded hearts.


GardenofDaisies said...

Oh my gosh, you girls look like you're having a blast!!!
Such fun! And so many beautiful and thoughtful gifts for sharing! Your cottage is so sweet and welcoming!

Anonymous said...

Incredible! I have goose bumps! I am thinking you should plan a "Charlebois Family" ReUnion! The "girls" look like a blast! so happy for you! xoxo

jeanne said...

Hi Claudie, YES, I adore your header. I commented yesterday and Blogger said your site was unavailable. sigh!!! It s a long one and It just disappeared. I could never do what you did and I am very impressed. BIG approving smile here.

You are telling our story in an awesome way. I am trying hard to remember everything so I can post the gifts. I have to tell you I LOVE the purse you gave me. So do my sisters. Thank you my generous darling friend. I know it was expensive. My heart is so full with the most wonderful memories. A week we will always remember with love and laughter. Six women who are now like sisters in a blended family.

You do look like a beautiful pinup girl in the photo with the bike. I loved that photo almost as much as I love you. Smile. I wish we could sit down and talk about all he fun times we had. It would take hours.

I'm glad the rain waited for us to leave. Being outside the whole week was just amazing. Perfect in every way.

I better get busy and write my PS post. I am running out of time.

Have fun in Ottawa. Seeing Carrie Underwood is awesome. I think she is so talented.

Later my dear friend.
Love and hugs always,
Jeanne xoxoxo

pinkim said...

Claudie, this will be the third time that I will have typed this comment...I do not know where it keeps going but...goes again....I have just enjoyed so much reading and looking through this post! You have a real knack for show and tell and for taking pictures that really get to the heart of the matter...The love and the joy just jumps off of the screen:)) I just love that Randy and Colt were involved and I think that Randy's gifts are perfect...

The gifts are lovely and obviously chosen with a lot of love...
I Enjoyed the synchronized swimming, and yes mam you are good!

Don't be sad, you have lovely memories and the tangibles and it all took place right there at your all you have to do is look around...and see...

I absolutely LOVE you new do you do these things?

By the way...very sexy outfits in some of those pictures...oh la la is
Love, KIm

Sandy Michelle said...

EEeeeeek what fun :) You sure know how to throw a party Miss. Pin-Up! It sure helps to have a built-in chef at your house. The back bacon and eggs benedict looke dmouth-watering! I love all the gifts- especially the papier mache clown. I have a few of those myself. You should make a journal with pix and keepsakes of your fabulous get-together! When can I come over ;(

Sandy xox

Marydon said...

... & just look at you, Caludette! Beautiful, show model girl for sure. What lovely gifts & treasures of your sweet moments together. Your home is just beautiful.

Would you be so kind to leave a comment on my BLOG ONLY, for the Miracle Makeover fund drive. Charlie, 8 yr. old, & his story are fabulous. Every comment brings us a $1 for the next person that will be sponsored.

Have a beautiful weekend.

pinkim said...

OK, back again...I am trying to figure out how they got all those goodies out did they pack them are all so special! Kim

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Claudie,

It is so nice to see you come over my chère amie...I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER! Imagine that...A PINK CARRIAGE????? I missed it all! Dearest, your space here is so cheerful and I just know that you have rubbed off on the Summer Breeze Girls. What a legacy you have started and I can't wait to see PARTIE TROIS!!!

Merci pour être venue ma belle...Anita

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi CLaudie Sweetie...
Oh my gosh, you gals had the best time ever. Sweetie you would make the BEST pinup gal EVA. Love your sheer little cape over that gorgeous swimming suit. You look fabulous darling, just fabulous.

I loved each of the gifts, the hats were so delightful, and I especially loved the crystals. How special those were. Your little lamb just stole my heart. Does he not say "LOVE"? Priceless sweetie, just priceless.

You gals could be on a calendar with your synchronized swimming. LOVED it. I can hear the laughter, the splashing, the tunes and the stories all being shared. I didn't miss a thing.

Thank you sweetie for letting my trail along with you this evening. I had the best time. You make me laugh and smile. I know you are such HOOT. Yes, I do believe that the skies were crying tears for you sweet friend. Yes they were.

Stop by each day starting today and keep leaving messages. Each one counts as a 1.00 toward the Miracle Weekend Makeover. I have a long way to go, so send some gals on over.

I love you sweetie. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

What a lovely tribute to all the fun and giving!

I can hear the giggles and laughs.

Looking forward to more of the fun!

Hugs darlin... see you SOOOOON!!


cottage_Charm52 said...

Hello Claudie!

you girls look like you were having so much fun! Such cute gifts for eveyone! You do make the best pin-up girl! Your kitchen is so pretty! Is that a blue fridge I see?? Can't wait to see more! Hubby and I just got back from a romantic weekend in Pa. I have to get your gift out to you, pronto! lol

Debbie xxoo

~CC Catherine said...

Hey Lovely Claudie, I loved revisiting my time in Plantagenet while scrolling down this page. :) What a great time of love, friendship, and laughter we had. A big YES...we did!

Each day unfolded new and fun times; and getting ready each morning with anticipation with Julie just made it so much fun. I think my posting I'll list my TOP 10 memories that will stay with me forever.

I was afraid it would rain when we left. :( I know rain always makes things more sad, and the end of our time together in our wonderful whirlwind vacation was bittersweet. Bitter to know we were leaving you; and sweet to know we'd be returning home to our loved ones. I "do really miss" you and the spectacular FUN you created FOR US! You ROCK as a "FUN" and "MEMORABLE" coordinator friend! Your STAFF rocks! There was no better chef & assistant than Randy and Colt! So totally COOL!

Love ya to the moon, back, and BEYOND now! ;)

Grace said...

How over the top Fabulous! Girlfriends are the best! Wonderful gifts and love everyone's huge smiles. Grace xoox

The Quintessential Magpie said...

FUN! What fun you had! I just wish I could have been there with you. I hated missing this, but I am happy you all had fun.