Friday, August 19, 2011

GET IN THE VAN!!! We're going to MONTRÉAL

Well for some reason I can't find ANY pictures of Randy and Colt's delicious salmon dinner he made us. 
That's weird.
I took the girls to a local Karaoke bar that night.
Wendy sang, and she was sooooo good.
What a go Wendy.
 Good morning CC. 
Did you have a nice outdoor shower?
 The view in the shower. Cool huh?
 LOVE this picture of CC reading the LOVE note her husband left her in her luggage.

Where are you going girls? Can't I go with you?
No Tobby it's only the girls this week.
 Video taping while driving, bad girl.
We stayed at this cute little Inn, 
Come on in.
And what does Julie say to do?
 So we did just what she said.
We jumped.
 And jumped
 And jumped
 And afraid to jump.
Original brick in our rooms from way back.
 Our first LUNCH in Old Montréal.
The beautiful Jardin Nelson.

Our waitress was so delightful.
She was the first to sign our autograph books.

 A little ice cream girls?
Miss Bee and CC gossiping with the girls of Montréal.                                                                              

 Wendy's cold beer. 
LOVED the fact that it was a BLONDE beer.
 OH, there's our cute waitress.
 They make the doors BIG in Montréal don't they Julie?
The churches are spectacular.

 Who doesn't LOVE a bicyclette? 

 Now this was a weird exhibition.
Does this make me look fat? lol.
I was trying to do the Marilyn Monroe thing.
How fitting. A PINK calèche for us.
And the horse was pretty cute too.

Check out the party on the little balcony up there.
Here's where it started to get out of control.
 We thought it would be fun to get henna tattoos.
 This was Wendy's SUMMER BREEZE tattoo.
 This was mine before I messed it all up and had to redo it on my leg.

That's better.
 This is Jeanne's.
 Miss Bee's tattoo ... 
Then someone HAD to be different, guess who?
Yup JULIE. She had "LISTEN" tattooed..
 She thinks she needs to "LISTEN" more and talk less. Hmmm

 Two hours later, it's getting dark now,
 we all have our tattoos.
 Wendy and Miss Bee had to keep their clothing AWAY from the tattoos till they dried. 
Well that was easier said than done. Wendy's smeared all over the place and poor Miss Bee's was everywhere in the morning, even on her fingers! 
She had to wear a scarf to hide the awful mess on her neck. OMG.
 But she kept her "southern" manners through it all.
 What a corner to have an apt.
 Julie and I want that one.
 And here is when we got totally SPOILED by the waiters.
They brought us free desserts, signed our autograph books, let us take pictures,
and truly didn't want us to leave.
Signing our autograph books. 
Our sparkly free desserts.
Shall we dance?
 They also bought us EACH a beautiful red rose from the rose lady that was walking by.
 It's the city of , I told you.

 They all signed in their native tongue.

I know I'm a flirt, but that's ok.
No harm done what so ever.
Now onto the 
  Wherever Julie goes, we HAVE to jump into a  FOUNTAIN.

It was actually very nice. 
Especially when you're having a HOT FLASH.
Julie LOVES to twirl.
 Walking back to our little 

The lights were on, and we were tired.
Good night my friends.
See you soon for another 


Kimberly said...

WOW!! that looks like so much fun. I loved the inn where you stayed. I think I need to get to Canada.

jeanne said...

Good morning dear Claudie, I adore your post. WHEN did you have time to do this? Today! the last of our company left. Free at last. I am hammering away on my computer. I posted a bit for Blue Monday. Sally is finally home. She sure had a rough go.

This is a wonderful post about our time in Montreal. You captured the fun and the craziness perfectly. You are a great blogger Claudie. Please don't think about not blogging ever again. I absolutely love revisiting our fun through your post. Big happy Ha! here.

I hope your time in New York with Randy is wonderful. He deserves lots of attention after the week he had cooking for all of us. The most delicious food anyone could imagine. And pretty too. Randy Rocks and so do you!

Lots of people to visit and all day to do it! Life is GOOD!
I love you to pieces,
Jeanne xoxoxo

Grace said...

What fun!! Of course I love every single picture but the fountain one was fabulous!! What a fun group of ladies!! Now I really understand why Randy had to have you all to himself in NY! So close we were and yet so far away!!! lol I will see you in NC in October! Hope you loved NY as much as I do. I can not wait to see pictures of all you 2 did and saw. Hugs and squishes Grace xoxoxoxox

Jo Ann said...

Great Pictures! I love Old Montreal!! So much Character...if only the walls could talk!!! Looking forward to seeing your pics from this past weekend. Have a great day xoxoxoxox


Rita said...

Fantastique!Moi aussi, j'adore Montréal! your gals sure know how to have a good time. We are havaing a mini family reunion in mid September, so much to enjoy there.

Designs By Pinky said...

You girls had so much FUN!!!! That is fabulous. And, GF, PINK is YOUR color!!!! That picture in the carriage should be their advertisement poster!!!!! You are so gorgeous! Loved ALL the pics. Have to get back there one day, we went there for our senior class trip.......MANY years ago:):) XO, Pinky

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh so much fun! I need a girls weekend and just let go and have a great time! Love the autograph books...what a cute and fun idea. Did you make them? I love Montreal and it is my wish to return and enjoy it to the fullest some day.
love to you my sweet friend,

Julie Harward said...

Looks great...such fun times to remember! I love the pink carriage, beautiful! I hope you more monkeys jumping on the bed as you jumped! lOL ;D

wendy said...

whooppeee........I am going to be reading this a million times, just to remember (as If I don't already) all the wonderful things we did. You can be sure, when it is blizzarding here, I'll be going to these photos to warm me.
Best trip of my life I believe.
Made some fabulous friends.
The world is full of amazing people, and I can't imagine having lived my whole Life, and just NOW meeting you.
I may have to steal a few of these photos for my next blog a couple of days.
Great post my sweet friend.
I love calling and talking with you on the phone.
now, I better get out and start doing some packing in the horse trailer (gosh, roughing it can be hard sometimes) for our horse/camp out .
Barry better know how much I love him, cause I'm a tell'in ya girlfriend,,,,,it ain't always easy being a cowgirl. (tee,hee)
I may need something stronger then drift wood (double, tee,hee)

anyway..........YAY MONTREAL and the Summer Breeze Diva's

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Fabulous!!! over and over.
Great photos with wonderful comentary!!

I do love what a flirt you are... you make those guys eyes sparkle! What a gift.

Also the shot of the inn you stayed in is FRAMABLE!!!

Hugs darlin -- hope your end of summer is well. Counting down the days!!

Cant wait -- I need to talk to you on the phone soon!!


Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Oh my word! Did it really happen or was it all just a beautiful dream?!!!

I want to print your post...can I do that? I don't want to forget a single moment...except maybe that tatto moment!

Geez, what fun we had, what memories we made, what sister-friends we have.

I love you!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh, my dear Claudie! What a great time.... I loved being able to share that little Montreal tour! What a wonderful city... I'm so glad you're having fun...

Happy Summer Breeze Girlie!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Montreal is now on my list of places I want to visit after seeing all these pictures! I am in love!!!

I want to know where you got that lovely dress you have that I have my new figure, I need a dress like that to twirl in!!


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

The fun ya'll had ... you can see and feel it in the photos! Thanks for sharing your good time with us.
counting down the days until October 9th !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I just am loving every single picture and image of you all....wonderful friends, wonderful FOOD, waiters, HORSES, calèches, OOOOOOOH! Claudie, you are a love...TU ES UNE PERLE MON AMIE!!!!! I really missed out. ZUT ALORS!

THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT ME! For some reason, this post of yours did not appear on my blog list! WELL, VAUT MIEUX TARD QUE JAMAIS!


Pink Roses and Teacups said...

What a sweet post Claudie! You girls look like you had a ball! Love the picture of you in the pinkie carriage! Glad you like the tag. They seem to be the newest craze. Everyone is making them. I have a bunch I hang on a Halloween tree. One gal from Pa sent me one she made of the wicked witch of the west, with some black vintage lace. Sooo cool. It is so fun, fun to meet new people.

Love to you!
Debbie xxoo

Holly Loves Art said...

Such a lovely post! I feel like we all got to go on your vacation too! The pictures are just all so wonderful and YOU look adorable. I love the one of you in the buggy with the pink seat. Precious! You girls all looked like you were having so much fun! Thanks so much for sharing all the special details!
Big hugs,

pinkim said...

Wow, how put us right there with your posts! I know why those guys didn't want you to were lovely and sooo much fun!

~CC Catherine said...

Okay Honee French Poodle for a friend ~ I'm still procrastinating on that room. I've got things strewn everywhere and your blog was CALLING to Moi~ I cried tears of "missing" our dream of Montreal we experienced together as Sista's and this music just made me smile at the same time. This really was a DREAM you gave us sweetheart sister of mine. Our experience in Canada, at your place, in Montreal, in the fountainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn .... :) We left our THUMBPRINT on every place we went, and the entire trip and everywhere we went left it's HEART print on our HEARTS ~ Especially you, Ran, and the fam! And all the puppito's. Missin Tobby like mad......... LOVE YOU Sis~ xoxo, Your GA peach~