Monday, January 23, 2012

Well hello there

 Take a walk on the river with Pepper and I. 
I left the other 6 dogs at home. 
They aren't very happy with me.
 We're going East first.
Now West.
Those are snowmobile tracks.
It's easier to walk on.

Did you know they go up to 90 mph?
So with the windchill factor, that would be...

The pictures below were taken 2 weeks ago.
It hasn't snowed since.

 But there's no wind, which makes a huge difference. Only -10, not bad.
There was a pretty blue sky with a red and white airplane... see it up there?
Matches our house, how cool is that?

These pretty birds.
 Our feathered friends that visit.
 Here's my favourite this year. 
Isn't he handsome?

 This is "outside" our fenced area going home from the river. 
See the red on the left? That's our house.
 We live on a private road. 
Only 3 of us on a little peninsula.
 The backyard looks a little different doesn't it girls?
Only 125 days left till this again =.. (

 My outdoor shower with icicles. 
 THE POOL today.
That would be a "blanket" of snow.
 The corner of the guest cottage.
 Are you tired? Have a seat.
Only a few inches of snow have fallen. 
We still have a long winter ahead I think.
 Let's go inside.
Colt is putting a few more pellets in the stove to keep us warm.
Thanks Colt.
Are you still mad at me Bella?
This is my WINTER pic in my bedroom. It was my Aunty Maddie's. I'm the only one that wanted it, and it's PERFECT for the cottage. 
So pretty.
 Still LOVE my chandy.

 Getting the HEARTS out for Valentines.
 Mama and Fat Cat are in the house 24/7. 
Anything below 0, I keep them in.

 I changed things around again. 
I like change.
 And I like mirrors. 

Yup that's me. 
And I'm going to meet this little 
Aubree for the first time on Wed.
I can't wait to hold her. She's 3 months already.
We're going to have a photo shoot together.
Back to the mirrors.
 Makes small spaces look bigger.

 I made a big batch of spaghetti for Sister Lolotte. 
I boiled all the noodles for her.  
I was with her on Wed. 
We cried, we laughed and we reminisced.
Sister has been receiving your sympathy cards.
Thank you so much. She treasures every one.

 This is a vintage hat with a vintage pin. 
It hangs in my bedroom.
 My poodle lamp got a makeover too! 
She now has a sweet fur necklace around her base.
I actually wore it the other day (not the shade, the fur thing). It's from the 50's too.
So nothing else happening around here. 
It's been pretty boring actually.
I'm still laying low.
One year ago today we were in Mexico. 
A year already. 
How about I put some sun on your screen.
 THAT IS NOT MY LEG, It's Randy's.

 Till next time.

Oh! And I want one of these...


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I would like mirrors to, if I was as beautiful as your are!
Love the snow pictures, my Mom and I use to love to walk in the snow.
Pepper is a lucky pup...Greta is going out by herself and it is just in the 30's here!

Jo Ann said...

Jeez...I was starting to think you had fallen off the face of the earth! You certainly have more snow than we have....that's ok with me :) as the older I get the more I hate winter! Your pictures are all great! Hope all is well xoxo

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I thought those first few photos were written in sand and that you were at some warm exotic place...nope snow and your home. Of course your home is gorgeous and Pink and pretty and sweet and happy just like you! I love that 'winter' picture you got from your is perfect. Hugs to you, Linda

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Claudie,
I enjoyed the walk, I think you have about the same amount of snow as us.
And you have done so many adorable things in your cottage!
And girlfriend, your still one hot Momma in your swimsuit!
Hugs friend,

Julie Harward said...

I have driven a snowmobile through Yellowstone park at 70 mph..FUN! We have a pellet stove too and we just love it. That is one beautiful baby, kisses! Funny about who's leg is who;s there! Love your picture, so sweet. :D

Leslie's Garden said...

I love your Aunt Maddie's Victorian winter painting. The colors are so pretty in it, so subdued. I had an Aunt Macie and she was the best!

Loretta said...

Wow, what a tour! Hi Claudette, loved seeing the snow! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us! Have a delicious week! Hugs Loretta

Grace said...

What a nice walk I had with you and puppy! God Bless you girl that is way too cold for me. We have had unusual warm weather but Sunday was beautiful it snowed 5 inches! loved it. Stayed inside and mae a few things and just relaxed. By Sunday was great ti go out and today it is 51 degrees and raining so there is no sign of snow! lol I love your aunta picture it is gorgeous. Perfect for you. I have to tell you your husband has great legs too! Ok not as hot as yours but great! lol Have a wonderful week filled with lots of love and warm thoughts of things that make you smile and warm your heart. Enjoy the baby I am sure she will love you and you will share lots of giggles! Grace xoox

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Chère Claudie,

It was simply wonderful to just amble around your home today. Just to "talk" to you, to see the snow, to see what you are up to and to just "hear" you talk out loud. Not much snow here either, but the memories made each day are so special and that is all we have. I cannot believe the mail system; you still have not received my gift? I fear Sister will not get a card from me. Oh well, you know I love you dearly. AND I KNOW that CC must have told you we Skyped! HOW FUN THAT WAS!

Oh, that ring....fabulous in pink gold, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Je l'aime. It is so well done. Talk soon.
Kare Bear

Cheryl said...

lol! oh! I don't know where to start!! Big smile!! Ok! So I am looking at the "Leg picture" and said wow! Claudie has HAIRY legs... but then I read your note!! HA! Glad that's not your leg..
Don't you just love the visiting birds when it snows.. The cardinal is just gorgeous. I always feed them, I think they are very grateful during the winter when you put something out for them.
I completely understand why you love mirrors!! You get to see your beautiful reflection everytime you look in one!! HA! That's why I don't like!!! Mine is not so glamorous!!
I see Pepper agree's "it's cold out here" Very talented puppy being able to write that in the snow.. heehee!!
We got our first snow of the season Saturday.. I love the snow.. and enjoy every minute of it.. But atlas.. it is all gone now.. rained all day.. boo hoo!!
Hope you the Hubby and the whole fur family stays warm!!!
Thank you for the tour of your hood and home!!

~CC Catherine said...

Wow Sweet Honee Poodle of a French Friend... This is SOME walk with Pepper on that snow.....capped river. YIKES...I'm such a chicken, I'd be stressing about sinking in a soft hole somewhere... You're so brave, much braver than moi!

I love all the rearranging and the new fur piece on the lamp shade. the stack of notes sent to Sister Lolotte. Have been thinking a lot of her this week. When I sat in church on Sunday, I was thinking about how I could fly up there this year for a week just so you and I could spend quality time with her. She's just the most precious soul... How can one not fall in love with her precious heart. :*(

I miss you friend...miss your home...miss your humor. I tried to watch the La vie en rose movie today about Edith Piaf...her life was depressing... The film was in french, so it was really like watching a silent movie; but the acting was so good that I could tell what was happening without knowing what the words were. For some one that brought so much joy to the world with her music, she was a tortured soul from a wee little girl. Do you know her story? I'm guessing you probably do. So sad.......for someone so talented and gifted.

Have fun on Wednesday with little Aubree....take lots of PINK pics of her! xoxo

Love you to the MOON & BACK! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I think the snow looks just beautiful! Your place looks beautiful in every season! A little escape to somewhere nice and warm this time of year would be great! At least you can see blue sky. All we get is rain, rain, rain. So sick of it!! Have fun with little baby Audrey. She looks adorable! Love Sherri from White Rock XOXO

Judi said...

Hi Claudie *hugs*
What a lovely pink and red and white and beautiful post.
Your feathery friends are beautiful and the pictures turned out in wonderful colour. I do love bluejays and cardinals.
So much white snow that you and the puppy had a good walk.

You like mirrors? They do make a place look larger..I don't always like looking into them..*s*..

I giggled at the pic of you and hubby in Mexico...I DID have to take a double look because I thought Randy's leg was yours and didn't look quite right..*lol*...and then at that moment I read that it wasn't yours.

I hope you are having a wonderful week...wonder whether you got the rain yesterday that melted away most of the snow? Well I think ours is all just about gone and it continues to be milder today.

De tout, de rien said...

Your pictures are so lovely! Love all your fur babies and love the bird pictures. Cardinals are so beautiful. It was certainly a beautiful winter day!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. wait while I go get my coat .... dang that's cold !
Was just talking about not having too many mirrors with another blog friend and you have some delightful ones. I'm happy you're back.

Prayer Notes by Cynthia said...

Just found you through Loretta's blog. I really like your blog! It's full of life. Love the photos. It's always snowing in Denver and I have grown to love it. Take care and many blessings to you and yours!~Cynthia

wendy said...

So fun to see a post from my BGF.
I loved the walk on the river. That would be really fun I think (as long as the wind isn't blowing). The sparkling snow with the sun shinning on it makes it look like a sea of diamonds I think. I bet Pepper felt special that day. Maybe he needed some one on one time with you.

Your yard DOES INDEED look different in the winter eh. But hey, we gals could still sit around with our coats on and bundled up and having fun. Instead of a picture in our penoirs , we'd be wearing furry stuff.

Everytime you take us through a visual walk through your house I get "homesick" for ya. I love your sweet cottage and all the people in there that make it so warm and YOU !!

those birds are gorgeous...I haven't seen any bird around here since winter..other then sparrows and stinking ravens/crows.

I am glad Sister L. enjoyed her stack of letters. As CC said, she is for sure a precious soul. more thing. IF YOU TELL RANDY you WANT that diamond ring, I bet he'll get it for you
ummm....example: Tiffany sunglasses.

Randy loves you "to the moon and back" so I think he is pretty willing to spoil you.
I was giggling about HIS LEG looking like it was YOUR LEG.
I was thinking, hey girl, You need to shave. (tee,hee)

LOVE YOU. to the moon and back and the sun, and all the planets, and well, heck throw in some stars, and even the Northern Lights.

how about that !!!!!!!!!!

(big exciting afternoon for me today, driving into po-dunk town to go to the library (I know they won't have the books I want, they never do) and if I really want to have fun, I might even drop in at the Dollar Store.
Oh yeah, my life Rocks.

jeanne said...

OMG Claudie, you posted this yesterday and I didn't know it. Sigh! I need a break from BOB. BAD!!! Real bad!!!

Your river is amazing and FROZEN SOLID. Most water here never freezes that much. Our winter has been so mild the trees and bushes are budding. It was 61 today. It sure looks cold in your snow photos. The thing is, your snow doesn't melt. Pepper seems to love the snow. He is a very beautiful dog. Bella is such a cutie. I hope she is doing well.

We bowled today and I did good and bad. I do not love bowling but Bill loves it so... I bowl. ugh!

Your bit of sunshine makes me smile. What a fun time you had at that wedding. The photos are awesome.

Claudie, I am wondering if sister received my card. You haven't mentioned it so I am worried about it. I sent her the handmade card I made last year with Marilyn. The one with the folded heart. You would notice it I'm sure.

I bet your spaghetti is delicious. I know sister loved you for bringing her some. You are a dear friend to all who know you and love you. Me being one of your biggest fans. I'm sorry I have been so busy with Bob here. He wants to stay two more weeks. Yikes.

Bob made homemade pea soup today. It was delicious. He has his endearing ways. I just need some space if you know what I mean.

I am blowing you a kiss right now. I love you to pieces.
Jeanne xoxoxo.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Hey darlin

How did i miss this post-- it didnt come to my email :(

But I love taking a walk with you. You are getting some wonderful shots my friend! The crisp Blue and your darling pup!! And those birds!!! ooooooooooh the cardinal

We have no wonderful birds here except for sparrows and sea gulls ...ugh!

I, like Jeanne, am wondering if Sister got my card too? I have been having a rough time getting my mail lately. Wonder whats up with the US postal??

Love you beyond and again!


Anonymous said...

Great post today, Claudie...don't know where to start..everything was gorgeous! First the snow...WHOA!!! That is a lot of snow to this old Louisiana gal...I have always wanted to experience ONE winter some place where it snows this much!
Loved trekking along with you on your walk!! Winter wonderland!!!
The birds are so pretty!! The red bird is a knock-out, but I saw a couple of blue hued birds that looked sweet, too. We do not see many blue birds down here...
Loved everything else, too. The photo of you and Randy in Mexico is darling...glad you explained about the leg, though!!
That picture your aunt gave you grabbed my heart right away...such a sweet, gorgeous picture! I know you enjoy it in the winter-time...sooo pretty!!
AND that ring is to-die-for!! I am a Libra and I like the pink stone as well as the opals..I hope one of those little birds whispers to Randy that the ring would look good on your finger...LOL
Thanks for sharing all of the great glimpses of your world...
Hugs, Francy

bj said...

What amazing photos...loved seeing your little piece of the world. :)

We haven't had ANY snow, still warm and dry out here on the prairie of West Texas.

The snow looks cold....and I giggled when I saw that hairy leg.:))

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello Claudie!

Oh I wish we had some pretty snow like that. Just about 2" was all we got last week. It's long gone.
I mailed out Sister Lolette's card. she should get it soon! Glad you got to spend some time with her. Love seeing all your pretties!

Love Debbie xxoo

Beverly said...

Bonjour, sweet Claudie.

It looks very cold there to me. I would be inside 24/7, too.

Red Rose Alley said...


I LOVED LOVED LOVED this post today. First off, oh my goodness, all that snow!! My heart sings every time I see the snow because we don't see much of it here in sunny Southern California - that is unless we go high in the mountains. I dream of a mountain home someday, Claudie, and when I open up my door, there is a blanket of snow surrounding my house. Your house is so charming with all the pink and lovelies. That lamp shade is something unique and pretty. I was getting hungry for spagetti when I saw yours on the stove. hehe You are too cute in those Mexico pictures!! This was such a cheerful post, and you always make me smile when I come visit with you. Your snow pictures...I can't get enough of them!! Stay warm, my sweet beautiful Claudie.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Sandy Michelle said...

Tee,hee I actually did think it was your leg :) I love how you surround your self with lovely treasures. You have gorgeous land and amazing birds around your place too?! Have a great weekend girl friend! It's snowing right now and I am sick with the flu..ugh!
Love ya!

racheld said...

Good Morning, Sweetpea!!

This has been one of the most wonderful FIRST CUP tours I've ever had! All that snow (I just naturally assumed that those tracks were BEHIND you in your big sled, with all the dogs pulling you over the landscape).

The icicles and that great soft BED of snow on the pool, and all those bright touches just shining through, awaiting Spring---lovely.

And then inside, with all those girly touches and the pinks and fur and pearls---I had that very fur collar, as well as a heavy "pearl" one worked on wire---we girls wore them over our collar-less sweaters for a fancy touch, and we borrowed and lent them back and forth. Every girl in my Senior class picture is wearing my pearl collar.

Better run---our GIRL'S at the door!!

love and from the Heartland!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Thank you for taking me on that lovely snowy walk!

I hope you are all safe and warm today my precious friend!

Love you to that Orange Moon and back!


Red Rose Alley said...

Your comment cracked me up, Claudie, cause I am also and 'focus and shoot' kind of girl. This one isn't too complicated though. There are a few gadgets that I still have to learn, but the lens is amazing. To answer your question, it is a Canon Power Shot. Jess has a less expensive camera that takes great pictures, but I thought it was time for a new one. Play in that snow for me, would you?
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma belle Claudie,

Merci mille fois sweet friend for coming by to visit! GIVE SISTER L. A HUG FOR ME!!! That must have been so wonderful to see Valentine's Day cards from her PARENTS!!! In 1909? They must be of high vintage interest! AND YOU have sent off Audrey to a Julie? HOW FABULOUS!!! ENJOY THEM and I am so glad that you finally got them! SILLY ME, putting the wrong numbers on the address! And I was really wondering about the Canadian postal service, when all the while C'était MOI!!!!!! Quel gros beta..


Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Claudie!
Hee hee... laughing over it NOT being your leg! It's good that you mentioned it because there is an illusion there. So funny!

Wow just love all your gorgeous snowy pictures. So beautiful and white! I want to come and play!

Darling four-legged pictures too. Kim them all for me.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma chère Claudie,

My dear heart, I do not know the joys and pains of being a mother. But as you described to me tonight your memories of a little boy who once couldn't wait to open his presents, or all the fun things that you prepared as a young mother, I am reminded of my job as a teacher. So many emotions, not enough space or knowledge of words to say, but indeed, youth is a time to make MEMORIES for we will hang on to them when the little ones are gone. I extend my heart-felt friendship to you dearest, as I know this is a time that so many emotions are going through your system. Make something beautiful in honor of your mother, ANITA. Make something beautiful happen for another child. NEVER STOP just because your children are grown up. Now it's time for the little one in your life to get all the love and frills and fuss from YOU......

Thank you for your kind words about my NUANCES in my writing. It means a lot to me because yes, I want to write so that anyone who read my words can walk away and interpret and find THE HIDDEN TREASURES. MERCI MILLE FOIS CHÈRE AMIE.


Val said...

thinking of you and hoping you are okay xox♥

Marydon said...

Oh, Claudie.. We all get in slumps for sure. No words can take away your emptiness & sad heart but know I am sending you a huge hug & lots of love ... it took me months to move along but even to today I miss Mother more than ever.

Aubree's photo shoot was adorable.

Have a wonderful day ~

Cindy Craine said...

Burrrrrrrrrr. I think I'd go home and snuggle that cute hubby of yours!! Oh my goodness, Claudie, all that snow! We don't get much down here in Texas thank goodness! I'd freeze my tookis off! But your snow filled tour was wonderful! I loved the messages, and the birds! I miss my birds! I made the mistake of buying a cheaper brand of birdseed and the lil' buggers left me in a huff! Take care sweet girl,xoxox-cindy

~CC Catherine said...

Oh Gracious...just saw that PINK ring at the end of this post...didn't see this the first time I came by to read this post. I MISS your cute face girlie...and your QUIPs and QUOTEs here.

I was bragging in AL this past weekend about the SB vacation at your place this past July...and you as our infamous host. I get so excited every time I revisit that time.

Hope you are not SNOWED under... :)
Love you to the MOON & BACK friend...
Praying you have a BRIGHT Thursday! :)


Such beautiful pics, I so enjoyed each one! You are so pretty, like your dear mama. The baby girl is adorable, you're all a bunch of beautiful ladies. Happy Valentine's.

Annesphamily said...

Love those mirrors! I am just happy being here tonight! My sore knee and all! Ha Ha!
Love to you and yours! I am getting dreamy listening to your music!
Love and Hugs Anne

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Loved seeing your little Aubrey... what a beauty! I think it runs in the family.. ;-)

And, all your pretty mirrors........and Mexico... oooh la la.... not your leg? And, here I thought...... "CLAUDIE does NOT shave"... just kidding.........I knew it was Randy's leg. What a darling couple you make... and I think you both must look just like when you first met.

S said...

Hi Claudie,
Wow, this is a great posting and you have lots of comments so, obviously, a lot of other people thought so as well. Love your looks like such a happy place! Love the red....and, of course, the pink! Hope you have a beautiful day today. xoxo Kim @ Bluebirds and Butterflies

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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