Friday, December 30, 2011

Look alike?

Came across this picture of Brittany today while I was reminiscing.
  I was 32 in this one, ten years younger than Brittany. That's 24 yrs. ago. OMG.
Looks like I'm squashing my poor cat.
So what are you toasting New Year's Eve?
Anything exciting going on?
 Randy's cooking a prime rib, I'm just drinking.
 Have you EVER in your life received a letter from Mulberry Street, N.Y.??? I did.
My heart smiled when Colt brought this home from the mailbox last night.
 Mr. & Mrs. Claudette, LOL.
  It's from Lucy Delfino. My sweet 89 yr. old friend we met one beautiful summer night while strolling down Mulberry Street. Her birthday was Dec. 23rd, and I didn't know!! I feel bad, so I'm sending her a very special belated card this week. 
I stay in contact with her. I called her today just to say hi. Her legs are swollen, but she's ok. She was reciting her secret Italian recipes. I didn't have the heart to tell her I didn't cook. She wants to cook for Randy and I. You bet we'll be there Lucy.
Here we are in her sweet Mulberry St. apt. in August

 Brittany has a bump... IN HER HAIR, lol. 
Real stylish like in the 50's.
They had us over Christmas Eve.
She did an excellent job. I'm so proud of her.
 Randy was a very happy camper.
 She's a great decorator. LOVE those chandy balls, don't you? 
I see Riley and Randy in them.

And this was my one and only Christmas present from Santa. I really didn't ask for anything, I really didn't. This was a surprise. Audrey would approve.
What do ya think?
 The real fashionista was SISTER. I was with her Christmas day. She wanted to try my Tiffany glasses on. I adore her. Just called her too.
 I took her to the mall. She NEVER has money to shop, and never goes to the mall. I plopped her in a wheelchair and we shopped till we dropped. She was fascinated by EVERYTHING. We ate at the food fair. We sure take things for granted don't we? I've come to realize what a very simple life these 
Sisters of Charity live.

 I sprayed her with my favourite perfume this month,
 Look what I found for $10 bucks. It's a POODLE costume. I bought it for Aubree Marie my great grand niece, but didn't realize it will fit a 5 yr. old. I couldn't resist. And I got the sweet pink bucket too.
 Look at that face.

 Brittany found these at my favourite store "HEAVENS TO BETSY".

Brrrrr, this is our River now.  Ready for skates and snowmobiling. It's been very cold. -18 celsius (not fahrenheit).
Story of my life. I've been watching a whole bunch of our family videos lately. I noticed in most of them, I'm either in my P.J.'s or a nighty, or a housecoat. My kids only know me with my PAJAMAS on.
So as much as I'd like to be wooping it up this New Year's Eve, I'm happy to be staying home with Randy. We celebrated last year with Manon in Montréal.
This year it's Colt's turn to go and celebrate since he turned 19. 
Legal drinking age here remember?
So as this year comes to an end, I wish you all the very best. Not sure what 2012 has in store for me, but I do hope that you, my friends, will be part of it.


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Oh and a Happy New Year to you!
Check out those glam glasses...oh my!
Yes your daughter looks just like u!
I loved hearing the story of the lady you met in NY..I just eat up happy stories like that!

Sounds like the sister had a ball.

take care sweet friend...oh and great new header!

wendy said...

whoop de I going to be the First one to comment.
I have not really even been on the computer lately.
everything about it was so glamorous, inspiring, just YOU.
You DID GET YOUR GLASSES. They are amazingly beautiful. wowza !!!!
I loved seeing Sister in them. Everytime I see her face, I smile and it warms my heart as she is such a charm.
I got a couple of emails from her today......and it said "click here to watch video"...but there was NOTHING there. Blank ????
Brittany sure is a beauty,she had some pretty good DNA from you and Randy.
I am so happy your Christmas Eve at her place was so nice.
Home with Randy for New Years eh....sounds peaceful. Just watch a good movie, and if you fall asleep from too much "drink" he can whisk you off the bed. (hmmmm)
We are going to Calgary tomorrow afternoon and will spend the night with our friends there. Home the next day.
Then I have to drive down south and spend about 3 days with my folks and help them out while my sister and hubby are gone.
I'll catch up with you on a phone call or something later.
LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!! bunches.
happy new year sweet friend.
Ta Da....THE END.

wendy said...

crap...someone beat me to being first before I got this published.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Claudie, my dear, I loved reading every word, and those glasses! You are styling for sure. Love them. Loved reading about the seniors in this, too, as you bring such joy to their lives. And your family is so precious.

I think you look like Linda Rondstadt in that early shot of you. So cute!

I have finally gotten my computer back, and the next time I buy one, you better believe it is going to be a MAC. I missed out a month of blogging, and I have been up to my eyeballs in alligators with all sorts of things here. Lots went on at Christmas, and we had fun... but we had a near miss with the table. I will have to tell you about it.

I posted for the first time today, and I left you a little thank you there. I love you and appreciate my banner. You are a precious friend, and I wish you a joyous 2012!


Sheila :-)

Kimberly said...

I love your friend, Lucy! she is so cute. I have never had a letter from Mulberry St. :) Your daughter is a great decorator and looks like a good cook too.

I love how you are always changing your header. How did you learn how to do that? I want to know.
Happy New Year to my new friend!

Kathie Truitt said...

I love the story of how you met Lucy and the fact that you are still friends and she event sent you a letter! EWWWW- that makes me squeal with delight. NOBODY does that anymore Claudie which tells me how special and sweet you are. I know Sister enjoyed her trip to the mall. Thank you for every single word and picture. And that first picture of you? Yes, Brittany looks like you, but YOU remind me of Twiggy.

Julie said...

You and Brittany are spitting images. What beauties! I like the picture if sister on front of Chanel. Isn't that just such an amazing contrast of where life finds its importance. She is such a treasure trove of wisdom. I see why you love being near her. The glasses are "smash". You will Rick em. Good taste there Mr.. Frid. We never know where these years take us - but my hope for you is a time of good health fore-most, then love and care that runs deeply and of course just enough abundance of cashola to allow you to spread your live and zest for life with those in your path.
I will have a drink with you in mind. Cheers girl. Bring on 2012.

Julie said...

Rock em. I meant rockem! But you know how to read my texts and mags that autocorrect messes with anyways now.


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Love your header and good grief , dead ringer !!! Only she has gotten older looking and you younger and did that happen????
Wishing you and yours a very blessed New year ((())

Loretta said...

Love love love this post! Thanks for your lovely comments and support. Have a Happy 2012! Love ya! Loretta

Holly Loves Art said...

What a darling post Claudie! Perfect to bring in the New Year. Pretty photos, sweet memories and a bright future for sure! Just LOVE those Tiffany shades. I can't imagine ever owning anything so pretty! Yes indeed, Audrey would definitely approve!

We are having a handful of friends over (very different from our New Year's Eve last year with about 50!). Eating and drinking Veuve champers is always my favorite thing to do! The next day is Phoebe's "birthday" and her one year anniversary. I can't believe we rescued her a year ago. It's been the BEST year!

Cheers to you and a very happy New Year my friend.

Cheryl said...

I love the picture with Lucy Delfino, reminds me of my husbands grandmother Nona Carmela.. I just loved her so much and miss her!! I love getting surprise cards in the mail! It's so much fun! WOW! Tiffany sunglasses... you definitely were a good girl!!
That fluffy poodle is to die for... OMG.. so squishy cute!! Perfect for you!!
Nick and I are staying home tomorrow night.. We both have colds and doesn't look like we will be any better by tomorrow.. boohoo!! I may try to sneak in at least one toast of Champagne!! ..OH! I just thought if I make it into a Mimosa! I could have a few!! That would be allowed right!! Afterall, orange juice has vitamin C... lol!!
Enjoy your dinner / ah'hem.. drinking.. lol!! and Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!

Cheryl said...

OH! I forgot! I love your blog header!! It's GREAT!
xoxoxoxo ;-)

Designs By Pinky said...

LOVE your new header and your daughter looks EXACTLY like you! Lucky her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved seeing the Mulberry St. lady (remember the old post about her) and also Sister. You are so good to them. We are going to a very low key party with former neighbors. HAPPY New Year and I wish you and Randy happiness, health, prosperity and LOVE for the new year! XO, Pinky

dana said...

Happy New Year, Claudie!!! I LOVE your header!!

I read your previous post...the "moody" one. I hope you're feeling better....there is NOTHING worse than being unhappy and just feeling "down". Even though I marched through that old "Minnie" with very few issues, I still have the "blue" times...and they stink, stink, stink.

Love the photos of your girl and you with the choking kitty. :) How wonderful that you look so much alike..both beautiful. Also, how great that she hosted you for Christmas her decorations above the table.

Your Tiffany glasses are wonderful...and look even more wonderful on Sister. Tiffany should use her photo as an ad they'd sell even more of those shades if they did!

Love the ornies from Brittany. I have a little silver tree that also is filled with ice cream cones and cupcake ornies! It sits on my kitchen counter so I can totally enjoy it!

We hadn't made any New Year's plans cuz we weren't sure we'd be available....could be watching the two older gr. babes if their brother and mom were still in the hospital. However, he was born Tues. and they went home yesterday..every one..including the kiddos we'd been watching and loving here! SO a friend invited us to their house to dine and play cards....we've gathered with them for about 4 NYEve's now.

Gotta go finish cleaning up the supper dishes. I hope I have more time to blog and visit in the new year....I've really let it slide this year....and I really miss it and you!

L, Dana

Julie Harward said...

Very cool header here! Love the pics of you and her, she has such gorgeous eyes. Love her chandy balls too, so pretty. Love that in most of the pics you have on your PJ' that is knowing how to really live! Happy New Year to my new friend. :D

jeanne said...

Hello dear Claudie, I LOVE your photo. Especially the one with the cute kitten. the kitten didn't might a tight squeeze. HA! The big pretty eyes and short perky haircut is the perfect look for you. Brittany does look like your double. Her Christmas balls are so festive and Randy DOES look very happy. Good for Brittany, she is a chip off the block. That is why Randy is having so much fun. Smile!!!

Your Tiffany sun glasses are stunning. Sister is adorable. Where are her wrinkles??? Seriously, she is amazing. And so are you. I do hope the flashing gets better soon.

Our day at the Biltmore was amazing. We loved our time together.

As always, your wonderful stories with photos was awesome.

Good night my dear friend, I love you and your family to pieces!!!
Jeanne, xoxoxo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour ma belle,

It is a wonderful place, your world. I am just so sorry that you STILL have not received my package??????

I think of you often my beautiful friend, and SISTER L. IS A FASHIONISTA PAR EXCELLENCE! Ooooo, love those lunettes! Yes, Audrey would approve, bien sûr.

My dear, may 2012 give you all that you need to continue to shine as brightly as ever. With much love and admiration, Anita

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Happy New Year Claudie my friend!
Oh my, your daughter is going to know just how she will look in her fifties!
She is gorgeous like her Mom!
Love the ornaments and the glasses are about as fabulous as you can get!
I would need an insurance policy on them as I am known for loosing glasses!
Enjoy your New Years with your hubby!

wendy said...

back here again, just cause it makes me smile.
Your header is neat-o (good ol'70's slang)

Rita said...

Buonaserea Claudie,
just found your blog. Oh you are such a positive person. Love your post. I wish you many many great things for you this 2012. Ciao Rita

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Claudie it's been quite the year hasn't it! So glad in many ways to say goodbye to 2011. I'm looking forward to 2012 and keeping a positive outlook. I enjoyed my New Years Eve with Sara (holding a sleeping Tiger) and my SIL. I am a very blessed lady for sure. love you much, Linda

"Create Beauty" said...

Hi Claudie! The fireworks are going off as I blog hop this evening in my PJ's...I enjoyed "meeting" you this year and look forward to more chats in 2012.

May many joys fill your heart this year,

with love,

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Happy New Year sweet friend!! Loved this fun post! Hoping the New year is happy, healthy, and prosperous for you!

Love You!
Debbie xxoo

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Opps, I forgot one thing! Your daughter is beautiful, just like you!!!!

~CC Catherine said...

Happy New Year's Honey! I'll bet between Emails, FBook, and Comments on your blog, I've wished you Happy New Year more than anyone else! lol

WOW - Tiffany's Eye Sunglasses? Santa has to be raking in the appreciation, for sure! ;) What an awesome gift! And Sister L looks so precious in them. :)

That lake/river iced over is ubelievable... Brit's place looks so lovely...she truly did out do herself to celebrate! Loved the ornaments hanging from the chandie.

Your Heaven's to Betsy ornaments look so precious too that she got you.

Missin you Sweetie...praying that 2012 helps us find our way physically to one another, some way, some how. ;)


Sherry from Alabama said...

What a wonderful newsy post! You and your daughter certainly favor. You're both beautiful ladies!

I wish you the best the New Year has to offer!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

June said...

I came to wish you a Happy New Year Claudie! You and you daughter are too beautiful girls!!!!
It looks like you had a wonderful holiday!
sending hugs...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh ma belle,

Seeing you ALWAYS makes me smile and feel so good. Thank you for your encouragement about my art and Etsy shop. I hope you get your package in the mail soon! Please tell me when you get it!!

This will be a year, I hope, of more discovery for us all. I feel that as I get older, I am getting younger of heart and courage. Thanks to many of YOU dear bloggers, I have sprouted wings. Keep going Claudie, for the LOVE YOU SPREAD has great affect on those around you, including MOI!!!!


"Create Beauty" said...

The photos of you and your daughter are so similar! Do you often hear comments on you two looking alike?

I've had a bad cold since Christmas, we had some sick ones here and I've caught it, although I got the Christmas decorations put away today. I miss htem already!

~ Violet

Betty Jo said...

Claudie your posts are always so fun to read and look at. I especially love those glasses. I wish you and yours the most incredible New Year ever!! ♥

Sandy Michelle said...

I LOVE your new shades! I think it's awesome that you have been writing a journal since way back. You will love reading it in the future and seeing how different things were. All the best to you this year!
Sandy xox

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Happy New Year Claudie! May it be a happy and sweet one for you and yours! I love your Tiffany glasses! I put mine up next week, they are prescription glasses! Pink with turtle shell (pretend). I'll post about them soon. Love the picture of your darling daughter! You sure look alike!

Love ya pretty girl!