Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And so this is Christmas

I want to keep this light. I want to keep Christmas in my heart, but I'm having a hard time with it right now. I promise to be back to my old self soon.
 I guess there really isn't a timer set for grieving.
I'll try and let the pictures speak for themselves,
 but you know that might be hard ; )


My new additions from HEAVENS TO BETSY here in Ottawa.

Please visit my dear friend 
This is one of her sweet tags. She is a very talented artist, and she's an ETSY lady with the sweetest dogs & heart. That's her dog on my tag.
Thank you Violet xo

I LOVE these little angels. I wanted more to share, but only 2 remained.
 One for me, and one more for me, lol.

This little fairy is flying to GA. to Miss Sherry's house. She was the creative friend that hosted the "shoe swap" in Asheville. I hope she doesn't break a wing getting there.
Isn't this guy just the cat's meow? 
He's the true FRENCH poodle.
 Notice Audrey? This card is sketched by my good friend ANITA from CASTLES CROWNS and COTTAGES. Audrey was a little beauty added to my purchases. 
Art/cards are her specialty.
Thank you Anita.
This charm reminds me of my sister Debbie.
She looked identical at that age.

Look at Bella kissing my new little poodle.
Just can't get enough of these sweet angels

That's me trying to juggle life.

My miniature version of my mom's aluminum tree. All I need now is that coloured spinny wheel light 
thing-a-ma-gig that goes round and round.
Green, red, yellow, blue...
Got one?

(pic snatched from Sheri's blog xo)


Betty Jo said...

Your photos are so gorgeous! There is no "right" or "wrong" way to grieve. It's a very personal, individual process. When I began the grief process for my hubby a few years ago I so wished someone could tell me what to expect and how to get through it, but of course I had to find my own way. Christmas is still hard for me and I'm not much in the mood yet for another year, but someday I'll be back to "me". I'll be praying for you, as I understand how hard it is.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there precious Claudie,

I am here at home, sneezing, sick, trying to be a poet, to no avail. I had wanted to OBSERVE and be witness to some SNOW so I could write an authentic account as a good poet should. But it is raining instead....raindrops of tears when I think of those dear to me, that are no longer here to celebrate this time of year with. Thank you for featuring my Audrey sketch; and Violet's work is such wonderful, isn't it? I am working on little theatres and paper mâché birds for my Etsy shop. Sending you hugs and many thanks AGAIN for the most beautiful scarf and banner, which are BOTH within my view in my parlor....much love to you on this gray day, Anita

Betty Jo said...

PS: Thanks for your comment and sharing your homemade cards. Such a wonderful and personalized idea! ♥

jeanne said...

I am having a grand time playing on my computer today. I should be wrapping gifts to mail. I just need to touch base with my dear friends. That would you be you Claudie. I too loved talking to you today. You always light up my day.

Your post is very sweet and I get teary eyed remembering our fabulous time in Canada this summer. Not like me at all. Your Christmas touches all around your cottage are
so pretty. A Claudie Christmas for sure. I too love your angels.

Bella is so cute in her holiday outfit. Your poodles are so cute. Bella thinks so too.

I have an idea, put some 'lively' Christmas music on your blog. I think the music is too low key. It is very nostalgic. I think you would cheer up with Santa Baby or some Christmas rock music.

I love you to pieces,
Jeanne xoxoxo

LuLu Kellogg said...

I cannot wait to come to visit next year. Your kitchen looks like a little fairyland and I could stay in there forever and ever.

I just can't get in the Christmas mood this year either. I think it's just because I am so sad I won't be leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow to be with Holly and the California Girls. *sigh* Stinkin appendix! *insert colorful language here*

I did go to the Surgeon today for a post surgery check up and am doing well. I still have 3 more weeks being home bound. Meh.

Happy Holidays Honey....I am so glad I have you in my life.

Love you to the Orange Moon and Back!


Julie Harward said...

So much your kitchen and the shelf with lights. Love the two angels..and the cute pups...sending you a HUG...just think how happy your mom is to be spending Christmas in Heaven, she deserves all that joy! Have a wonderful December. :D

Kimberly said...

Your house is somewhat magical to me. I love all the touches. I assume you have been to Paris. I want to go one day.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I know that Christmas this year feels different for you...
Love all your bottle brush trees and of course your adorable angels. They remind me of Bethany Lowe items so I will have to go check it out.
Don't be hard on yourself this season, just slow down and enjoy being with your family.
take care, ann

kay Ellen said...

Oh my goodness your house is delightful~~Your kitchen is just soooo cute!!

I am headed back for another peek...your puppies and kitty...are so sweet:))

Kay Ellen

Leslie's Garden said...

I'm sorry for your grief. I pray for comfort for you. Your home is lovely and I enjoyed your post and pictures very much.

Loretta said...

Beautiful...stunning is this post! I enjoyed it immensely! Dear Claudette, I know how much you miss your mum...keep her close dear...time and memories will soon give you peace! Sending my love to you! Always, Loretta

Red Rose Alley said...

Your house is filled with the Christmas spirit, my friend. Your kitchen is so cozy, and the angel with the pearls is so sweet. I love your dog with the bright pink wreath around his neck haha!! And Anita's 'AUDREY' sketch is lovely. I have to go over there and check out her latest creations. She's so talented. I was so happy to see the picture of the girl with the snow from our blog. She reminds me of all the magic there is in the heart of a child. Oh my sweet friend, this Christmas won't be easy for you without your mom. I remember well. But please know how much you're thought of by so many people. Keep enjoying the season. The world is a sweeter place just because you're in it.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

jeanne said...

Yeah Claudie, I am loving this rendition of white Christmas. Much more upbeat. Do you feel it...Christmas is too close for comfort. I'm not quite ready. Tomorrow is the big day to finish.

Christmas love to you and yours.
Jeanne xoxoxo

Linda @ A La Carte said...

My sweet friend, this year is the hardest as you go through all the 'firsts' without your wonderful Mother. I know that you will still find some joy in your family and your love for life, but it is always ok to grieve and feel sad. Sending you much love! Linda

Cindy Craine said...

Is that really your kitchen? Oh I'm just gonna die when I come visit! Just roll over and die because this is my dream kitchen with the pinks and turquoise, I love all of it! It's precious just like you!

I know this holiday is so hard for you, I'm so sorry, I wish I could do something to make it better. Speaking of, thank you for making me feel better with my card, I adore it and it's in my sewing room. Hugs to you sweet friend.xoxox-cindy

Julie said...

I spied a Lintzer cookie in there. My fave. And how did you get Bella to lick that poodle. So cute. Your angels are really pretty - I liked your comment " 1 for me and also 1 more for me".. You always make me laugh. Come on buttercup. Our parents don't want us to be unhappy. Remember your mom squeezing your hand? My Dad did that too. It's a little love message. You never stop missing them. We just figure out a way to make these seasonal things a little different. I'd hug ya - and make you a drink if I could. Is that a bad combination? The other option is shopping or getting a pedicure. Jeanne always has good advice. She's like Obie one Kinobi in Star Wars. Always had the right wisdom.


Grace said...

ooooohhhhhh what a perfectly pink cute post! I love it. I have to tell you that that doggy kissing your new poodle is so precious! haha I did not know sweet Anita had an etsy shop!! How wonderful. I love all of your decor. Hugs and kisses and butterfly wishes.....Grace

Jen said...

Just be sad when you need to be. People around you that love you will understand. Grieving is such a personal thing.

Keep well,


p.s. Your house looks very festive!

wendy said...

HELLO sweety...just now got to see this, as I have had no computer service at home....but now I am at Emmas, looking with her computer.
I love all your pictures, just so fun and Chrismas-y. Looking at the photos of the inside of your house made me "homesick" to just be there with you. All your decorations are so fun and beautiful.
Anyway, I'll be thinking of you as I am here with my wonderful children.
Poor Barry hates it when I am gone..but has to be this way for now.
Big hug and lots of love.

Charlene said...

LOVE all the Christmas photos you shared with us. Let the good memories surround you & comfort you! I had that same picture of the little girl (in your kitchen) when I was little... in fact I had the whole set of 4. Wonder where they went?

I spent 3 days in a KC Willis class with our Cindy last week. We had so much fun. Have a Merry Christmas. HUGS! Charlene

"Create Beauty" said...

Such sweet photos, and fun music!

Your heart doesn't have to be in the same place this Christmas, of course this will be a different Christmas for you, missing your mama.

I was scrolling through your blog post and then actually jumped when I saw you feature the Paris/doggy tag : ) How sweet of you to share it and the link to my Etsy shop. And ANITA does fabulous work doesn't she? And she is so giving and generous.

How I enjoyed seeing your lovely cottage, and am picturing you on your PINK THRONE there in front of your computer as you read this : )

Oooooh! Love that crowned poodle!

Claudie, why are none of your doggies poodles?!? (or are they, I haven't seen all of them)

I am off this morning to play with our 2 little granddaughters. I finished a pencil drawing of the youngest yesterday as a Christmas gift to her parents, to complete their set of 3.

Claudie, you are a woman of great spirit, and you will get through this time of grieving, and it will get easier, but you will always miss your mother, especially during the Christmas season. May you take joy in all the love that surrounds you and 'Lord, please give Claudie some SNOW!!!!!' (amen)

love love love,
~ Violet

~CC Catherine said...

Honee of a French Poodle friend.....I adore your home all decorated for Christmas. YOU DID GOOD! And I know this post wasn't an easy one for you. My prayer is that you will find joy in the midst of some of the difficult times as this holiday week unfolds. I know there will be some tough moments and days~but I hope that some moments and days will find you in laughter... the way your Momma would want for you. Take a day and do VVillage and go get some hot cocoa to warm your day...she'll be with you in spirit wherever you are! I love your little new poodles...and the hang tag Violet sent you is so sweet! MERRY CHRISTMAS my friend! I have my sweet box of goodies and I keep opening them up and going through them daily. I have my lovely black fleur de lis ornaments on my silver tree. And that silver mini tart pan that you made into the vintage magnet is JUST THE CUTEST thing. I also wanted to say I have all my other Claudie Christmas items out that you brought me when you were here. You are everywhere my loving friend in my home right now; just the way you SHOULD BE! The only thing better would be if you rang my doorbell and surprised moi~ ;) xoxo to the MOON & BACK!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My darling and beautiful friend and SISTA,

I wore the scarf you sent me on yesterday. It was stunning. I was touched to know that this lovely piece embraced a woman that was so dear to you, so special, so a part of making you who you are. I hope my little gift to you gets to you soon; it is a little something just to let you know that I cherish you so. Thank you for coming to my post; did you like that Irish setter with the blue ball? How about those pandas and those stunning white horses? Let's remember to play. NO SNOW YET, but I am WAITING......

Love you, Anita

Suzann said...

Hello Claudette,
I love all your Christmas decorating. Love your puppy giving your toy poodle kisses :) Love the angels you have also....well I just love it all!!!
Thank you for visiting but like you I am really not in a festive mood but trying to. May you have sweet memories of your mother and hope your Holidays are wonderful.
Suzann ~xoxo~

Anonymous said...

What a most charming kitchen you have! I love the soft pastel colors you used and the Christmas touches are so perfect!

It has been 8 years since Dad passed and the holidays are never the same without him. I am always reminded of the first Christmas of all, Jesus was born in such a time of turmoil and darkness and yet that is why he came- Immanuel, God with us - in all times so we can have the peace that goes beyond the circumstances and pain in our lives. Pray you will feel that peace that passes all understanding during this Christmas season.

You asked about the curtains in my kitchen tour- yes they are hiding my terrible disorganized dishes! those metal cabinets had sliding glass doors at one time but when we got the house several were missing and cracked. This was the solution I came up with till a new kitchen can be afforded!

bee blessed

Cottage Touch said...

Your post made me cry so warm,cozy and inviting...Thank you for sharing this season of joy and pink!HPS!

Marydon said...

I know not WHERE to begin ... so pink-a-licious inviting & warm, Claudie. Your home is delightful, as are you.

Special prayers are being sent up for you as you go thru this Christmas season ... may blessings hold you up & carry you thru.

I thought you & I were following one another. I just corrected that oopsey on my end ... I now follow you.

Merry Christmas sweet lady.
May your days be filled with delight & love.

Sandy Michelle said...

I love that you're playing Buble's Christmas songs on here!!! I also love your Christmas trees and hanging pom poms. I hope that your heart will be filled with Christmas spirit -even though this is a tough time for you!It took me about 2-3 years to get to the point where I wouldn't cry whenever I thought of my Grand Father who had passed.

Holiday Hugs!


Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing your Christmas home with us! I am loving your sweet Angels too!! I will have to look for those!! "One for me and one for me" hee hee!! Your are too cute! (I find myself doing that alot!!lol)
Your true French poodle is a handsome fella! He stands so proud and makes a perfect addition to your home!!
Wishing for you and your family a Merry Christmas!!!

"Create Beauty" said...

Hi Claudie,
Just popping in to your pink cottage to say hello again and to see the loveliness....

Such a treat!!!! Thank you,

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Had to stop by and wish you a Christmas blessing and give a big hug.
It took me years (and years) to grieve my little mother. It's okay, it's natural it will get easier.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening most precious Claudie,

Thank you mon amie. Merci for all of the love that oozes out of you and that makes us ALL THE MORE happy to be connected. You have brought so much joy to us and you know, even though I was unable to join you for the Summer Breeze gathering, I so feel close to you all. CC sent me a peignoir, you sent me the lovely "A" scarf, and Violet sent me a picture she enhanced of all you Summer Breeze girls. I cherish it. I cherish it ALL and thank you again, for visiting, for your kind comments, and yes, who would have known that that one pencil would be so significant in my life. I miss my momma and she has been gone 25 years. I hug you tightly....Anita

SherryRoseBella said...

I hope you are feeling much better. Grief is so powerful but things do get better, honey.
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures with us and for being such a sweet doll!
I love my glittery angel and I appreciate you thinking of me!
I hope you get the shoe I made for you very soon. I hope you love it as much as I loved making it for you!


Annesphamily said...

Hi Claudie! I saw that swete Northern girl peeking from behind your breadbox! As a small child my mother purchased all those Northern girls for me and somewhere I still have them!
Your sweet angels remind me of my favorite aunt. My sister inherited her home. She packed all her angels away. I would love to have those precious angels! When I close my eyes at my sisters home I can see those angels everywhere. My aunt had them in all the bedrooms and her living room, on little shelves. I try to find them at thrift stores and buy what I can! But it makes me so sad that those special little winged creatures are stuck in a cold dark box tucked away in storage! Your feathery pink angel is divine! I think she looks sweet watching your home!
If you can visit the facebook page of RIP Ben Breedlove. He is a young 18 year old who lost his life on Christmas night from a heart condition. But his life, although unable to do lots of thing shis friends did was remarkable in such a short time. He made a video about cheating death not once or twice but three times! His faith and his remarkable courage will make you smile. What a hero he is sharing his life with us so easily. I think you may find a smile or two listening to the comments and his story. Please let me know if you get a moment to stop by and check it out.
My heart breaks for his parents and family and friends but although he was so young he was so wise and was preparing himself to meet his maker. Someone said of Ben, "God got a wonderful Christmas gift" Love and Hugs Anne