Friday, November 25, 2011

Who would do that??

I was walking with my French girlfriend Isabelle on Sat. 
We were heading towards a scuzzy part of town to a thrift store (yuck) when my eye spotted something shiny in the alley.
Attends une minute (wait one minute)...
I walked over, bent down and found this.
I was jumping up and down. 
It has an edge missing, she's scuffed up a little, but


She's sitting in my sun-porch, 
on the window sill.
I like her an awful lot.
I hope she enjoys the view.

(we don't even have black Friday here in Canada)

Welcome home Audrey.


You made the world a much nicer place.


Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

You found Audrey in the alley?!!! What a place for a classy beauty like her. So disrespectful to have dropped her off there. So glad you came to her rescue! I know for sure that she will be happy in your sweet cottage!


wendy said...

What is that pretty music playing.
What the WHAT...who would throw Audrey away. It was destined that you find her and bring her to her proper place of distinction...IN YOUR HOUSE. If you just replaced her face...with would be one and the same.
cause you are
and too gorgeous

so welcome home Audrey indeed
Biggest hugs today

jeanne said...

Horrors, I'm astonished that Audrey was left in an alley. You were meant to save her from some crazy person. It could have been a woman. HA! She really is in great condition. Lucky, Lucky you. This really made me smile.
Please stay away from the bad part of town. It could be dangerous.

I love Wendy's comment. She is right about you.

Love you bunches,

Suzann said...

Hello C'est moi Claudette
What a treasure you found just in the nick of time.....and now she has found the perfect home!!!
Thank you for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment.
I hope you are doing well and I love to come visit your sweet pink blog!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Evening Claudie...
I hope you are warm this evening. The cottage surroundings sure looked cold in the photos that you sent. So beautiful and serene, but cold.

Now who could have done such an insensitive thing? Leaving Audrey in the alley. Oh my gosh. I just can't believe. Or maybe she jumped from some baggage, knowing you would be along soon, and she wanted to be in her proper place. I am sure she is SO happy in the cottage.

Hugs to you sweet friend. Love, Sherry

~CC Catherine said...

Awe.......I can't believe that she was in the alley. :( I'm so glad that you found her and brought her home to your sunroom. She would be so happy to know you rescued her from that cold alley way. You sweetheart! My company is still with me till Sunday...The week went well. LOVE YOU FRIEND! xoxo

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

How strange...glad you rescued her!

pinkim said...

I cannot believe someone through her in an alley! Good thing you came along!

Cindy Craine said...

OMG what a treasure! I am so jealous! Isn't this the 50th anniversary of Breakfast at Tiffany's?? Oh I just adore this! I see you have several other audrey posters too, what a great collection. Now I know why I Iove the way you dress so much. Remember all the wonderful clothes in Funny Face? I would die to be that skinny and have those clothes! And you can! You are a class act just like Audrey. Miss your sweet face!xoxo-cin

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

From all of Audrey's Fans....we thank you! What a treasure...she was and you have rescued. Happy Pink Saturday!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Audrey was waiting for you to rescue her and adore her as I do! Good find my friend. hugs, Linda

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HERE HERE! She will always remind me of my mother. Someone who not only had great beauty but a gentle soul that NEVER EVER DIES.

She has been rescued by a most precious soul herself, and will always have a place of honor in your you dearest, Anita

She'sSewPretty said...

What a find! She was meant to come home with you!

Holly Loves Art said...

Wow you just never know what you'll find do you? I have this exact picture framed and matted. It used to hang in the bathroom but I recently changed the color scheme so now it's going to hang in our little 50's diner style kitchen nook. I can always find a place for Audrey! Looks like you did too!

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season, my friend.

Big hugs,

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Serendipity ! Audrey was looking for you sweet heart ...

Deb said...

I named one of the fostered kittens after her. She is still here, as a matter of fact. I really loved her as an actress. Hugs, Deb

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma belle,

Oh how I just love to see you come by my blog my dearest, OH HOW I JUST ADORE YOU! And you spent time with Sister Lolotte? She seems like the liveliest and most gracious human being!!! WOOOOO a milkshake with whipped cream? Now that is my kind of sista!!!!!

Oh thank you for coming to visit. There are so many kind and talented souls out there, and I thank you for enjoying my art dearest heart. You are the most tender and loving heart. CLAUDIE IS GREAT!!!!!

Now dearest, make this season as special as only you can make it. Are you having a gathering at the cottage? Will the Summer Breeze girls be involved in any of your plans? How I wish we could fly around to see one another. Je t'embrasse ma soeur, mon amie, ma chouchou!!!!!


"Create Beauty" said...

Oh YES! I too just admire her so much, and there's never been another like her.

Blessings with 'Audrey Beauty Sparkle and Joy'


Red Rose Alley said...

OH MY GOSH, I JUST BOUGHT THAT VERY SAME PICTURE!! I saw it at a store called Vintage Begonia. I put it in my guest room, and every time I walk in, I start to smile. Your other pictures of her are so lovely. I hope you have many sweet moments this holiday season, and I will back to visit with you, my friend.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

tami said...

Hi Claudie..thank you for saving Audrey. I love her too. I went shopping for black Friday at the outdoor flea market!! You aren't missing anything by not having black Friday in Canada. Thank you for your visit today. Cape May is a little beach town here on the Jersey Shore. It is filled with Victorian homes and sweetness! You would love it. My friend and I are touring a Victorian mansion decorated for Christmas.
Have a wonderful day...xo Tami

Kim Caldwell said...

You KNOW I am madly in love with Audrey! Miss her too. . .



Annesphamily said...

Audrey Hepburn was pure class! Ah...another old school favorite. They don't make celebrities like her anymore! Thanks for more memories!