Sunday, November 13, 2011

So, about them fairies...

Let me just come out and say it...

Cut it out, you get the picture. 


Let me CLEARLY state that the MAJORITY of the fairies in Asheville were 
sweet, caring, genuine and kind.
Just for the record.

They said it would make me feel better, take my mind off my mom. 
They were right to a certain degree.

 This was our sweet hostess Jenn. 
First time meeting this fairy. 

 Vendor's tables. I bought some very pretty things.

And met some beautiful fairies like Nancy from Coeur D'Alene (who sells Candy lights and other treasures) and Shelley from Florida.

This lady is a CHARM. Her name is 
Francie from The Scented Cottage.

There were only 2 international girls.
I was one of them.

Fairy cookies.
I gave SISTER that pretty PINK one.

A few fairy crafts we made.

This sweet fairy flew all the way from AUSTRALIA.
Sweet Natasha Burns, the 2nd International fairy.

I met sweet fairy sista' # 7 for the first time too. 

Meet Claudia from Utah. Not too many girls knew this, but she was the "OTHER" photographer 
"IN THE HOUSE". She took amazing shots.

 And of course my wonderful sweet friend Jeanne 
(hostess with the mostess).

TWO great Fairy friends.

And of course sweet Deborah, aka "Miss Bee", another 
GREAT fairy friend.
She really got into the spirit. 
So young at heart she is.

It was a magical DREAM setting.

Our FULL day of crafting at Claxton Farm.

Sweet and beautiful Andrea. She taught us how to make 
"A triette necklace/bracelet".

Claudia, Jeanne, Miss Bee and I had NEVER made anything like this before!
It was VERY challenging to say the least.

More beautiful fairies. 

Miss Becca ... sweet fairy.


Cindy gave me the sweetest POODLE PIN.
Thank you Cindy.

Our chairs, with a pretty canvas bag to take home with goodies inside.

BEAUTIFUL vintage angel for picture taking.

More sweet fairies, Grace from Pink in the City,
and friend Cheryl from Nouveau Portmanteaux.
They are TRUE crafters ; ) 


See, I told you there were 
GOOD FAIRIES everywhere.

Miss Cindy and Miss Sherry.

Perfect touches everywhere you looked.

There were pretty picture frames for the taking...
 pictures, that is.

Thank you Cynthia and Cathy for putting up with us non crafters ; (

Pretty cards and sweet treats from the fairies.


ME WISHING I would have worn some pretty "fairy" clothes like these drapes
instead of what I had on. I packed in such a frenzy, that I was very limited in my choices.

The next day we took a tour to the BILTMORE.
Hi Fairies.


Perfect weather, high 80's. 
Look at those 
Blue Ridge Mountains!!

 A little shopping at Antler Village,
part of the Bilmore Estate.
Hi Miss Bee.

Do I look like a fairy now?


 Swaps on our last day. 
Laurels, fairy houses, fairy shoes, journals, ornaments, lapel pins and aprons.



These are laurels.

Another pretty shoe.

An apron and SWEET Tricia, how sweet.

Another laurel. AMAZING


A journal, one of many.

Amazing details, just amazing.
That afternoon was just like one big...

so to speak.

All in all it was a GRAND week.

The company was 

Thank you Claudia, Jeanne, Miss Bee and our sweet CC for joining me on yet another adventure.

So, if you're ever in never never land, just remember...




Beverly said...

Claudie, this post is the best. Jeanne has shared the experience with me. Your photos are gorgeous.

I'll be the one sitting on the curb clapping as you go by.♥

Linda @ A La Carte said...

That looks like so much fun and so much gorgeous stuff! I love fairies and fun fantasy! Glad you had a good time my sweet friend. hugs, Linda

jeanne said...

OMG Claudie, this post is stunning. I just told Beverly to go to your post because when she called I was looking at my email from you. She was very happy that you were going to be featured. Smile!!!

Back to your post. The photos you shared are all so perfect. I have been working on mine and the only reason I didn't post it was because I loved the pink pig so much I posted it instead. I love everything you said and shared. You really are an awesome blogger.

Bill and I are talking about our 50th anniversary trip to Europe. He is telling me about some river cruise info so I must say goodbye for now.
I love you to pieces,
Jeanne xoxoxo

LuLu Kellogg said...

FAB-U-LOUS post! I so wish I could have been there!!!

I love that sign that said "don't piss off the fairies" *giggling*

I also love that little graphic about "we can't all be the princess...." Tee hee!!

Love ya Girlie!!

Cindy Craine said...

I'm sitting on the curb just clapping away as you go by on your princess float and Kelly goes by on her "Fairy Princess" tractor! You were by far the "fairest of them all" and I enjoyed every minute we got to spend together!!

Oh and after I clap my heart out for the beautiful princess's as they go by, I've saved my buffalo frisbies for those at the back of the bus!!!!

Julie Harward said...

LOL that last quote is cute! Looks like such a fun time, I am a non-crafter too but this looks fun. :D

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Claudia, you are the sweetest and prettiest fairy in the land! What a fun time you had! Unbelievable! Bet you were on cloud 9 the whole time!

Love ya tons!

Nancy said...

Oh Claudie what a beautiful grand post, oh yes it is. Just as grand as our beautiful grand adventure into Never Never land!! Thank~you for stopping by my Blog today!! Claudie you would Love the Fancy Flea, so fu fu girlie girl Flea Market. Have a wonderful week beautiful friend!! I miss your sweet smiles~

Huggs, Nancy

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am sitting here, WANTING to be a huge part of something magical like this dearest. One day. I am starting off slowly. I have ideas in my head, but for now, have limited resources and time, but what I just saw, is what I want to be a part of. Tell me dearest, were there some unrighteous fairy judges there? SHAME ON THEM! But your beautiful attitude and smile will overcome those nasty fairies that are not real and genuine. REAL FAIRIES are JUST LIKE US.....REAL!!!


Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Oh Claudie, what a beautiful post! I didn't realize you attended this wonderful fairy adventure! I read about on Miss Jenns blog, (she is a doll). I could only dream about this trip. How I would have loved to have been there. I'm happy that you were able to go, and enjoy yourself. You were the most beautiful fairy there!!

Love you!

Debbie xxoo

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Good Morning my darlin!

Well, at last you hit the "publish button" huh? ;)

What great shots you captured. Heck I was with you most of the time and didnt even remember you taking these photos.

Of course I am one that will be sitting on the curb clapping as you go by!

The time in North Carolina was such a wonder and amazment. I learned so much about myself and others and know that the bottom line of all the fancy and fru fru it was the heart connections that matter and will last a life time.

I am so glad you got to come at the last moment!

Hugs my darlin -- love you!

Sandy Michelle said...

Tee,hee I love that last saying about Princess'. The pictures are lovely and you could tell Jen made it so magical. I'm glad you were able to make the best of your time there- with the nicer fairies :)

Sandy xox

"Create Beauty" said...

How wonderful that you could attend that gorgeous event!!!
(for lack of a better word.....)

~ Violet

wendy said...

Well....that turned out Beautiful. I think you got your point across, for those that needed it.
Holy Moly, what an event. Putting fairy wings on me would be as shocking as giving a pitch fork and gum boots to Cinderella.
I don't think I'd carry it off very well. (tee,hee)
Everything there was absolutely beautiful however. WOWZA. Detail for sure. you know, I. Do. Not. Craft. If I even SEE a glue gun I start to hyper-ventilate.
But just being there with you gals would have been "magical and fanciful" enough for me.
I like to disrupt the Kingdom a little .
That last quote was hysterical. LOVE IT.
The mose enchanting princess there....(well, along with my other sista's of course)
her I am
clap, clap, clap, clap
No I better pick up the pitch fork, I got horse poop to take care of.
Ah yes, welcome to my fairy land.

wendy said...

sheeeesh...hope you read through all my typ-o's.
I really need to slow down when I am typing. and proof reading would be a good idea.
I am just not that practical
xxxxooooo BGF

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Oh Claudie, you were one of the most beautiful fairies ! not to mention one of the sweetest.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh Claudie... I think it's just what the dr. ordered. I'm so happy that you had a good time and it gave you something fun to do during such a tough time. Your Mama was watching and enjoying seeing you have fun....


Jo Ann said...

That looks Magical!
So glad you were able to go!


Red Rose Alley said...

I tried leaving a comment before but couldn't connect. Anyways, I have to start out by saying...YOU HAVE ONE OF THE PRETTIEST SMILES I'VE EVER SEEN!! I enjoy fairies too. There's something so enchanting about them. I especially liked the shoe with the jewels. And the first "quotes" are wonderful and so true. I had a big SMILE on my face while reading them. Happy Wednesday to you too, dear friend.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Red Rose Alley said...

I tried leaving a comment before but couldn't connect. Anyways, I have to start out by saying...YOU HAVE ONE OF THE PRETTIEST SMILES I'VE EVER SEEN!! I enjoy fairies too. There's something so enchanting about them. I especially liked the shoe with the jewels. And the first "quotes" are wonderful and so true. I had a big SMILE on my face while reading them. Happy Wednesday to you too, dear friend.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Cheryl said...

Ahh!! The memories.... sigh!! Everything was so beautiful!! Everyone was so friendly! Did I miss something.. heehee! I was lost in fairyland all weekend!! I can't say I am a "true crafter" my bracelet fell apart, and I have yet to finish the garland!! LOL!! It was wonderful to meet you in person Claudie and everyone else! It really was such a lovely magical time!! Thank you for all the wonderful pictures!! It was nice to reminisce! xoxoxo Cheryl;-0

Anonymous said...

I do believe, I do believe!

What an amazing event.
We do have a fairy convention here in the midwest but I have never made it there.
Thank you for taking us along.


What a great and beautiful post, but not as beautiful as you, though!! All the pink and all the fun, wow, such great things to buy too, goodness! Fabulous event, would loved to be there. All the fairys are great and everything else, too lovely. Thanks for sharing. Have a terrific Pink Sat. my Canadian Pink Lady.

Anonymous said...

This post is absolutely one of the most beautiful I have come across!!! What a gorgeous event this must have been, and seeing the
results of the talented ladies that took part in it...I know you felt like you truly were in FAIRY LAND!! Each and every photo showed such wonderful "fantasies" and I have always been enchanted by the whole idea of fairies so I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at everything in your photos..all of you there looked like you were having such a good time, too! .
Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us!! It was a magical
treat for me!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought that the photos about judging were at the bottom of your blog . . . then realized it was another post. Enjoyed this one too. Looks like y'all had lots of fun! Gotta go see some more pinks, or I'll sit here too long! Thanks again! Jenn

Jenny S said...

Miss Becca is one of my great friends! I LOVE her! I so wish I had been able to go It looked like so much fun!

pinkim said...

OK, i am clapping...I just love all of the pictures...such lovely things and the music is so lovely too...I could listen to it forever...
Love you Lady C...Kim

NicNacManiac said...

Oh my goodness, I have contemplated attending one of Jenn's events in the past, so glad that you made the long trek out and it looked like a ton of fun! I get what you mean about the majority, I attended two slightly larger conferences in the past 8 weeks and even though my excitement for meeting some was swarted by there real life personas, I did fortunately meet some other really fabulous genuine ladies, who I call my friends far beyond my expectations of others!
Would love to get the opportunity to meet with yourself and Sandy, I have corresponded with her a bit and yes, you are correct, I think that we all would get along famously!! Take care of your pretty self and let me know what you have cooking for us!! Big Hugs Sweetness!! xOxO Nerina

Charlene said...

GREAT POST!!!! The photos are stunning. Jenn KNOWS how to put on an Event. I wish I could have come & met you. Cindy told me all about how cute/sweet you are & I adore Sherry Williams, Cynthia V & MANY MANY MORE SWEETIES there. HUGS!

Annesphamily said...

A W E S O M E ! I loved looking at the fun and good times you had! Hugs Anne

Crafty Sideup said...

Ha..ha.... you are sooo very sweet !!! love your very very french !!!!!

love the pink too.. I have a 2 yr old boy so I tell my husband I'm missing pink in my house..he gets me beagle :o) (she is 2 too) I was thinking of getting something in pink for her this christmas.

keep up the good work..god bless u and ur family..

xoxo-all the way from Dubai.

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

Everything looks so gorgous and magical...maybe oneday I will have the chance to attend one of these workshops!

Danish Smith said...

Very big and beautiful Photos .. i like it .. good times you had !!

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