Thursday, November 10, 2011

Are you wearing your poppy?

Lest we forget? 
Remembrance Day Nov. 11th 

As a child, my dad would take my sister and I downtown where they would have him place a wreath on the monument where his fallen friends are remembered on November 11th. 

Year after year I’ve bought a poppy, for I never want to forget how important this date is, and was to our family.
My dad enlisted when he was only 19 years old.  I have pictures of the day he left, and I see in my Grandma & Grandpa’s eyes the hurt and despair knowing that he might never come back alive. His brother also enlisted at the same time. So not only one child, but two, were on their way to fight the war.

He lost both his legs at 21,
in a Sherman tank at Falaise. 
Hit with A NAZI '88. 
He was lucky to be alive.
I was LUCKY to have him as my dad. 

Letters from my dad while in a British hospital to his parents, sisters, and brothers (he did not know my mom then), and pictures that I would like to share with you.

My handsome DAD 

My dad and his brother. Both gone now. 

I never knew my father with legs.  Pushing him in a wheelchair was a normal part of my life.  He had a wonderful outlook, and nothing but kindness in his heart.
 He woke up with a smile,
 and went to bed with a smile.
This tribute is to my dear father, and all the men and women who served their country in our honour. I know he’s looking down on me from up above with my mom after 31 years of being apart. 


“Thank you for having done this so our sons don’t have to" 

At the cemetery with Toby. 


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Claudie this is a wonderful post my sweet friend. My Dad was also in the service of his country and I have great respect for all who put their life on the line for us! I remember buying the poppies...a long time ago. I love the photos. hugs, Linda

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

I dearly love this post,Claudie. Thank you so much for posting photos of your handsome dad. I've seen the one of him in the wheelchair, but not the others. He was truly a handsome man and apparently a kind and gentle heart...perhaps you received that gift from him. You have every reason to show your pride in him.

I hope things are good with you and the family. I love you all!

TTMAB forever!

Kimberly said...

That was a wonderful post and made me cry. :( Everything seems to make me cry these days. Your Dad sounds like a wonderful man and he was handsome too! I always buy a poppy. Looking forward to your email later.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

What a lovely tribute.

I find it so interesting that you never knew your dad without legs and what a fabulous example he must have been for your family. No wonder your heart is so open.

Gentle hug my darling.
Love you.

wendy said...

There was so much warmth in this post. I love it.
Your dad was a very handsome young man eh. And...I kinda think Cole looks a lot like him. Is it just ME, or have others thought that. Funny the characteristics that are seen by one person, may not be seen by another.
But especially where you dad and brother are together, wow, I thought THAT IS COLE.
I have heard to say many times the sweet happy positive attitude your dad always had. What a great way to be after having gone through such trials.
I am sure his mom and dad were VERY fearful after sending 2 sons to war. I can't imagine how they must have worried. dang, we better be thankful eh, because all that we enjoy , those freedoms came at a heavy cost to many.
I loved alllll the photos, the letters, the memorabilia. All of it.
What I'd like to know is....
how is it no matter what the photo is , you always come off looking gorgeous. Dang Girl !!!!!
You and Toby at the cemetary, beautiful.
Your dad instilled in you a lot of his great qualities I think. What a wonderful legacy.
big, warm loving hugs to you today my friend.

Julie Harward said...

Beautiful post...he was such a handsome man, he didn't need legs! I think you got your face from him. Thanks for sharing your love for him, loved it! :D

jeanne said...

Hello Claudie, Your dad's handsome photos and your story is so heartwarming and sad at the same time with the loss of his legs. He is the ultimate hero. His strength of character defined his life. He could have been bitter but he chose to be happy. I think your personality is much like his. You are so lucky to have a dad like yours. I too had a dad who was the most darling man. He loved, sang songs, and laughed his entire life. I too am more like my dad.

I did a little shout out for your wonderful post Claudie. It will post at midnight.

Big warm hugs are sent to you always,

Red Rose Alley said...

What a handsome man your dad was. The picture of him and his brother reminded me of a picture my dad took with his buddies. To have such a positive outlook every day even though he had no legs...what a special soul. How I love the old black and whites. I really enjoyed looking at all of these because there is nothing more mysterious and beautiful to me than a black and white photo. Love to you, sweet one.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

~CC Catherine said...

Hey Doll Baby of a Friend...This tribute to your Daddy & your Uncle on Veteran's Day is soooo precious. I adore the photos of him...what a handsome man he was. I can't imagine what it must've been like for his parents when he was injured in the war and all they could do was write him letters. :*( Makes me cry as I type this... What a brave young man he was... War is so horrible...and changes so many lives, many of which we never know unless it hit's someone we love. I love the photo of you and Toby together at the grave site. He knew you needed him to cuddle there... Claudie...You are such a precious had to have been your Daddy's little girl...and still are! I love you, your GA Peach friend. xoxo LYTTMAB ~CC

Cindy Craine said...

What a wonderful loving post, now I know where your loving spirit began. You have been a giver of happiness and joy your whole life. It's like there's a light around you that effects everyone around you. I adore the photos and the sweet memories of your father. This is my favorite post! xox-cindy

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMG I AM crying so hard I can't read the screen...

Your daddy was a man of great beauty in more ways than one ma belle; anyone who could go to sleep and wake up with a smile is a courageous soul and I could learn a lot from someone like that in my REALLY is so precious, and we only know that when we see someone who appears to be missing something essential, but in reality, has MORE than I have...

THANK YOU for sharing this most touching post AND for coming to visit me. I am so happy that you GOT YOUR CARDS on time! Maybe your end of Canada has a better mailing system than our sisters on the West side! It took about 2 months for a B.C. friend to get just ONE card from me!! AND.....I so want to add more goodies and pretty fluff to my packages, but my husband is keeping a lid on how much I spend at the moment on packaging! SO I THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT....a simple package, but filled with love for Audrey, for art, and for friends.


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

what a touching post. I loved reading about your Dad...the picture of him says a thousand words. He is in the wc with a smile on his face. The pictures are wonderful and so glad you have all his letters etc.

I can always remember my mom getting a poppy and putting it on her coat or on the sunvisor on the car...hope I can find one today.


"Create Beauty" said...

Your father was so handsome, and his smile..... he must have been a man of great strength and resolve, and to live his life with such a great attitude even though war took away his legs... he could have lived a life of resentment but chose to see the BEAUTY and I'm sure he was a thankful man to have that smile.

Both my parents were veterans of WWII. My mother reached the status of Captain (she never let my father forget that she outranked him! LOL!) She was an R.N. on the front lines in an evacuation hospital, and received the Bronze Star Medal for her brave work. I was just realizing there are people living on this earth that would not be here if not for her. Wow, what a thought! Men came back from war, had families, grandchildren...

My father worked on the railroad during the war. They had gotten married just before being shipped out. I can't imagine...

Bless you Claudie, what a beautiful remembrance you have shared of your fathers life.

~ Violet

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Great post Claudie.... Your dad was such a handsome fella.... no wonder he had such a pretty little girl. :-)

Thank you so much to all of our military who give so much...

Love you girl...


My boy knows all about those little creatures, by the way.... he knows EVERYTHING about animals.... and wants one (or two, or three) of everything.... I'm so sorry you've had another loss.... praying for you...

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Claudie Sweetie...
Oh what a beautiful tribute to your precious father. He went to war a young man and came home a bigger man. What a beautiful smile and a what a great impact he had on your life. He taught you courage, love and perserverance. I see you still sharing all 3 of these things sweet friend.

It has been so hard for you the last few months. I know your sweet Daddy, your beautiful Momma and now your little fur baby friend are all smiling down on you, and reminding you how much they all love you. One day at a time sweet friend, one day at a time.

You are SO Loved. You box will be leaving Phoenix soon. Putting on the final touches sweet one. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

Curtains In My Tree said...

This is the only blog I have read today that mentioned veteran Day and I am ashamed I didn't mention it


Val said...

Beautiful post and beautiful man, Claudette. You are blessed forever to be his daughter.