Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I didn't ask, I really didn't, but Randy said,
" let's just go in and look around".
Just looking...
Isn't Audrey so so beautiful?
Bird on a Rock.
She is one of ONLY two ladies who got to wear this beautiful yellow diamond. Audrey wore the diamond for a special publicity campaign which advertised not only TIFFANY & COMPANY jewelry store, but also the movie
 "Breakfast at Tiffany's. 
128 carats. 
The other lady was socialite Mrs. Whitehouse. She wore the Tiffany Diamond to the TIFFANY BALL in 1957, mounted in a necklace especially for the occation. Lucky lady. I don't even know her.

 Randy got off cheap on my purchase. 
Another sweet little charm for my Tiffany bracelet.
Going up?
See, it's just a little itty-bitty blue bag.
But oh! what an impact, right?

A few more sweet pictures at

The theme this year was...
you guessed it
Ok let's move on. We have lots to see.

Wouldn't ya know it? 
 a PINK store.
Men's and woman's.
 A lovely park in the middle of the city.
 A cute carousel for the kids.
The other park we were in had an
Just like the movie with Jennifer Lopez and 

Matthew McConaughey in 


(except theirs was in San Fran of course)

Had to jump in the FOUNTAIN FOR JULIET. 
Outdoor flavours from all over the world.
Ok let's ride the SUBWAY.
On our way to SOHO
Eataly at 200 5th Ave.  
This is LA PIAZZA, in the heart of Eataly with marble countered bars and standing tables. Every day, the mozzarella man, makes fresh mozzarella right in front of you following the Italian tradition, but using only local milk. The mozzarella on their menu is always warm and freshly formed with pairings like prosciutto, heirloom tomatoes and more.
We had lovely FIGS in honey. 

He actually gave me a FRESH off the press
 ball of mozzarella. 
Nice boy ; ) 
We also met the nicest couple standing next to us. And not only that,
they were best friends with the PIAZZA manager. 

Oh, and there's that FLAT IRON building behind me. Yes, it's really called that.
Yes, this is heaven I know it.
We took a cab back to Times Square.
Randy LOVES Ivanka Trump. It was the 
first time we actually walked into Donald's building, and yes, it's ALL ABOUT HIM.
She sells her jewelry here. Why not?
The next morning we had brunch at
THE PLAZA. Not my favourite, but 
TAVERN ON THE GREEN is now closed, so this was elegant and pretty, and Randy LOVES eggs benny (even though his are SO MUCH BETTER).
What bride wouldn't want to get married at the PLAZA? Did you see the movie with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson in
Bride Wars?
You have to see it. 
It's all about the 

I wanted to take this bouquet home.
I LOVE those spidery flowers.
What are they?
Some famous celebrities adorn the halls.
I should have opened my mouth just a little bit more. I can do that!!!
My gosh my boobs look big in this dress.
 What's up with that?

 I bought this box of Chocolates for Sister Lolotte.
She LOVES chocolates, and what better saying for a nun? She just called, and told me her "sister" is in the hospital. If anyone can pray, it's SISTER.

 This box of 1950's candy was for me.
Some candies are very AMERICAN, so I didn't have them growing up in Canada, but I remember most of them.
 I bought COLT a box of Cracker Jack. I really wanted to see what they put in 
the boxes these days. 
 Come on Colt, open it already.

Check out his N.Y. cap I bought him? 
CUTE or what?
You're kidding right?
A little piece of a puzzle?
I leave you with tonight's sunset.

Still to come:

Stay pretty.


wendy said...

Another fun post...by sista #1.
Is that right, I am already forgetting the "order"
all I know for sure is I am #6....

Your charm for your bracelet is adorable. (also YOUR CHARM, is adorable)

A yellow diamond worn by Audrey, wow, imagine that eh.

Your whole time there was busy and filled with fun things to do it looks like. Those pastries look incredible. I think I gained 10 lbs just by LOOKING.

Yeah your boobs looked great in that dress (tee,hee)

I like how you wear accessories in your hair. I'd like to do that. Hmmmm.

That cracker box surprise was well...JACKED UP. Sheeesh,

I thought all these photos were so fun to see.
So....I was wondering, who was drinking the white wine, and who was drinking the red.
Which do YOU prefer anyway.

Your BGF

Anonymous said...

Wow...you pack a lot in a few days! love the pictures...I want to go back there now...I really want to see Sister Act on Broadway!!



dana said...

Such a fun trip!!! I recall going into Trump Tower and checking it out a bit...then posing with the doorman. I asked him how many times a day did he have his photo taken...he said "thousands". :)

I was a typical NYC tourist....looking up with my mouth wide open. It's such an amazing place.

Lousy Cracker Jacks...can't believe they've gotten so cheap with the little toys!! :( Colt looks cute in his new hat.

Your bracelet is filling up...love you newest charm.

Have a great Tues. Evening! L, Dana

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Perfect post for a perfect trip! You and Randy are fabulous together... he knows that if you are happy HE will be happy.

I love the new font you have on the comments (i know i am weird about commenting on that huh?)

I think your boobies look grand -- heck Marilyns were BIGGG. You are so smashing infront of the camera. You will get VERY tired of me snapping you. But I cant wait.

Once when I was in NYC I decided I wanted a wonderful momento from Trump towers sooo i purchased a wonderful pair of sunglasses. (I think i spent $150) but heck it was worth it... RIGHT my one momento. After lunch that day at Terrace on the green i reached in my bag to put on my glasses. I HAD lost them!!! in a two hour span of time. OOOOh just shoot me. I still ache from that loss LOL and it was 12 yrs ago.

This song will be stuck in my head for a week. :)

Hugs darlin

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am having the best time going on this New York trip with you and Randy. Love Tiffany's and that sweet charm. I should start collecting new charms for my bracelet...started in High School soooooooo many years ago!! I love both movies you mentioned...Weddings always are fun. hugs, Linda

Kimberly said...

Fun to see you exploring my places I have been.

Kimberly said...

Fun to see you exploring my places I have been.

~CC Catherine said...

O honee, Your Trip looks so fabulous - You both looked like you were having a blast. Loved the "Eataly place". :) Love the NEW Tiffany charm bag...SO FUN!

Just like you! :) love ya!

jeanne said...

NY, NY, I love NY (Manhattan especially). I have never been to Tiffany's I was all eyes in the photos you posted. I love your charm. Perfect for charming you.

The Trump Tower is magnifique. I can spell French I just can't say it! HA!

Love the PINK store and all the places you shared. We ate dinner in Little Italy when we were in NY. Delicious. A festival was going on and they closed the street for the occasion.

I love Colts pics and I would say the Crackerjacks were not all they were jacked up to be! He is such a terrific young man.

I'm so glad you and Randy had a wonderful time on your trip.

I love you to pieces,
Jeanne xoxoxo

Designs By Pinky said...

I am living vicariously through you in NY! I ahve only been there 2 times but would love to go back! LOOOOVE your "new little blue bag"!!!! SO pretty! XO, Pinky

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YOU DID EVERYTHING FUN and fabulous in NYC!!!!

Dearest, I think I told you about my time at Tiffanys....what fun. And of course, AUDREY?????? What more could anyone want who loves NYC, AUDREY, TIFFANYS, STREET FOOD???? COME TO CLAUDIE'S BLOG EVERYONE!!!!

You are beautiful, you make memories, and you are special.

JE T'AIME! Anita

racheld said...

OHHHH, What a trip!!

You fit right into every one of those elegant settings.

I'm not a city girl, but you make it look quite enticing, especially tea at the Plaza and that display of desserts.


Red Rose Alley said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time!! This post is so full of life. The heart shaped cloud was so amazing. You really capture all the beauty with your lens. I am getting the traveling bug looking at all your wonderful pictures. The girls are always trying to get me to travel with them. Have a sweet day.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

jeanne said...

Hi Claudie, There could be fog but I am used to that. No worries. I have the GPS to keep us on track. I haven't seen the schedule. Where do we find it? We will be fine and we will get there on time. We won't stay up late that's all. I need the address where all the action will take place. Do you have it? Don't forget to cancel the reservations at the hotel. I am getting very excited now. Claudie, for some reason I don't have a link to Deborah's post. I didn't see it on your faves. Sigh!

Gotta run, my cousin is here.
I love you to pieces.
Jeanne xoxoxo

Anonymous said...


I am new to your blog..hopping through the PINK links...and I'm so happy to have stopped by here! I am now following you because this post was so much fun! You are a happenin' chickita! and I love your smile!

Stop by if you like!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning gorgeous Claudie....
WOOO, I am going in like gang busters on Tuesday. ATTENTION LES ENFANTS! MADAME RIVERA EST LÀ! teeeheee.....

I am wearing a polka dot dress
TALONS...bien sûr, lest talons
and a:



Grace said...

I am laughing so damn hard! You were right there right "close" to me and I never even saw you! lol I love your new charm. I know you wanted Laduree to be open. But I promise for NC you will have some beautiful macaroons in a special box with pretty ribbon wrapped around!! It is not the same as being there yourself but I hope it helps! ll Love ya funny girl Grace xoox