Sunday, August 28, 2011

Throw a little Manhattan in would ya?

Randy took me away last weekend.
Remember our 23rd Anniversary present to each other 
that had to be postponed because of my mom's fall?
Well it happened, and...
Can you believe I was up with the sun? 
Do you know this is the SECOND time I have
ever seen a SUNRISE
Lot's of SUNSETS, but no SUNRISES.
It was a special moment really.
The Adirondacks.
First stop, our favourite U.S. breakfast spot. I know it's not breakfast, but when on holidays who cares. It's their famous Coca Cola Cake. 
We don't have Cracker Barrel in Canada : (
I bought that pretty PINK purse 40% off at Cracker Barrel. LOVE THAT PLACE.
We stayed at the Crown Plaza, Times Square. 
The doors open and POP, you step out onto 
Times Square.  
She wasn't sharing.
See that red thing down there and all those ants? Those are people.
This was our view from way up on the 45th floor. 

That night we saw SPIDERMAN.
GracE from PINK IN THE CITY, my blogging pal that works in the city, said Randy would LOVE it.
Sorry, it looks like I'm pointing to his you-know-whats, lol.
I give it a 10.
I didn't get to meet GracE, but we are meeting in N.C. in Oct. for Jenn's
Once Upon a Dream.

That's what Wendy calls me. BGF. Love it.
If you get a chance, click on Wendy's name and see what she 
had to say about her time at the cottage. She writes beautifully. 
We had a bite to eat at 
BUBBA GUMP'S restaurant.

What a GREAT spot to eat before going to the 
Theatre. The food was AMAZING.

This glass came home with me. 
 Oh yeah... LOVE THEM.
 Randy and Claudie LOVED
 Forrest’s Favorites fish and chips too.
The next day we rode the SUBWAY to another part of town.
Another one of our favourite places...
 Little Italy, China Town,
The famous 5 CORNERS.
Mulberry Street being one of our most
FAVOURITE... because of a lovely lady whose name is LUCIE DELFINO (remember I blogged about her 2 yrs. ago when Julie, Randy and I were there?. She'll have her own post later, promise) and our other FAVOURITE restaurant ANGELO'S open since 1902.
Hey, I'm on Mulberry St.
A stranger took this blurry pic!!! 
Awwwww that's my honey, and he's not blurry.
This in NOT the end of our adventure,
but for today that's it my friends.
We go to Audrey's store...


jeanne said...

Hi Claudie, I love your trip to NY. Fabulous!!! Is that you with your hand up watching the sunrise. WOW!!! I am happy for you my darling friend. You and Randy are the best looking couple ever. I'm so HAPPY you had such a wonderful time.

I will talk to you in six minutes.
Love you both to pieces,
Jeanne xoxoxo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AHHH! WAIT FOR ME! I will be at school so if I don't make it by 6:00pm, know I was detained!!! CLAUDIE! You were in NYC! LOVE IT..LOVE IT ALL! AND YOU are so stunning and tiny! How do you eat all that and stay so thin??????????

GOTTA COME back for more ma belle! Anita

Jori said...

Fun,fun,fun! I love New York. Ryan and I were just talking about Spiderman, we were wondering if it was good. I will have to let him know you liked it. So happy you had such a wonderful vacation. I love Cracker Barrel too! Super cute purse!

Shelia said...

Hi Claudie! A belated anniversary! Oh, what a wonderful trip you and Randy must have had! I love New York and how great you went last weekend because this week would have been canceled because of the hurricane!
I love that cute pink ruffly skirt! You're so pretty!
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Julie Harward said...

That looks so fun..good thing you were there before they shut everything down for the hurricane huh! I love those get a way trips, they are the best! ;D

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Ahhhh!! We ate at cracker barrel today & I wated that cake so bad, but had already eaten too much for lunch. Maybe we should plan a trip to the big apple!!!
In West Virginia for uncles funeral tomorrow. I love you!

Kimberly said...

Oh you were in my neck of the woods. Kevin works in Manhattan and Ashley lived in SoHo this summer. I am glad you liked Superman it had a very rough start at the beginning. Looks like you had nice weather while you were there.

wendy said...

What a great time. You and sunrises....hmmmm. It was a beautiful one though.
I avoid sunrises.....incase I turn into a frog or something.

Who took that photo of you and Randy at the Adirondacks?? What a handsome couple you guys are.

I LOVE Cracker Barrel too. We had a few of those in the Salt Lake area. But, I have never tried that cake.

Your room at the hotel is amazing. Wow, what a view eh. That's a lot of people.

Oh Claudie, what is it with you and pointing to people's privates. Remember that art in Montreal of that woman, and her, you know.....that you pointed at. So dang funny.

I would love to go to Forrest Gumps resturant...what a great place that looks like, and I love fish and chips (if they are not greasy) are indeed my BGF

You and Randy deserved this little get away after all the work you did in hosting us gals.
good night my BGF

Julie said...

The picture from the 45th floor is amazing. Such a world this is eh? (Canadian)
Everyone doing thier own thing and enjoying life. So great. Can't wait to see the post about Lucy. So cool that you were able to meet up with her again!

Fun trip you love birds.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Oh my dear one-- I vote that the NEXT outting (after ashville) is we get a wonderful suite in NYC and hit the sites and shows together!! Thats my kind of outting for certain!!!

So happy you love birds got to get away!

You are one traveling mama!!

Always a smile.

Im heading to book my flight!! wooooo here we go!

Lovin ya

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Claudie,
I love this post. That coca cola cake looks scrumptious!! You look so cute in all of these photos. I want to have some fish and chips right now after seeing the ones at Bubba Gump's Restaurant. And I have the exact same picture of Audrey on a post that we did called "A Glorious Color." I think you would enjoy it - it's all about PINK!! I'm so glad you enjoyed your day. Have a fabulous week!
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Red Rose Alley said...

Thanks for visiting. I just wanted to come back and tell you that Nel and Jess had fondue one night and watched the movie. I wish I was the one who watched it, but will see it soon. I know it probably gets confusing for people to know who wrote the post because there are three of us. Nel suggested a week ago that maybe we should write our name after each post that we write. Anyways, it gave me a chance to see your glorious blog again! Take care, sweetie.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

~CC Catherine said...

That view from your room was POSH, loved it! And my favorite pic of Audrey, love the verse she wrote.

I'll bet you were in NYC heaven! ;)


PS: Still working on that darn room. :(

Grace said...

I am so glad you came the weekend you did and not Irene weekend!! And you complained about the weather that weekend and told you I would fix it for my friend Claudie who wouldn't say hi and run! whahaha I am so glad Randy loved Eataly and Spiderman! What fun pictures. Grace xoox