Sunday, July 24, 2011

THE BIG "50"

To the love of my life, 
my provider, my friend, my man.
No, you can't have him, lol.

Happy Birthday Daddy 
 I love you
 Your the best
 Thank you for adopting me 14 yrs. ago

 You're a great dad.
You saved my life
And ours too
You saved me and my babies xo
Happy Birthday Dr. Randy Frid

And here my friends is the finale.
See you all after August 6th.

The guest cottage in a new light. 

Bring on the party girls. 


Kimberly said...
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Kimberly said...

Happy 50 to your husband! Your a beautiful couple.

LOVE, LOVE, all your animals. So cute!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

First of all, BON ANNIVERSAIRE DR.!!!!!! FABULOUS 50s....they really are!

CLAUDIE, you have arranged everything so beautifully for the girls; I am so happy that you are all going to experience each other's company...I only wish I could be there.....THANK YOU AGAIN for giving me the chance to go...


Beverly said...

Happy Birthday to your dear Randy. I know what a treasure he is to you.

Today is my mother's birthday, too.

Claudie, everything looks fabulous. I know one party girl that is so excited to get there.

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome hubby! You two look great together!

Love Deb xo

wendy said...

Ok,fine, I think he is gorgeous and all......but hey, I have my own hunk a chunk of burning love.

the place looks fabulous. I feel like Cinderella going to the ball.

Sherry from Alabama said...

Your sweetie makes 50 look good! My hubby is 50 also and I love him more than twice as much as I did when he was 25!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Rita said...

That is what I call a Lovely post. Bonne fête to your Man!

Grace said...

Happy birthday to your dr. hubby!! Everything looks so fabulous for your friends. They will be so pampered and spoiled. Have a wonderful time! Grace xoox

jeanne said...

Hi Claudie, A GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RANDY. Beverly is right, I can't wait to meet Randy AND give YOU a BIG hug. See you Weds. night. Yippee!! I can't believe I missed this yesterday.
This post is so adorable. I know Randy loves this. What man wouldn't. Smile. Your fur balls are the cutest pets ever. (except Cheri) HA! I have to be loyal to our baby.

Your yard and cottage are to die for. You have been one busy girl. It is all just delightful. So much hard work. Are we worth it? I hope so.

I am cleaning like crazy today because Bill's sister and hubs will be here the day after I arrive home. I am trying so hard not to mess up my nails. I am motivated when company comes too. That is a good thing.

Two more sleeps!!!Love you to pieces.
Jeanne xoxoxo

Jo said...

Happy Birthday to Randy! I am a bit late...sorry! Hope you have a great time with your friends...I am sure you will show them a good time :)

Hope to see you soon...xoxoxox


Donnie said...

My sweet friend Jeanne is soon going to be there and I'm looking forward to keeping up with you all. Looks like a lot of fun already.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

this is the part when REGRET really set in huh?

Im thinking about all of you and your fun!! Wishing you Tons of it... but you have to save some of it for Oct.

May you have the best time and give Randy a belated hug smooch for his bday.

Your spot in heaven looks fabulous!

Lovin you ALL.


Designs By Pinky said...

Happy birthday to your hubby!!!!! The 50's are GREAT years!!!! Wish I couold go back:):) You have prepared BEAUTIFULLY for your girlfriends! I know you will all have a blast. Can't wait to see all the pics and hear all about it! XO, Pinky

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Claudie,

You look smashing in this photo!
Happy Birthday to your all those creatures...


Marydon said...

I hope your hubby had a joyful & blessed 50th. How fun your share for him, Claudie.

So love the the fur-babies, such cute captures of them.

I see Jeanne is joining you in Canada. Do have a beautiful gathering ... I send you all my best wishes.

Have a beautiful PS weekend ~

dana said...

Happy belated birthday to Randy.

Your furbundles are adorable...and very lucky they have you to take care of them.

The guest cottage looks smashing....I know it is being thoroughly enjoyed by the girls. What fun you all must be having!!!

L, Dana

LuLu Kellogg said...

Happy Cake Day to your Sweetheart! I am dying to know how your Girlie Time went with all the girls!!!


Sandy Michelle said...

Happy birthday to your hubby!!!!!!

Sandy xoxox

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday to Randy! Hope you all are having a blast, and doing well. i've been missing you, Sweet Claudette! Someone hijacked my blog and all of my google accounts for over a month, and I've just regained access. So i'm here to say "Hello my sweet friend!" Miss you and love you bunches!

~CC Catherine said...

Hey Sweetie! Made it home safe without any delays. Woohoo! It was tight in Toronto, but I made it since they were late boarding. :) The trip to Alabama yesterday was LONG, but nice. We didn't get home till 1:30am. Poor Johnny was exhausted this morning. I've not really had a moment to rest since getting home; so crashing will be on my agenda at 5pm today after work. :) I've had "Johnny Angel" singing in my head since flying home from Canada. And highlights of the trip the same; can't get you and the girls/trip outta my head! :) Love you and thanks again for the BEST treat ever; ALL of it! hugs and kisses to you and Plantagenet! The birthday tribute to Ran is great...I'm sure he loved all of it! ;) ~CC

Holly Loves Art said...

You're such a beautiful couple! Happy birthday to your Sweetie and many more. You know I adore seeing all your precious four-leggeds. They are so special and I got a little tear in my eye with the sentiments. I am so glad you both rescued them.
All my best,

pinkim said...

You two are beautiful! I love the animal family too and just love the picture of the one with the ball in the

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I hope that Randy got my card I made him, and I loved the one from you. Happy Birthday to my twin!