Friday, May 13, 2011

Da glitz & da Glam oh My.

Crank up your speakers.
What a weekend it was. 
By the time these pics were taken, we were two sheets to the wind.
Montréal is a party city, no doubt about that. 
We walked all over, exchanging shoes cuz most of us had high heels on, we stopped fire trucks, we had a scavenger hunt... (no pics of that, no way), we danced at Thursday's - a 3 or was it 4 tiered bar, with none other than DISCO music, my ultimate favourite. 
Well here you go.
My cousin Carol Anne paired us up... 
We all had MOVIE STAR names.
I was INGRID, my partner was BERGMAN.
After going downstairs for our free drinks from the hotel, we came back up for more pics.
Carol Anne NEVER told me it was still 
" The Ugly Dress Party" tagged along with
"The Glitz and Glam". 
She knew better than to tell me.
The FRENCH madame 
The FRENCH cowgirl
Rusty, but OH SO glamorous.

Our FRECH flapper fille
Check out the bling on the girls.
Wayyy too many of these little puppies.
These are the one's I wanted.
This is my cousin Carol Anne. 
Her eye lashes were falling apart at this point.
More jewels. 
Did someone rob a bank?
Zee mannequin. She would have fit right in. 
Well, this is where the UDP part is... 
but still cute.
This is Bergman my partner. Sexy mama.

This is the FRENCH princess.
We kicked these two out.
Too skinny, too matchy, too perfect.
I'm in Bergman's necklace taking the pic.
BTW... this isn't water, oh no it's not.
This was taken in the Jacuzzi tub. Strangers took our pictures. Someone accidentally hit the faucet/spray thing. We ran fast.
 So damn funny.
We did have our Champagne. 
One bottle didn't go too far though.

Had to wear the shades... 
ya know the MOVIE STAR look. 

More tub shots.
Someone on the streets of Montréal I'm sure.
Isn't she cute? Don't you think she looks like my Brittany? 
You rock Carol Anne.
Oh la la.
Bling and cleavage. Lucky.

The chef, the CHEF!
 The Princess looks sad. We were acting... 
I hope I wasn't squishing the breath out of 
The Princess and the Diva.
I wanted to be Audrey or Hepburn, Grace or Kelly, but I was Ingrid.
I hope I made her proud.

 These guys didn't know what hit em'
I should have offered my shawl to one of these girls. I wonder if they were cold?...nah 
People were fascinated with what we were doing
on the streets of Montréal. 
Aren't we a nice looking bunch?
You can see my purple eye lashes here.
Not sure what I was doing.
Nobody told me I had lipstick on my darn tooth?
Ya gotta tell a girl these things girls?
 I always do.

Now, I'm not sure if this Glam girl was there, 
but if she was she was HOT.

There was glitter everywhere. 
In our beds, the bathrooms, our luggage.
I'm still finding it.
Oh what a weekend.
When you believe in FUN, you create FUN.
I believe that life without fun is having no life at all. So have FUN.
 And Believe.
BTW, this is the second time I created this Glitz and Glam post.
Blogger really messed me up, crappy. 
Ahhhh there they are, lol.


Beverly said...

Claudie, this had to be fun, fun, fun. I love it!!!

And, you girls are quite stunning.

wendy said...

CLAUDIE!!!!!! you look amazing!!!! I think you "out glammed" them all.
The pictures were a blast. You gals look like you were having the time of your lives.
*hmmm...made me think of the song from Dirty Dancing...I, Had the time of my LIfe, and I never felt like this before...*

Oh yeah, I am rocking out to the music you have going on with this blog. Very fitting.

Barry will laugh when I show him the fireman photo. YUP, a fireman will stop for any good looking babe I am sure he'll tell me. He has quite a few "shady fireman stories" to tell me. He did a fireman calander once but doesn't know what happened to it. BOY would I like to get my hands on that.

Anyway, you certainly are a lady who knows how to have fun and get a lot of GUSTO out of life.

I think you TOTALLY did Ingrid proud.
much love coming your way from this country hick chick.

Riet said...

Oh my goodness Claudie, you look so beautiful with all the bling bling.You could be any star. You must have had so much fun, what a great bunch of ladies.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Marydon said...

What a fabu night for you all, Claudette. You are SMASHINGLY gorgeous! I had to put MY sunglasses on with all this glitz!!

Happy PS weekend ~

5 day GIVEAWAY, pop over

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH MON DIEU..this is what I will unfortunately be missing this summer...I LOVE IT ALL. I am GLITZ, an GOOD GIRL, with a streak of adventure and GLAM! YOU ARE ALL SO GORGEOUS!!! LOVE YOU CLAUDIE! Anita

jeanne said...

Claudie, this is the most fun party EVAH! I am sorry the photos ended because I loved every photo you shared. You look divine, more like a short haired Marilyn Monroe. BIG smile. I loved MM BTW. The glitz and the glam is definitely the perfect part of this party. You all look very beautiful and I know you had so much fun. Your cousin is very pretty.
I love the Tiara's.

Blogger has been a pain for a couple of days. I couldn't comment to anyone on Blogger. I hope it is fixed by now.

I am so happy that we CC and Deborah will hook up on our flights for at least part of the trip with Deborah. We will have so much fun. I rec'd the formal invitation and your sweet note. I'm glad you had some fun with the apron. I had fun sending it to you.

We have been knocking ourselves out getting the RV ready to travel. We had a mouse in there. Of course, that meant scrubbing it from top to bottom. Washing all the linens, dishes, silverware, etc. Yikes! I hate mice. We are setting another trap tonight. I hope nothing gets caught.

I love you to pieces my dear sweet friend. And I hope this will post.
Jeanne xoxoxo

Jo Ann said...

Great pictures! looks like so much fun! Hoping you have recuperated! lol Have a great weekend xoxoxo

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello sweet Claudie!

What a fabulous glam party! Love the pictures. You look gorgeous!!
It was so great to talk to you on the phone tonight! I felt like I was talking to an old friend. I really appreciate your help so much! Have a great weekend, and I will write you when I get back from my trip!

Debbie xxoo

wendy said...

Remember...well I left a LONG comment before the whole blogger crises thing went down and you lost it. So I hope you were able to read it before it "left".

in a nutshell I SAID YOU ARE FABULOUS and out shone them all.

Jori said...

Awwwww! You look stunning as always! Glad you had such a wonderful time. Love that pink phone, I think I need one.

pinkim said...

OMG, You are so gorgeous Dahling! I love it! You are definitely having a more fun weekend than I...Thanks so much for recreating the post for us! I had great fun scrolling through!
Love it, and you! Pinkim, and thanks for stopping by my little pink place...TrulySimplyPink

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OMG Claudie!!!
What a great weekend you all had!
Love all of the fun pics and you my dear, are the prettiest of the bunch and look just amazing!
And you even look cute all snockered up! hehe. Don't know if that really is a word.
Now I want to go to Montreal sooo bad!

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh my gosh!! You all looked like you had a blast!! What fun!! Have you recovered yet? LOL

LuLu Kellogg said...

You girls looked amazing! FUN!!!!


Rita said...

Alors y en d'autres comme toi WOW!
What a blast!

gabrielle messina said...

Just look at you girls! It looks like you are all having the time of your lives! All the glitz.. you wear it so well, Claudie! Your cousin and you have the same eyes. Even before I read she was your cousin, I said to myself "they have to be related"! You have a ton of pretty pics to remember this time forever! Great song playing to read along to too! Lots of hugs, Claudie, dear! xoxox

Sandy Michelle said...

You sure know how to have fun!I'm glad you kicked out those skinny Barbie biatches too!! :)

OH I just LOVE the song on your!!


Kimi Coopet said...

The photo of ME blowning glitter is MY photo. I took it & I own the photo. You are clearly claiming it is you, which it is not. You have 24 hours to take this down before I take legal action!