Friday, April 8, 2011


I didn't have 6 small dogs,

 and 1 BIG 



2 birds, 

and 3 Degus 

(they LOVE each other)

(chinchilla family just smaller)

I could walk around the 

yard barefoot.

My house would be 

carpeted instead of 


hardwood flooring.

All flat surfaces,




and cars would be free 

of hair.

Yes, I have white chenille covers,


When the doorbell rings, 

it wouldn't sound like a


When someone comes up 

the driveway, 

I could get to the door 

without wading through 

fuzzy bodies who beat me there.

The most used words in my 


would not be:








I wouldn't talk baby talk.

 'Speak little Bella girl' 

'go peepee now'. 

Fooled you. Just wondering if you were paying attention.

I don't have a baby lamb, but I'd LOVE one for EASTER...


Our hearts wouldn't 

break when trying to rescue 

God's little creatures 

from unexpected 


 with nature.

Who would my kids feed their left overs to?

or when they ( my adults kids) don't want to wear that party 

had that mom got them eons ago?

See what I mean? We couldn't look this cute.

My drawers would not be loaded with coats, 

booties, poop bags, 

treats, towels 

and collars.

I would no longer have to spell the words






I wouldn't have anybody to sit with 

when Randy and Colt aren't here.

I would NOT have as many leaves 


 house as outside.








Who would I pin such cute

 Canada Day Rosettes on??


dress up with CC's hand made scarves?


I could have a shower 

without one of them 


 my legs and act like a 


I could sit on the couch (the pink, one 

 go ahead click on the pic. count them...6 here)

 the way I

 wanted, without taking 

into consideration how

 much space 6 fur babies 

would need to get 


I would not look

STRANGELY at people 

who THINK having ONE

 dog/cat ties them down

too much.

We would NOT be on a 


basis with a 

few vets around town, 

as we put their unborn


through University.

I'd look forward to SPRING and the 


instead of dreaming 

" MUD" season.

That's a big one for me...


I would NOT have to answer the question...

Why do you HAVE soooo 

MANY animals?

from people who will


have the joy in their

 lives of knowing they are




 for us anyway. 

by someone as close to angels 

as they will ever get

 (well sometimes little devils).

How EMPTY my life would be : (

That's IT that's ALL.



Grace said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Grace xoox

wendy said...

Oh no my sweet Claudie...these pets make you who you are. That is one of your wonderful qualities.
and I bet you say the same thing to Randy
pets bring with them their own set of problems for sure. I LOVE LUCY....but oh my, she can make me crazy sometimes.
but does Barry, and I'm not ready to get rid of him
It is the mud and messes I struggle with the most.
I love you and ALL your little furry ones.

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Claudie,

Oh my your furbabies are so cute!! I would love a lamb for Easter too!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Ohhhhhh are a girl after my own heart! We have 5 dogs! You have a Dr. Doolittle's house too!

If you want to see all my babies, go here:

I want to come play with your babies!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening beautiful one. How sweet and perfect this post is; I ADORE THESE BEINGS and if I could, I would have at least ONE DOG, but even that is too much for us, for we are never home. When we do come home, it is late, the poor thing would be so lonely and even with our addition, the house is still too small for my dream dog: A YELLOW LAB!!!!

You are so clever dearest....have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!! Anita

My Crafty Little Page said...

And here I thought 2 tied us down!!! They are just adorable and sweet as can be! Love your new blog look, Claudie! So you! xoxo Nancy

GardenofDaisies said...

Life would be not be as entertaining without our furry companions! We have two cats... not as many animals as you. You have a very kind heart.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

So beautiful Claudie!
You have so many adorable little creatures running around your place!
I loved the pics, especially you in the cute jammies and the pile of puppies nearby!
And I know just how you feel except it's with my Grandbaby.
We are tripping over toys, and walkers and bouncy jumpers right now, but she brings us so much joy and it is sooo worth it!
Hugs to you,

jeanne said...

Oh, Claudie, this is absolutely darling. My sister Diane sat with me while we looked at the adorable post. She too is an animal lover. Your photos are so special. She adored the photos so much. Poor little Sasha. I loved all the photos but the one on the couch is so cute. I swear one pup, my Cheri', is a crowd when she sits on my lap. You amaze me.

I rec'd you Email and I can't get my note back to send so Here is my comment...

Hooray, I was getting worried. You look great with it on. I love your boots/slippers??? It was a fun gift and I did buy it before Randy started cooking. Just think, this way your birthday just lasted longer.

I am up early again today and I just heard my sister in the bathroom. I better get the coffee on quick. The first one up makes the coffee. Oh good, she just turned on the shower, saved by the shower.
I do love you to pieces Claudie,
Jeanne xoxoxo

Designs By Pinky said...

All your babies are adorable! I am dog sitting for my daughter right now! They are the only "grandkids" I have!!!! XO, Pinky

Sandy Michelle said...

Woweee they are all so sweet!!!

pinkim said...

AMEN!!!!!!!This is such a very lovely post...I could not have said it better....I knew where it was going as I have our little Bailey and we so are wanting a friend for him...Don't know how you do it, but you expressed it beautifully! I love the pictures too! Love you and your thought!
Kim from TrulySimplyPink

pinkim said...

PS. How in the world do you do that with the lipstick? lol...

pinkim said...

Oh that's too funny that we were commenting at the same time...I love it!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Claudie Sweetie...
I love this post. Your 4 footed critters are so precious. I couldn't even pick a favorite, as they are all just precious. We have 2 dogs, that don't know they aren't human, but that is about all I can handle.

How on earth do you get everyone fed in an evening? That is a lot of mouths to feed at dinner time. They all look so happy with you sweet one. Your smile is SO precious. I love seeing you smile.

Randy look out, I have a feeling someone wants a lamb for Easter, and I don't where that one will sleep.

Have a glorious weekend sweet friend. I so adore you. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Randy Frid said...

So be it. Lamb chops for Easter sweetie. Bring on the mint sauce.

Love, me.

Jori said...

Your blog is more fancy schmancy every time I come over, looks SO purty! Look at all those sweet sweet babies! I had 3 shih tzu's growing up and I LOOOOVVVVEEEED them.

Designs on 47th Street said...

And I thought I liked animals! :) You have such cute little furry critters. Lovely post.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Claudie, this is SO sweet. I adore those little fuzzy faces, all of them! How cute are your babies!!! I wish I could be there right now to hug and pet those little darlings. You know, I'm a huge, HUGE animal lover, and since my babies are gone, I have been grieving. BUT I have some little squirrels and birds that feed at our house, and I adore them ALL. I can see the birds splashing in the fountain. They are wonderful little friends. And the squirrels sleep in the tree by the kitchen window. I miss them terribly when I'm not in St. Augustine, and I miss Miss Maxi, my neighbor's kitty. You are so blessed, and so are they, my friend. So are they.

I really got teary reading this, Claudie. But Randy saved the day with his comment. Randy, you have a great sense of humor! LOL!

Okay, off to bed early...

Love you, you princess of pink and pets...


Sheila :-)

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Ah, we only have four cats...and we have to keep two upstairs and two downstairs because they just will NOT be nice to each other ! If they would all get along I'm sure we would have more.
Two were thrown away in a shoebox (the downstairs babies), one just walked in the door and refused to leave and one was starving and finally so hungry she came to the door. how can people be so cruel? thank goodness for people like us (())

Kimberly said...

Oh I love all your dogs and animals! I found you over at Truly Simply Pink. I am a dog lover myself. All your dogs are so cute and what a kind person you are for rescuing them!

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

This is such a SWEET post and so true. Don't they bring so much joy into our lives? Your heart is as big as all outdoors.

I love you!