Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane?

This was suppose to be my 24th Anniversary post, but instead of going away with Randy,
 Randy is letting me go South.
I'm going to visit my girls!!
 How romantic is that, lol?
 I think he just want's to get rid of me ; )
I'm off to GA. and N.C. May 5th for 2 whole weeks. I can't wait. 
The weather will feel like summer, I'm sure.
I'm packing shorts, little dresses and flip flops oh my!! BYW, it snowed here this morning.
Pedicure? check. Manicure? check.
 Hair cut? umm... not yet.
Cash? Oui, oui.

I'll be with CC in Braselton, GA., 
then off to Franklin, N.C. to Jeanne's. 
I get the cabin all to myself. I'm so lucky.
 I wonder if BOOTS will be waiting for me? 

Jeanne and I will be playing in Charleston for a couple of days 
and staying at the BEAUTIFUL
I've never been to Charleston, but I hear it's full of Southern Charm, and I love me sum' Southern Charm. Any restaurants or places we HAVE to see? Bring it on.
I also want to go to the Ocean, 
but with Jeanne, not this guy.

When you
hard enough, things happen.

 Sister called and she's feeling SO much better.
She thanks all of you for the prayers. 
It's her birthday May 31st. She'll be 92 OMG.
I told her we HAVE to do something VERY special.
I asked her if she wanted to go to her home town in Sudbury, Ontario, about a 9 hr. drive.
I've never been, but I know if she doesn't get there soon, there may never be another chance.
The other option is to have a BIG party for her with family and friends. I don't think she's ever had a BIG party just for her. It might be time.



Kimberly said...

just my kind of gift! You will have a wonderful time with your friends and it will be nice and warm for you.
Never been to Charleston but from what I have seen I think I would love it.
Enjoy! Will you be blogging at all for those 2 weeks?

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Oh Claudie! So happy for you! I hope to be one of those girls someday!! Would love to meet you in person! I know you will have a blast!

Love Deb xxoo

Beverly said...

Claudie, I know you all are going to have a wonderful time. That looks like Two Meeting Street Inn. Did you get the Queen Anne room?

Charleston is my favorite city. When we were teenagers we used to "park" at The Battery.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh Claudie I would love to see you! I will be in Ga until May 10th when I fly to Vegas to meet my oldest girl! Maybe we can do a lunch?? hugs, Linda

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh and Happy Early Anniversary to you and Randy! Sweetest couple I know!

wendy said...

This was so fun to read, cause I KNOW how excited you are and I love these gals too.
WOW...that B&B in Charleston looks incredible. What charm the south has. It is on my list of "things to do one day"
Far freaking cry from drab, cold, windy Alberta right now that's for sure. (so I sound bitter...tee,hee)
Barry and I are planning a little trip into B.C. though the middle of May.
anyway, you'll be on that plane before you know it and I am sure the girls are just as excited to have you coming out as well.

and of course Happy Anniversary to you and Randy. Such a gorgeous couple you guys make. You'll have a great time in Montreal. Will we get to read a post and see pictures of that before you Leave??

That was a very cool picture of the map with a heart on it. Yeah, it kinda sucks that we all live so far apart from each other.
Guess I'll go on my walk now, and "day dream" about the SOUTH !!
Biggest hugs today BGF

Jo Ann said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Randy! May you have many more fantastic years! Have fun on your trip too sounds great! I would love to go to Charleston too sounds like an amazing place...bring back details!!
Have a safe trip xoxo <3

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

You lucky, ducky girl you! How about swinging by Wisconsin on your way back? Your going to adore Charleston!! Dan and I were there 3 summers ago and its so full of southern charm and gorgeous homes, historic too!
You go girlfriend, enjoy!
And Happy Anniversary too!

Anonymous said...

I know you are just so excited to be going south to visit your friends...you are going to love Charleston!! I have been there several times and there is just so much to do and see there...and I like Franklin, N.C., too...on of my
first girl friends I met as a very young wife and mother was in San Francisco...our hubbs were on the same ship stationed there. We have stayed in touch all of these years and have even visited a few times.
Lucky girl friends to get to be with you....maybe one day you will get further down south, say New Orleans, and some of us other "fans" can meet you then!!
Your Randy is a #1 SWEETHEART for letting you go on this trip! But enjoy your anniversary together before you leave.....24 years!!! Congratulations!! You two make such a lovely couple!!
I know you are counting down the days....have fun packing all of your summery finery and sun lotion
Fond hugs...Francy

Fifi Flowers said...

Happy Anniversary!

Judi said...

Good Morning Claudie *hugs*
What a sweet post. How lovely for you and what a sweet gift from Randy for you to fly with your friends...for your anniversary time. I know you will have the bestest time with them and I can't wait to see what you are going to be doing. Fun stuff for sure.
We had snow too...crazy weather yesterday but today its 1C and the sun is shining but its not shining warm enough to hit those March time temps we had.

Wish upon wish upon wish upon a star and lo and behind...wishes can come true. You sound so happy...

May 31st is my brother's birthday too. Wouldn't that be fun to plan a party for her...so nice.

have a great rest of the week...and you have a countdown to a lovely May 1st with Rancy and then time away...


Sherry @ A Happy Valentine said...

Ooh,Claudette, you're coming to my "neck of the woods." Georgia is our next door neighbor. Yeah, it will probably be quite warm by then although we've had a couple of mornings in the 30's lately!

Hope you have a great trip and Happy Anniversary!

Red Rose Alley said...

Happy Anniversary, Claudie! You have a wonderful trip planned. It's nice to get away and spend time with the girls. Me and the girls are going wedding dress shopping this weekend, and they are taking me to breakfast. I love going out to breakfast. Please take care of yourself the two weeks that you are away, and I'll be thinking of my sweet bloggy friend along the way. I love that picture of you and Randy.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

racheld said...

Good Times for You and Jeanne mean Good Times for MEEEE, for I dream and daydream and imagine and moon all over your wonderful adventures!

Bon Voyage, Happy Anniversary, and TAKE YOUR LAPTOP so we can see what's going on!


jeanne said...

Claudie, this post is a fun one because I will get to see you very soon. Yea!!!

Tell Randy thank you for his anniversary wishes. I don't remember what kind of soup I made that landed in Bill's face. I just needed to let him know right off not to mess with me. HA! You know I am kidding. The soup never slowed him down in 49 years. HA! Randy, thank you for being a sport and the best husband ever for sending our Claudie South.

No time for much of a visit. Bridge Day!!!

I am so thankful sister is better. I was really worried about her.
She does NOT look 92 one bit. tell her I love her.

Wishing you sunny days until you get here.
Love you bunches,

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

WOO HOOOOOOO Claudie ! I hope I can make it to seee youuu you will be soo close.

"Create Beauty" said...

You are going to have so much FUN!!!! and Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple!!!!

Sister sure doesn't look 92. Claudie, what a huge blessing you must be to her!!!!!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Claudie Sweetie...
That is true love. Randy is a doll to give you this wonderful gift of "HAPPINESS" to see your beautiful friends and spend some girl time.

Oh you are going to have a blast. How fun to be with CC and Jeanne. Oh someday I hope to meet your friends and frolic along in the sun with you all. What fun.

Keep us posted on Boots. I have a feeling she will make an appearance. Love that little face of hers as well.

Charleston you lucky girl. I was born there. Love those cobblestone streets. One day I hope to get back there as well. The homes are gorgeous and the food is TDF. You are in for the BEST treat ever. Take a carriage ride if you get the opportunity, they are so much fun.

I will be watching for all of the wonderful photos dear one. Give Jeanne a BIG hug for me, I love that lady.

Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Claudie! I AM THE ONE WHO MISSED THE POST!!! Oh dearest, thank you for visiting me tonight and I have been sick and busy and undergoing the regular stresses of a teacher on her way OUT and on her way IN to the unknown. But I hope to be thinking of all of the support and love I have received from all of YOU in my adventure into an unstable business of art an writing.


You tell here that....YOU ARE GOING TO SEE CC??????? GIVE HER A HUG FOR ME, PLEASE????? I will never meet you all, I just know that. But I still carry with me the love that you showed me in inviting me to the bash last year. Hugs to you my beautiful Claudie! Anita

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

don't drink tea? noooo problem i will fill your cup with PINK champagne !!!


Oh I sure love that gift! What a wonderful trip you're going to have with your two fav girls, lucky you! Enjoy every minuye pretty lady! Hugs,

Julie said...

I bet Charleston will be as amazing as Savannah. So much history and fantastic architecture to see. Girls to chit chat too and window shoppe with. All sounds like the best way to spend your days. Randy is a very understanding guy. He knows when his wife just needs to get away from too much routine to rejuvenate a soul. Your private getaway to Montreal will be special and the boys will have more time to study and brainstorm solutions to the worlds problems. They are so good at that. What did sister pick? The party or the road trip? I am sure she will be the delight of the party on either occasion. Have fun planning your days. I know it will be full of special moments. Hugs to the gals.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh this sounds like so much fun!! Montreal will be fun too. I did see Kin at the Fancy Flea today! So fun!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

MY goodness, that white INN with the bright red flowers....only the most beautiful for YOU ma chère Claudie!

Thank you, love, for your kind and overwhelmingly kind words. Your friendship is dear to me! HAVE A SPECTACULAR DAY, knowing that the love you have made is set in stone. NOTHING can destroy it! ET DONNE à SOEUR LOLOTTE UN GROS BISOUS ET CÂLIN! Anita

Julie Harward said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...I love how you have such a good man and how he loves to see you happy! Have a most wonderful time with the girls and with Randy, in fact, I think you should celebrate all month...24 years is awesome!!! Love you sweet lady! ;)

Nezzy said...

Well darlin', you two are just too darn stinkin' cute!!!

What a great present for ya and tomorrow you'll be together again.

A very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both. Have a the time of your lives in Montreal...and don't do anything I wouldn't do now, ya hear! Heeehehehe!

Have a blissfully blessed week sweetie!!! :o)

Sherry said...

The joy of the southern US...I love it...have a wonderful time! I haven't been to Sudbury for years so if you do go...I hope it is warm and filled with sunshine.

And Montreal for an anniversaire?? Ooohh la la...Montreal I love you. Old Montreal is so very romantic!

Charlene said...

Happy Annv & what a doll is he letting you go see gal pals, I finally got to add you to my sidebar after trying for a week. I HATE the new Blogger interface. Have fun

Kim said...

Hi Claudie,
What a great trip you have planned! I just got back from Florida. Enjoyed tagging along on a business trip with my sweetie. By the way, Happy Anniversary!!!! Love the photo of you and your husband at the end of your posting. I have always wanted to go to Two (or is it Three) Meeting Street and stay in that Bed and Breakfast! It was featured on a show on tv many years ago that I used to love about Inns and B & B's. Sadly, they took it off the air. I used to jot down the names of the places I would love to stay someday. That B & B is on my list! Hope you post some photos. If I remember, they have a beautiful stained glass window (I think by Tiffany) in the home. Hope you have a fabulous time and will be looking forward to seeing some of your photos! I will be heading a week from today to Houston to see my son and his cute wife, Amy. My older son, Brandon, is celebrating his 29th birthday and I am going to visit him to help celebrate his special day. Have fun on the trip. xoxo Kim

Nezzy said...

Hey sweetie, I was just droppin' by to see what your up to!

God bless and have a beautiful day dear heart! :o)

Annesphamily said...

Happy times with Jeanne! I need to get to know CC too! You girls will have so much fun! I wish you a beautiful ad very late anniversary wish! Love to you today and always!

A party for sister? A trip home? Oh you are a darling girl!

Love and Hugs

Val said...

I hope you had a wonderful time. 'Was thinking of you and yours yesterday, as well.



~CC Catherine said...

WARNING - DO NOT FALL OVER - This is the "REAL" ~CC, Your GA Peach. No, I'm not a Blogger Imposter, it's ME! I blew the dust off my laptop last night and did you proud. I visited Wendy, Jeanne, and you so far...praying I can make my way to Julie, Deborah, and Claudia before I leave for FL. I feel like I've been hospitalized and am beginning to exercise my fingers again for the first time. lol "I can't over do it on my first time back, right?" lol Love the post about your trip south honey! I wish I could've seen you more, but I'm grateful for the time I have and will have with you tomorrow. Time flies by so fast, we never know what the next day holds; for sure. I know one thing about you though...where ever you are, there's FUN & SMILES! xoxo Only one more sleep and you'll be back in my GA Peach home. LYTTMAB ;)

bj said...

I just read all about your great time with Jeanne and had to come over and tell you how glad I am that you had such fun.
You are so bubbly and sweet and full of fun...I know everyone that meets you falls in love with you.
I have been trying for 2 years to get my hair JUST LIKE YOURS...but it never looks quite like it. I think I get mine too short. I am taking a photo of you to my hair dresser next week and maybe she can make me look just like you...hahahhhaa...well, my hair, anyway.
xo bj

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