Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm a little old fashion.

I remember when I was younger, I would open the door to my mom's closet, the sliding ones, 
and admire all her pretty clothes and how organized everything was.
She never worked a day in her married life, but she always looked so stylish.
 My mom is on the right with my dad, 
Aunty and Uncle in Michigan. 

Her suits, skirts and blouses were all nice and neat on hangers. Her shoes were all organized too.
 MUCH more organized than this gal.
Our whole house was organized.
I wasn't allowed to sit on my bed. I'm not kidding.
Three square meals a day, and always dessert.
Why I thought of this today, I have no idea.
What I wanted to share with you were these.
I have a couple of these mink stoles. 
Doris Day. LOVED her.
Reminds me of Wendy. 
She's pretty like Doris and has the same hair, 
with a little less "POOF".

 CUTE, SIMPLE cards. LOVE em.

 This one reminds me of all the drinking that our parents did around the holidays.
Nobody paid attention to 
"don't drink and drive".
I never had a dog or a cat growing up, so this one is special. 
Those little girls had a dog.
I know, now I have 7, lol.

Here's an "OLDIE" for you.
I'm in the middle with the green stocking. 
Deb, my sister, top right with the cat glasses. 

And I'm still waiting for some pretty snow.


wendy said...

This was so fanciful and fun.
Your mom was Indeed sylish....that's where you got it from. It was in your genes.
I too loved all the old cards and just how simply artistic they were.
Ha ha....I never thought of myself as Doris Day'ish.
When I was younger, I did have my hair like that however, and in the middles of the poofed up bangs, was a little bow. Oh my gosh, I think of it now and it seems soooo geeky.

I put Doris on my sidebar.

We don't have a lot of snow right now, but I'll tell you, I am so sick and tired of the wind I could scream. It is grating on my nerves.

this was a fun and lovely post Claudie.
biggest hugs and lots'a love

Loretta said...

She was certainly stylish...your cards, although vintage, are very pretty...I really like them all... hope you get snow!

Hugs and Best Wishes,

Kimberly said...

Cute post! Your Mom was one stylish woman. My Mom was too. Always looked better than me. I love you have 7 dogs, do you think its because you couldn't have any has a child?
Its cold enough here for snow - but its not in the forecast.
Have a good weekend, dear friend.


Such beautiful family, specially mother, it's no wonder why you're so pretty too! I loved those days when gowing up too and all the pretty cloths my mom wore too, when men wore pants and the ladies dresses only. The vintage C'mas cards are so lovely too. Thanks for sharing. I've posted a French table for C'mas, hope you come over. Happy Weekend.

Grace said...

Ah see that is where you get it being so stylish and beautiful. Well seems your whole family is gorgeous. Lots of love there. Love makes for a happy heart to share with others. What a fun post. Grace xoox

~CC Catherine said...

Hi Honey French Poodle Friend... Your Momma was so gorgeous, you are right! What a sweet and loving post...just like YOU! Your mom's love language was in caring for you...keeping things clean and organized. The pic of you with the green scarf looks so much like's uncanny! You were gorgeous then and you're gorgeous now Love! I miss you terribly! xoxo ~CC

Julie Harward said...

Cute ladies and suits! You couldn't sit on your bed??? No wonder you have so many little dogs and all the lovin going on there! :D

Anonymous said...

i'm totally confused -why weren't you allowed to sit on your bed?

C'est moi Claudette said...

Dear Anonymous.
I hope you read this, couldn't do it any other way.
Nope, my sister and I were NOT allowed to sit on our beds, might get wrinkled, NOT kidding. My mom used to iron our sheets, tea towels and I think my dad's underwear, (not really, now I am kidding).
When I think about today, it might have been what they call OCD. She passed away last month at 92 and she could still spot a little speck of dirt on the carpet.
I think it was better than growing up in a dirty house. She was always there for us when we got home from school. Hot lunch every day too ; )
She had a great life. She loved to dance and laugh, but she still maintained a very CLEAN home.
Hope you get to read this one day Anonymous.
I thought that was a funny comment, but totally understand why you would question this.
Love Claudie

"Create Beauty" said...

Hi Claudie, oh what lovely images!

Loved the fur collar on your moms outfit, and when the Doris Day in fur photo came up and you said you have 2 mink stoles.... you are my kinda girl!!! (I have 4 and a couple of vintage fur coats that are fabulous!!!) My friend Lynette has some great ones too, and we will wear them and it feels like playing dress-up : )

I'm doing a give-away tonight, hope you can come by!!! I shipped your package on Wednesday, not sure how long it takes to get to you, but soon I am sure!

Thanks again,

June said...

Oh my gosh Claudie---I think we were raised by the same woman!!! My mom too. She was always dressed beautifully until we moved to the farm where she then relaxed her style a little. I can remember all the shoes she had!!! And she was a stay at home mom! I remember wondering what does a person do with so many shoes? (now I know of course) And guess what??? I could sit on my bed either. Once it was made she wanted it to stay wrinkle free.
I think you are a good friend of Wendy's who is a friend of mine. We have never met in person, but I hope to remedy that on one of my trips to my daughter's in Utah.
Thank you so much for coming by and leaving your sweet note. It made my day!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a fun post! Your Mom was indeed fashionable! I love the old photos and I just got a scanner so I'm hoping to do an oldies post soon. I love Doris Day and her clothes and oh those mink shawls! love....xoxo, Linda

Designs By Pinky said...

Oh Claudie, this was such a GREAT poat!!!! I LOVED seeing the old pics: your Mom was always beautiful and so are you! The old cards are so neat! I am kinda a neat freak too but not as bad as your Mom was;):) Have a GREAT weekend. XO, Pinky

She'sSewPretty said...

My mom was very particular too. You could eat off her floors! And she had the prettiest suits. You would have loved her pink Chanel suit with black trim. I wish I had it though I could never fit in it!
Hope you get your snow in time for Christmas!
love and hugs,

tami said...

Claudie, I can see where you get your beauty..your mom was just stunning and so stylish.
My mom never worked either and everything was always in its place..unlike my house!!!
Happy Pink Saturday..enjoy!!

jeanne said...

Good morning Claudie, I was here last night and I couldn't stay awake long enough to make a sensible comment. HA! Long day and we were invited to dinner at some friends place. Nive evening but late.

I love your post and your mom is so elegant and beautiful. The photos you shared are wonderful. You were a darling little girl. You and Brittany
do look so much alike.

I love the vintage cards. I used to sell them. I wish I had them now so much.

My sisters and I are going Christmas shopping in Asheville today. We will have so much fun and we will be gone all day. Lunch out and sister love. Only Diane won't be here. Poor thing, not, she is in Hawaii with her daughter and family.

My hands are much better today. Thank goodness.
I will write a long note tonight telling you about our shopping adventure.

I hope you have 'pretty' snow soon.
I love you to pieces my darling Claudie,
Jeanne xxoxox

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

love her suit with the mink collar! What u said makes me think of my Grandmother who never worked. She even had a table of what to clean when on the inside of one of her cabinets!

love the cards, when ever I see some I scoop them up to display.
we are to get snow tomorrow night, just in time for the Monday commute!

Sherry from Alabama said...

Love all the sweet memories you shared with us in this post! Your new Christmas blog header is just so classy! Hope you have a great weekend!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Darling Claudie,

I too am waiting for snow.

Wendy is GORGEOUS and yes, she looks just like Doris Day, who I just adore.

The photos of your mum remind me of the good old days when our mothers stayed at home, wore pearl necklaces and aprons, baked a chocolate cake to wait for me after school, and the general feeling of safety in the home. You have brought me tender memories and I love you for that...something is coming to you in the mail my sweet...Anita

Sandy Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing those Victorian pix! I love your hair in the photo where you're wearring green! I remember peeking through my mom's closet and jewelry box too. She had great shawls and platform shoes. I still have dreams about it! I also remember that looking back- my parents drank late into the night and didn't care when we would go to sleep- during the holidays.

BTW did you like that your Mom was so organized? I'm very organized but I let it go when it comes to the kids having fun. They are making paper snow flakes in my art room right now and I am turning a bling eye on the!

Darn did I write all that? You must be rubbing off on!


Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Darling pictures of your pretty Mother! I love the "oldie" picture!!! It looks like the 60's? The later 60's is when I was a teenager and graduated in 1970 from high school! Those were the days. You look so cute in that picture and I spotted you right away! Cutie pie!

I love the pictures you sent me of the snow! Beautiful yard! Stay warm and love you tons Claudie!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

I love the post you replied to Anonymous.

I think it was the Donna Reed and Leave it to Beaver era. Every one only saw perfect little houses and stylish women.

Normal really didnt kick in for a while.

Your mom had a beautiful style just like your own unique one.

This is a fun post!!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Love this Claudie!
I can see the resemblance between you and your Mom!
She looked so stylish indeed!
And aren't you the retro cutie..we must be about the same age because I have pics just like that!
I grew up in a house with 6 brothers and things were seldom neat and organized. My Mom worked so very hard but with that many kids, I have one sister too, no way were things staying neat!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Those were the days ! My little mother was stylish too. Petite and always put together...what memories you've brought back for me.
oh I remember the Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies. and how shocked we were to find out he was REALLY acting LOL.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh wasn't your mom a stylish chickie! Whew.... My Mum sooooo didn't care about clothes and fashion. :-) She DID care about turning on the oven and sitting on a chair in front, with her feet inside reading.... it's a favorite memory of her. Oh yeah, and there was the time she came to school to pick me up in her painting clothes.... I was mortified. I could never understand why she didn't wear dresses and heels like Donna Reed. REALLY! I swore, when I grew up that I WOULD. Yeah, I don't either.

Big hugs to you dear one......Hoping you get your mojo back soon too.



Jo Ann said...

Great picture of your mom and dad...I had not seen these before...Deb is gonna kick your butt (lol) she hates the pictures with her pretty "cat eye" glasses! but they are coming back in style....I tried some on a few weeks ago! (LOL) I had mother-of-pearl ones for my first pair! ahhhh great memories! :) love you xoxoxoxo


"Create Beauty" said...

Hey Claudie,
Guess who won my blog give-away?
(hint, she loves France, Pink, Poodles and Pearls)

Would you like the Gilded Sparrow print with - or without - the verse?

Please come by and see my friend Lynette announcing the winner
(and just try to pry that trophy out of her hands!)

~ Violet

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh ma chère Claudette,

You are just a wonderful and faithful friend who I just come back to comment, you are just lovely. Oh how I hate it when those comments fly out!!!! That has happened to me so much, and you ALL mean so much to me that it bugs me when my comment doesn't make it in, or I have no time to come back immediately. While I am grateful for having a job, sometimes I wish I could just work from home. It has been crazy busy, leaving me no time to create, but when I do find a moment to do so, IT IS SO SOOTHING and I just take off. I am grateful that I can inspire, but we all inspire each other!!!!! YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME in so many ways that I know you cannot see, with the distance between us, but believe me, you have sent wonderful and creative vibes my way......oh how I want to meet you!!!

WEll ma belle, I must fly off to go to school. Loving you this day and always, Anita

Beverly said...

Claudie, your mom was beautiful. Your descriptions remind me of my mother. She can see a speck on the carpet that no one else can see.

Your mother's style reminds me of my mother, too. I used to love all of my mother's pretty clothes and shoes.

Red Rose Alley said...

That was such a lighthearted and special post. I loved it! I was just talking to my sister about our mom and how she always did projects while we were at school, and when we'd come home, everything was all changed around. Our moms made it look so simple, didn't they? Your mom looks so pretty in that picture. I love the picture of you in the middle...such a classic. I remember those old Christmas cards well. And who doesn't love Doris Day?? SUCH A CUTE AND FUN POST.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

"Create Beauty" said...

No..... my friend Sandy doesn't have a blog... nor does Lynette, who is actually the one in the photo holding Sandy's trophy. (Sandy's dogs trophy that is!) Ever since I did that photo shoot last year I have wanted my own trophy, and last week.... I found a silver-plated one shaped like a 'loving cup' and stood in line with glee at T.J. Max ... and the other ladies in line were all smiling and admiring my trophy..... I felt like a queen!

It will hold some Christmas decor and make an appearance on my blog, besides being used in future photo-shoots : )

Claudie, I am so glad that you found some joy in winning the give-away on a day that you were feeling down and missing your mom.

May LOVE hold you together and I hope you get a sprinkling of that sparkling snow you are longing for,

Betty Jo said...

I adore Doris Day too! My friend had the cat glasses like your sisters. Hope you get that snow. We were in the seventies here today, but some cooler weather moving in for Christmas. Hope we get at least a dusting of snow. It always looks like someone sprinkled our neighborhood with powdered sugar when it comes. ♥

A Touch of Grace said...

Hello Claudie
What a delight to find your dear comment awaiting me...thankyou...
Lovely post my fellow pet friend.
Your pretty mom is indeed in the fashion, as is her sister... I see were you get your beauty.

I had to smile just a wee bit...I am a bit like your ma when it comes to my closet:)

If I could I would send you some of our fluffy white stuff... it is
finally falling our way, and making a pretty sight.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a fun post! Lots of memories and wonderful photos. We don't have any white stuff yet here on the Island and I'm happy about that. My mother always loved Doris Day. I remember when Doris used to have her own TV show which I enjoyed.

Christmas blessings,

Kathie Truitt said...

Yes your mother was stylish - even the way she is standing is so 1960's. Oh, if only women still looked like this. And be still my heart! I adore Doris Day.

Annesphamily said...

I love your photos! So fun to look over them! Your sweet mom was a classy gal just like Doris Day! Oh how I loved Doris Day! Did you know she is still alive? There is a radio station where she lives that plays her music on her birthday and she always calls in! What fun! Her screen life was so glamorous and her personal life so sad! She lost her only son and had such sad marriages. But her love of animals is what got her thru it all! Gosh, my aunt use to sing Que Sera Sera to me! I love that song! I sang it to my own children when they were small too! Claudie you are making me smile with all these memories! Love and Hugs Anne