Friday, October 28, 2011

Sorry I'm stuck

Have a seat, this will take a while.
 Grab a glass of wine or a cup of something.
You see, I adore animals. Which I'm sure you already know.
My mom... not so much.
She actually DID NOT like cats, or dogs for that matter. She had told us that when she was young and asleep, a cat parked itself on top of her. When she woke up, the cat was starring at her. 
SHE SCREAMED bloody murder!!!
Mom always told me, "If I COME BACK, I BETTER NOT COME BACK AS A CAT".
When she was in the hospital, not HOSPICE, I joked with her saying, "mom, if you do come back as a cat, could you just come and see me? Just come knocking at my door to let me know you are up in heaven would you? 
We laughed.
While in Franklin with my girls, driving back from Asheville, we got out of the car at Jeanne's house and all of a sudden I hear a "MEOWWWW, MEOWWWW", and Jeanne says
That was the beginning to a very emotional evening with BOOTS the cat.
He would NOT leave me alone. He mushed and mushed my feet and legs, and if you take another good look at his left side of his little mouth, you'll see bubbles/spit where he kept drooling and drooling getting me soaking wet ( I had a pretty white dress on, but I didn't care) Did you know when a cat drools, it means they are very happy? YUP.

So BOOTS and I cuddled up in a blanket on Jeanne's cabin porch till 2:00AM 
( I washed that blanket Jeanne, I hope it's ok).

BOOTS would not leave me. He curled up, put his head next to my 💗 and slept, making such strange sounds.
It was a beautiful starry night,

 and the moon was beautiful *remember when mom died, I had noticed the moon like I had never set eyes on it before?
Of course I cried. Of course I knew that BOOTS had come to tell me everything was ok up there in heaven. Of course it was a sign.
I left the blanket on the chair for BOOTS
I had a peak at 5:00 am and saw him there all curled up nice and comfy.
Claudia woke up before me, and told me BOOTS was waiting.
That's when he got a little more of this,

We had to leave and drive back to Asheville to the airport, and all I could think about was BOOTS and saying goodbye to my sistas. 
Would he be ok? Would he miss me? 
Would he find a forever home?
Jeanne promised me she would take care of BOOTS, because, you know, it's my mom in them BOOTS, and Jeanne is my great friend/second mom/sista that knows me too well.
... but it wasn't meant to be. 
When Jeanne got home, BOOTS was no where to be found.
I want to believe that it was a sign.
A four legged sweet little kitty that needed some loving, and knew I needed some reassurance.



Designs By Pinky said...

Claudie, I am sure it WAS your Mom! My sister thinks that our Mom comes as a butterfly. It happens at weird times. Boots FOUND YOU! Love and hugs, Pinky

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Oh my! Claudie, I just got a chill reading about what happened. I know I'll have this on my mind all weekend now. I hope this encounter brought some comfort and reassurance.

Just back from Roanoke today. Texas on Tuesday.

I love you 2 the M & B!

pinkim said...

How beautiful...sniff...

Suzann said...

That was the sweetest story...made me cry. It sure was a sign from your mom.
Thank you for sharing your story.

Suzann ~xoxo~

dana said...

I firmly believe that animals are often times special little messengers for us. When my our beloved Buffy Cat had to be put to sleep, I was devastated. He was so loved by everyone in our family. At that time, our daughter was living with us for a short time. . . and so was her cat. . .who had little to do with us. The afternoon after Buffy died, I was lying on the sofa. . .still crying. Our daughter's cat curled up next to me. . .for the very first time. It was such a shock. . .but also so reassuring.

Guess what. . .. that cat that once belonged to my daughter has now lived with us for over 8 years!! :) When she moved away again, I told her "Frankie" had to stay with me, cuz she was never home and he needed love. He's been my buddy ever since. . .and then we added another fur bundle three years ago. . .little Twig. They both give me lots of joy and comfort.

I'm glad you and BOOTS got to spend some time together.. . maybe he will hop a train and find you in Canada!

L, Dana

Kimberly said...

I LOVE this story! It was definitely your Mom. I am sure it made you feel so much better. Funny, I have misplaced a few things over the years...all of the sudden I am finding everything that was lost. I thank my Mom for that. Enjoy your weekend!!

jeanne said...

Hello dear Claudie, We arrived in Jax about 10:30 tonight. I still haven't done my PS post. Sigh. Rick and Dee left this morning too. It took me until 12:30 to get ready to go to FL for 9 days. Thus, arriving so late at Christina's home.

I love Boot's story and no worries, the blanket washed just fine. It was a big one huh? I am thankful you had Boots to share some time thinking about your mom. Who's to say it wasn't a sign. I think many things happen in life that we just have to believe in. Boots comforted you when you needed it and that is awesome my dear friend.

Boots came back for one night and we fed him tuna. We put a blanket on our deck and he spent the night once more. He hasn't been back since but we do know he lives about a block from us in a loving home. Certainly a happy ending. I loved Dana's comment.

I love you too,TO PIECES!!!
xoxoxo, Jeanne

Julie Harward said...

Maybe Boots was a "sign of comfort" from your mom that all is well with her and she knew a cat would get your attention. You my dear have a heart just like some of my 'pet" storys on my side bar. ;D

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Dear one.
Like a pancake every story has two sides. :) Here's what I saw.

We got out of the car -- and Jeanne said "we don't have cats-- where did that one come from?" just as you said. But I saw your eyes tear up immediately.

Jeanne headed into bed.

We had an early morning so we didn't stay up visiting like other nights. But you came in and "just got a little milk" I smiled and said gnite. I have always known before but this night confirmed my thought --Your heart is bigger than your small body.

You didn't see me get up and watch you cuddling that sweet cat as it rolled all over your feet well into the wee hours of the night.

You didn't see me watch you as you watched the moon with tears. Around 2am you finally headed to bed.

As you said, he stayed well after the love and food and attention, curled up in that warm blanket-- just to make sure you were ok.

Who we are simply resides in a physical body for a short time we call our life. Who we are is beyond our personality but our forever soul. The real us.

I believe when our precious loved ones transition to the next part of life's journey, we become wiser and more entune with what life should be about.

My belief is that our loved ones are now a physical part of us, always with us.

While your parents aren't here physically with you, they most certainly are with you forever in spirit and energy.

Boots came to you to kiss your feet and let you know this is all true and that you should take those quiet moments on a tree filled mountaintop to find that you can be with your mother when ever you need her love. Just as people come into our lives for a reason -- so did Boots, that last night in North Carolina.

It was such a blessing for me to be able to finally find my sisters (from other mothers) in a quiet, quaint town tucked away from the hustle.

Love you darlin.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh how I cried after reading this and everyone's comments! Such a precious story my Lovie.

It's 30 outside this morning and I am still in my bed...refusing to come downstairs! I am too cold!!

Love you Claudie,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I believe it. Hands down, or rather, PAWS DOWN..that was a sign. Yes.

Dearest, I had several "SIGNS" too during my time of loss. That is just too beautiful. God uses small things to highlight the vastness of His mercy.


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Oh Claudia, you got it right.
What a wonderful thing that happened, so magical. My cat is Boots and looks so much like that cat....and as you know I have needed love myself lately and he has been there for me.
I am so glad your Boots was there for was a wonderful memory of a magical night you will never forget...bless your mom.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I just responded through email, but not sure if it went through.


I am on my way to the post NOW to send it off. I hope that the rate at which Canada's postal service will not delay this too much!!!


Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Oh Claudie, What a sweet story. I loved all the comments too. I too, think it was a sign, and that he was there to comfort you. Thanks for your sweet comment too. I will e-mail you.

Love and hugs,
Deb xo

Becca said...


Your story made me smile and cry! I love your sweet heart! Miss you tons!

Love ya,

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Ohhh Claudie ... I'm surprised you didn't take Boots home with you :)
What a precious thing to happen.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Claudie Sweetie...
I have to tell you what a beautiful share today. So beautiful. Your sweet Momma came to see you through Boots. She was kissing you and loving you. Just waiting for you to arrive. I am so thrilled.

I truly believe that our family angels visit us sometimes through our pets and pets we do not know. Boots was an angel, your Momma's and I believe she only stayed as long as you did. She was there just for you.

Hugs to you my precious friend. So many hugs and SO much love. I wish I could be there to give you hugs but these will have to do. I am so thrilled that your sweet Momma came back just for you. All my love, Sherry

P.S. Claudie, please email me your mailing address. I have something to mail to you. Hugs sweetie.

wendy said...

I loved this post (especially since we had talked on the phone and I knew the story)
so sweet all the other comments, it was your momma's sign that she is OK. Her Boots were made for walking...just in a different place right now.
She'll walk with you in your lifes journey Claudie
She knows you love animals (and the thought that she didn't) made this all the more sweeter....her little "joke on you" in a way.
That should give you something to smile about.

When we buried my grandpa many years ago, (in the country, at the same cemetary I will be in)
Well, it was November (hmmm, that is interesting, never even remembered or thought of that, with Matthew dieing in November)
it was very stormy and snowy
icy country roads going to the cemetary
well, there ended up to be a 4 car collision (just fender benders, but enough to cause plenty of $$$ damage)
we laughed and laughed about that at the dinner after the burial.
Grandpa would be laughing his head of right now. His little joke on us.

You have a tender heart, as any of us who knows you ....KNOWS.
You are my dear friend, and I love ya

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

What a story Claudie, I got goosebumps reading it!
Your Mom let you know she was ok and that is the most wonderful thing of all!
Big Hugs to you,

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, how I believe in signs, and what a beautiful story. I also had special things happen to me when my mom and dad passed away, and I took it as a wonderful 'sign'. I just loved the old picture of your mom and dad. Old pictures hold so many memories, and I treasure them. Before I go, I have to say....I LOOOOOOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!! And your pictures today were so unique, and went well with your story.

Have a relaxing Sunday.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Grace said...

your new banner is fun and pretty! Have a great weekend. Grace xoox

wendy said...

HEY....That is a pretty header you put together !!!
I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed all the photos you had on this post.
The one of your mom and dad when they were younger is beautiful....I could see where you got all your beauty, the combination of the two certainly did make a Beautiful You.

Jen said...

I know does get better. I'm a big believer in signs, so I think that was one.

Love your new header.

Take care of yourself,
Jeannette :-)

Sandy Michelle said...

That's freaky. I believe in signs! Thanks for the award ;)

Sandy xox

Val said...

I totally believe in these things and am always reading books about such happenings. How beautiful. And it is funny that my mom and I have had the same conversation many times--She's not an animal person, and I always "threaten" to tell her nursing home care workers someday that she looooooooves animals and would looooooooooooove pet therapy. :) She always quotes Lucy from the "Charlie Brown/Peanuts" cartoons, yelling "DOG GERMS!! Get the Lysol! Get the disinfectant!" whenever she is forced to have contact with animals. :)

'So glad you had this special experience, Claudette.

Love to You,


"Create Beauty" said...

Bless you Claudie, your soft heart, your sweet love for your mother, your gift to nurture friendships, your love of animals...

Your 'Boots" story is very touching.

May God's never-ending love surround you and lift you up my dear,

WIth Love,

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

A very sentimental and endearing tale! Thanks so much for sharing with us all!

bj said...

I saw on a comment that your mom had passed on and wanted to come over and tell you that I'm sorry for your loss.
We all share in the loss of a mother.:)♥

I don't have trouble leaving a comment on this blog like I did on your other one. Not sure what the difference is but ....I like it. :)
'xo bj

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I'm sure the Lord let that kitty come and visit you and let you know your mother was okay. God is totally awesome, and He loves us with a love that is beyond our comprehension, so much so that He gave the most precious person in His life so that we might live with Him forever. Yes, I think God was allowing you to know that everything is well.

Love you...



~CC Catherine said...

Dear Claudie, I read this post shortly after you wrote it and was at a friends home at the time and couldn't reply - didn't just wanna say "something" to get it done. Maybe I saw it from FB - because I thought I'd left a short comment there. But here I am now...on the post...reading everyone's comments...and crying more. Claudia's account of this and her outlook is SPOT on what was in my heart to write. Many times when I see the strong hand of an older man...I see my Daddy...and sometimes I just want to go up to that Man and ask him if I can hug him. :*( I never do...but I want to...because I miss my Daddy that much. So, I know when anything becomes a Sign for's God's way of allowing us to "connect" with them in that very moment. It's supernatural...and that kitty cat did just that for you. What a "gift" that God gave you on that NC chilly evening cuddled up on a porch...just to get experience that moment. Everything in life is for a season, and so is the time on this earth for us to physically have one another...and then we go to a heavenly place for eternity. The good news honey is that there is a MIGHTY reunion in heaven awaiting you off in the future...and that gives you and me hope. :) Hope that you will have yet another dance with your Mommy some day and even one with your Dad, because he will have heavenly legs there. :) I love you BFF! xoxo ~CC

Annesphamily said...

I do believe in signs! MY big kitty is Boots. He looks like your Boots! My Boots has comforted me through the loss of two other pets, my sis and my mom's parting and he is with me now. He never leaves my side when I am sick or sad! He is a good boy and he will often walk right up to me stare me directly in the eye and then snuggled in my side! He is such a good friend. Soft and warm and always listening to me! I Loved your sweet story. Hugs Anne

Stiefanie (Luna and Luzie) said...

Dear Claudie,

this is one of the most heart touching story I ever heard before. Boots came to comforting you. What a lovely sign.
I´m so sorry to read about your mom. I know how you feel. My mom passed in 9/26 2011 and I´m very sad too.

Big comforting hugs