Sunday, May 1, 2011

How did 23 yrs. go by so fast?

23 years ago today Randy and I were married.
23 years,
3 wonderful kids,
hundreds of fur babies,
adventures galore,
laughter, tears, memories to last a lifetime.
I wouldn't change it for a second.
I would do it all over again.
Ok, maybe I'd try to forget the 3 painful c-sections, 
but all-in-all, a special unity for 2 very different souls.
I think I'll keep him for life
I love
This was taken when Randy was 16. That's his mom. It double exposed itself making for a very interesting picture.
Randy was 26, I'm the older woman, lol. 
Talk about "pouffy" hair. And check out the white eye shadow. 
This "meany weany" was our Justice of the Peace. All she wanted was her $50.00 and a cab ride home.
If you look at my face and my BFF's face, you can tell we were trying not to laugh. 
I wanted to throw her off that bridge.
So many I LOVE U's.

He's been the ROCK in our marriage. 
Look, he even wears PINK.
What a guy.
I'd follow him anywhere.
Isn't he handsome? 
I think I'll keep him.
He holds my heart.

He is my strength. He adores all creatures, every single one of them. 
Dr. Randy Frid

Just look into those eyes. 
And his voice is very sexy too... ask my friends.
Here is my heart. Keep it safe. 
Keep it in your heart.
Your the best peace keeper around.
 Meaning he has always kept the peace in our family, right Brittany?
Please collect all of these all month long. 
My treat.
I especially love how you talk to the fish in our river. 
You're so talented.
Now, will you take me to my favourite store in the  whole wide world?
I thought so.
Randy's taking me to N.Y. May 23rd. 
It's our long weekend.
Look out N.Y.
forever and ever.


Grace said...

aww congratulations to a beautiful couple! Happy Anniversary! May you have many more happy healthy full of love and passion! Grace xoox

jeanne said...

Dear Claudie, Congratulations to you and Randy. Your post is a wonderful testimony to your 23 years together. Yes, Randy is very handsome and you are beautiful. So are your children. And I can tell your blogging friends that Randy's voice is very sexy. SMILE111 God smiled when you found each other.

A trip to NY sounds like the most fun ever. Have a wonderful time.

Love and best wishes to you both,
Jeanne xoxoxo

Julie said...

You 2 really are an absolutely perfect combination. I sincerely wish you many more years of great and genuine love and admiration for each other. You are more beautiful together as the years have passed.
(The eyeshadow cracks me up)
That little cottage has been a growing space where you have found such pleasure and contentment.
Happy Anniversary to you 2 very special people.



Kimberly said...

Congratulations to you and your husband! What a handsome couple you make!! Enjoy your time in NY and pick out something nice in Tiffany's!! :)) enjoy your day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Gorgeous one, I am in tears of joy looking at you. You were beautiful, and now, you are STUNNING AND MORE THAN BEAUTIFUL....girl, you can wear pearls like no other. I need to go run and get myself a strand of three. I have one long strand, but I NEED A THREE STRANDER WITH THOSE GUMBALLS!!!! But of course I would need your blue eyes and fab silver locks.....OMG you are beautiful. Love to you on this special day my friend, Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH! AND THOSE GALS IN THE TIFFANY BLUE GOWNS! Ahhhhh.....another faery tale in the making...

Teresa said...

Happy Anniversary you two Lovebirds! You are the perfect couple. Yes he is as handsome as you are beautiful. Wishing you many many more years of bliss.

Love you, Love me,
Daisy Duke

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I adore this post and the love you have for Randy. What a beautiful couple you are! Happiness always.
love ya, Linda

Jori said...

Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful tribute to your husband. I can't wait to hear all about your NYC trip. I haven't been in several years. 23 years later you are even more gorgeous!! xoxo

pinkim said...

Congratulations! What a lovely are right, he is quite handsome...:) and as you are quite beautiful, your make a great couple...Happy anniversary! So you were married in 1988? So were we! Yet another thing in common my
Love you...Kim...the pink one...TrulySimplyPink

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Congrats Claudie!
Such a beautiful post my dear!
And I love the 80's hair...didn't we all have big hair back then!
It sounds like you have a wonderful marriage and here's to many more years of happiness!
Love the lipstick on the bottom too!

Designs By Pinky said...

Oh Claudie, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Randy!!!!! I know he must be a great guy! Joe and I ahve 43 years now....YES, I was a mere BABY when we married, REALLY!!!!:):) All of your pics are so neat! I thnk HE is a pretty lucky guy too! You were an adorable bride, and you are still adorable!!!!! Always will be. XOXO, Pinky

As I Dream it/Average Girl said...

Congrats Claudie and Randy!

You two make a beautiful couple (even with that shocking white eye shadow and big 80's haird... good grief girl...LOL)!


Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Such a sweet post Beautiful couple! Happy Anniversary!


Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Well, its official... IM JEALOUS!!


You both have gotten better looking with age...obviously its the love that does it!

You know that NYC is my most fav spot on the planet and how bout just popping me in your suit case -- I promise I will be quiet and just hop around and take photos :)

Enjoy your day sweetie and give me a call while you are in NYC just to rub salt in the wound! :)

love ya!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Claudie,

Happy anniversary sweetie! You two look great together! Many more happy years!


Sandy Michelle said...

Yikes I had 3 c-sections too! Happy Anniversary to you two love birds and have an awesome time in New York!!

Atelier de Charo said...

Happy Anniversary, oh so happy and beautiful couple!
Have fun in New York!

Muchas Felicidades!

Jo Ann said...

May you have many more fabulous years together! xoxoxox
Have a great time in NY ~ especially at Tiffany's!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Congratulations! Ya'll are just a beautiful couple. While my Sweetie and I aren't as pretty as you two are we are just as happy :))


wendy said...

WHAT...I did not know it was your anniversary. How wonderful.
23 years.........sheeesh, that is what I would have liked ONE anniversary with ONE guy.
22 with #1
13 with #2
going on 2 with #3
People are going to start calling me ZaaZaa (or however you spell her name)

Your wedding photo was so cute. "meany weany" that was funny.
BUT you know what....the both of you have just gotten better and BETTER with age. You are both gorgeous
NO...Better then gorgeous

I bet the 2 of you will have a wonderfully FUN time in New York. It is one place I'd like to see in my lifetime. Hmmmmm??
Take New York by storm

I adore you and uh huh, Randy has a sexy voice.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary, Claudie! I adored this post dedicated to Randy and hope some day to meet your wonderful other half. Not only is he handsome and kind, but he had the very good sense to marry YOU! I love you, my friend, and I wish you all the happiness any heart can hold.


Sheila :-)

Donna said...

Omg, how is it possible that you two have grown younger over the years while the rest of us have gotten older?? You are the most GORGEOUS couple! But physical beauty, without inner beauty, isn't that big a deal, and it sounds like you both have the complete package in each other!!!! Happy Anniversary and have a BLAST in NY (and at Tiffany's!) haha... Donna

Sarah said...

Happy belated anniversary. You two make a handsome couple. ~ Sarah

Randy Frid said...

Happy anniversary to you to dear. Except, now it's our 30th Anniversary !!!

Seven years have already flown by. So, how about you choose any place on the planet and we go there for a month (or maybe two)? How about a villa in Tuscany? Or India and the Maldives? Wherever you want to go dear, the world is yours.

Love, your hubby