Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Tickle Pink Thrift Thursday

I found this cutie for .99¢
I painted it the same colour as my fridge, yes my fridge
Did you know you could do that? 
Yup, you can.

Some say "NO FAUX". I say "FAUX YOU".
{{{oh oh}}}

Ms. Lapin thinks it's purdy cute.
{{relief, sigh}}

 Painted these frames the same blue,
 then distressed them, $1.99 each. 
{{{oh so cute}}}

I'm going to a "glitz and glam" weekend with the girls at the end of the month.
I thought this purse would be sweet to bring my stash in @ $5.99. 
Now if I could only find that glam dress... 
still looking.

I'm obsessed with these little "JAPAN" baby vase thingies.
These were .69¢ each.

Now, I these cute hair pins, only $3.99 each.
One for me and one for... 

 These little pink, soft, floppy slippers @ $1.00 match my drapes, really they do. Had to have em'. 
HA HA cozy. 
Oh, and the L'ancôme make-up clutch, 
only .99¢. 

 I'm one of those girls that just 
It's like wearing sweat pants, just can't do it.
But these little pink numbers, well, I caved 
@ $6.99.
I'll probably never wear them.

Had to have this little French poodle cuz, 
you know, 
I'm French, Pink, Poodles and Pearls after all.
{{{wink wink}}}


Jori said...

WOW!! You scored! LOVE it all but especially the pink shoes,the clutch, and the lambies! SO cool. I need to find me a lamb like that. I have seen your house pics, but I had to go back to see your fridge again. I LOVE it! I just realized our cabinets are close to the same color too! We are SOOO clever! What is the skinny on your fridge? How did you do it you little genius you. :)xoxo

Grace said...

Wow what fabulous scores!! Everything is too stinkin cute like you!! ok the pink shoes you have to wear them...really put them on your feet and see how cute they will look and you will fall in love! lol Thanks for sharing all your fabulous finds. Grace xoox

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

and I say "Just faux FUN !" you are very clever you are and do find the bargains. I wanna go shop with you...and oh I love those pink shoes (())

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am inbetween student and parent conferences, and needed a break to what I consider the reality for my soul!!!! LOVELY PINKS DEAREST! Anita

She'sSewPretty said...

Look at you!! I don't find that many goodies in a month!! I love those little planters too. Can we ever have too many?

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

The darling items you have around your home remind me so much of my dear sweet aunt who loved all things pink! She wouldve loved your cottage so much!

Hope you find that fab dress you are looking for -- you will look fantastic of course!!

Hugs GF


Shelia said...

Hi Most Beautiful One! Oh, I love all of your painting projects! Just precious! Love that sweet little purse and your other little things! You're gonna find the perfect spiffy dress and you'll look like a million!!
Happy Easter, Dear One,
Shelia :)

Kimberly said...

Love the pink slippers! where did you find all of these things?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What wonderful finds. I love that shade of blue...goes perfectly with Pink. Love the baby planter and those sweet hair pins.
hugs, Linda


Wow... you really did great finds!
I love the ble with pink. I really love all your lovelies, everything is so wonderful! Hope you visit my pink Easter table.
Happy Easter.

Sandy Michelle said...

Well I say it's faux too so faux everyone else who doesn't agree...tee,hee! I collect those baby planters too :) Have a fabulous Easter mon ami!

Sandy xoxo

Gabrielle messina said...

I pulled the little lambs for you, my dear!! Please do not think about bring me money!! Your finds are amazing, Claudie!!!! Those flats are so pretty! How could you not wear them? I live in flats! I hope you have a beautiful Easter and call me again soon! xoxoxox

bj said...

Ahhh, Claudie, I have a time keeping up with the name of your blog. :))
It changes nearly as often as the headers on my own not. I change mine about every 3 days, usually, unless I have one up that I really and truly love.:))

Love all the goodies you found. Thrifting is sooo fun. Mr. Sweet and I went tonight and I found a small demijohn for 4 bucks...FOUR...couldn't believe it.
Total love.
Happy Easter to you and yours, bj

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Claudie! I DID IT...I took out the word verification! Whew...there is so much going on around here with work that my head is spinning. And you say, "How do I keep up?" I GET UP REALLY EARLY to blog...I LOVE IT! HAVE A FABULOUS DAY!!! Anita

Rita said...

Real good! C'est bien le fun venir te visiter; You make me feel like a kid again; Merci!

wendy said... never wear flats?? Now, I didn't know that. One more discovery about my new friend.
I wear flats pretty much ALL the time....I am extremely clumsy, and I HAVE A you know how hard it is to find sexy shoes with a bunion to deal with.
Faux That!!!
anyway, I am off the topic
What is the "glam and glitter" event. The purse is darling and I can't wait to see what fabulous dress you end up finding.

all you creations turned out really well, LOVE IT.