Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Friday and I'm in LOVE

What I ♥ today.

These beautiful candles that my sweet friend Tracy sent me. Check her out. You'll her too.
Aren't they just so perfect in my little pink cottage?
Thank you my sweet Canadian friend from 
Beautiful British Columbia 
(that's in Canada BTW. Only 3000 miles away from me here in Ontario, Canada.)
They fit perfectly in my pink Candelabra.
I decked-out these pretty ceramic slippers for a very special lady that I'm meeting in Oct. in N.C. when we gather for the
 "Once Upon a Dream" event.
 Shhhh... it's a secret. 
In the meantime, I get to keep them right here until then. 
 this little bunny Teapot. 
Yet again for a "special" someone I .

OK ladies, I really, really & want this coat. 
What do you think? Is it moi or what?

This would be my "PERFECT" 
"I " this back and butt crack. 
Most of you don't know this about me. 
I don't dream of a new car, world peace, no wrinkles, nope, I dream of a perfect spine. 
I have what they call scoliosis. You'd never know it, so they tell me, but believe me it's pretty severe.
So this is what 
want's right now.
I also & want some little chicks for Easter, but Randy said Mrs. Doolittle didn't need more fur around here. 
I'm sorry I forgot who's blog these were on.
But I'm still allowed to and want these cuties right?
 Say YES.
 I'm getting these painted on next week. 
Don't you want these too?

And last but not least, I my little wee kitchen in my little wee cottage.
Of course, since Randy started cooking, he would like (well... perhaps use) 
but too bad, it's all about what I today.
Sorry Randy. Well, now that I look at it, 
I might cave...
At least he's comfy in pink, 
and he has one of these 
(not his first choice of course).

and I the fact that he cooks because I don't.
Wow sounds like Claudette WANT's and 's a whole lot of things today. But it's Friday... so there.

Have a 'ly weekend girls.


Jori said...

You MUST get that coat!!! It is fabulous and completely you!! I have that exact food processor!!! Everything is better pink! Those bunny nails are so super cute! I want them. Thanks for the blog links, I am going to check them right now!

Teresa said...

Oh me, Oh my! That pink jacket is SOOO you! I love it too! I didn't know about the scoliosis, my sister has that too.

If you wear some jeans with pearls like that for Randy, i bet he'll get you that coat! Hope you lovebirds have a lovely weekend!
Daisy Duke

xinex said...

Such an adorable post, Claudie. So glamorous and sweet!.....Christine

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello sweet Claudie!

Oh my, you must get that coat it's so you!!! And those cute fingers nails! Just adorable. I want to see them on your fingers when you gert them done. I love all your pretty Easter goodies! Where did you find the chicks in different colors, I love them!! Happy spring sweetie!

Debbie xo

As I Dream It said...

You're welcome... my lovely friend in Ontario! Sorry to hear about your back my friend. Very sorry!

Happy weekend to you Claudie!


Sandy Michelle said...

I love the tea pot and ceramic slippers! The nails are a great idea too! I just bought a 6 week old Dwarf Bunny for the kids-shhhhh!!!

Thanks for joining in!

Sandy xoxo

Rita said...

Just love to admire all your cute photos. I have a feeling it must smell so good at your place. even if you don;t like to cook! Everything looks dainty, feminine and colourful.

Atelier de Charo said...

So lovely ceramic slippers!
Love your cute kitchen!


wendy said...

OH MY, this post has a lot of LOVE going on. awesome.
the candles....very cute!!
Those ceramic slippers you decorated up are GREAT dainty.
the Bunny tea-pot is very fairytale like. Just makes ya smile doesn't it.
That PINK COAT...are you kidding, IT WAS MADE FOR YOU...I am sure the tag inside it must have your name on it!!!
I love it....but, it has a waist line on it.......I haven't found my waist line in awhile.
The photo of the back with the pearls and butt crack....pretty awesome...again, that whole waist line thing???????
I DID NOT KNOW you had scoliosis. Gosh Claudie, sorry to hear about that. Your posture always looks perfect.
Those are the cutest nail's I have seen. I never get my nails done, they always break off and pretty nails just doesn't coincide with fencing and saddling up a horse, and shoveling crappola.
Barry and I both love to cook....but there is room for only one person at a time in OUR itty bitty kitchen and it actually drives me insane. I'd LOVE a big kitchen to work in and have people gather around with. I'd love the big doors in the kitchen going out to a nice sunny deck.

ok, enough......
You have great taste my dear and certainly gravitate to all things beautiful and cheerful and magical.
Cause that's how you roll.

wendy said...

Yikes, are people allowed to make that LONG of a comment??????

Donna said...

The coat is SO you! I love your darling kitchen. What I wouldn't do for a window in my kitchen! I hope you have a beautiful weekend!... Donna

LuLu Kellogg said...

I want that pink coat!!!! One for me and one for you!


jeanne said...

Hi Claudie, Yes, I was probably fixing dinner. NOT! Marilyn and Jerry went to my sister's house for dinner. I went on strike. HA! I had left over veggies and tuna with Dijon mustard. I'm easy. Bill made a frozen dinner. Horrors. Tomorrow night we are going out to celebrate our anniversary which is on the 20th. Marilyn and Jerry were married in April and we are celebrating together.
Fun times.

Your post is fun and I heart your Love and want list. The pink coat is you to the inth degree. What ever that means. LOL. Tell me, how do you make the heart sign on the Mac? I WANT to know.

I love the slippers and the teapot too. I just checked your previous post and your Easter decorations will be so pretty. Your sister knows who to ask when it comes to party decorations and favors. You are the IT girl. You can do IT.

I know your poor back hurts you Claudie. If I could give you a wish, I would wish your spine as straight as the pic with the pearls.

Thank you for calling me Claudie. I am relieved to hear about some final dates etc. I can't wait.

Love you to pieces my dear sweet friend.
Jeanne xoxoxo

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh!! You should soooo get that pretty jacket!! It would look fantastic on you. Those slippers and that cute teapot are adorable!! Lucky girl!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour ma belle...that coat is YOU all the way. GO GET IT!!!!!! Anita

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Claudie Sweetie...
Oh what a beautiful ♥ share this morning. A totally awesome job.

Now that coat is DEFINITELY MS Pink herself. I can see you already. Did Randy get that to the Easter Bunny? I also love those pearls sweet friend. I SO wish I could send you a quick fix for that spine of yours, but you can sure bet you will be in my nightly prayers my precious friend. I got that covered.

Love those precious little slippers, they are SO cute. I can't wait to see where they are dancing off to.

Make sure you take some pics of those bunny nails.I can't wait to see those. How sweet is that?

Hope you have a beautiful weekend sweet friend. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

Bumpkin Bears said...

Oh my gosh I love everything, that coat is sublime and LOVE LOVE your Teapot and your kitchen oh and those bunny nails! Thanks for your kind words at my blog, so lovely to meet you, Hugs, Catherine x

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............all of that delicious PINK! I LOVE that coat. It's just darling, isn't it? And, you're right, it is YOU.

Love the little blue shoesies. How sweet. I think I could dance in them, right?? :-)

And, the pink kitchen? Whew.......someday....

Have a wonderful weekend, dear one.


pinkim said...

Hi there friend...As usual, I just love all of your pictures! They are just perfectly hopped over to see a friend of yours that tried Pink Saturday today. Have a great weekwnd! Pinkim TrulySimplyPink

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

where did you get that photo of my back with pearls??? OMG hold on i just laughed so hard i fell on the ground!

:) darling fun post -- just like you -- you seem up :) must mean you are getting SOME sleep?

Biggest of hugs sweetie... love ya!


Sherry from Alabama said...

What a beautiful post! I think the coat and manicure would be perfect together.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

~CC Catherine said...

B4 I forget...GET THAT PINK COAT...Oh my peanut butter...girl, that is YOU! I love that COAT! ;) lol

About the things you love and want...I'll second them on your behalf! Especially the pink Kitch! You ROCK girlfriend! And Randy...He definitely is SECURE in his Masculinity! I adore that pic of your kitchen with the counter angle in the camera and the yellow pitcher on the end with the posies in it. Very cool! ;) Love ya kiddo. I'm BAAACCCKKKK! a)

"Create Beauty" said...

Can I have that PINK coat too?!?!?


Oh my, it is gorgeous.
I had to pop over and see you after seeing your comment on Anita's blog. (It's our birthday weekend! Woo-Hoo!) I'd ask for a pink coat like that one, but my man has already bought my gift, a vintage chandelier from an estate sale!

Your blog is so fun, and therefore you must be too. I know Anita thinks so : )

~ Violet

Kim @ Bluebirds and Butterflies said...

Hi Claudie,
Thanks so much for visiting me at Bluebirds and Butterflies and for all the really sweet comments. You mentioned Teresa at Blooming in Bainbridge. You are not going to believe this...and I am in the process of writing her at her blog to comfirm....but I took a beginning knitting class about a year ago or so. I met a really nice gal who sat next to me. Her name was Teresa and she was from Alabama. I remember thinking how sweet this gal was and that I could become friends with her if given the chance. You can't hear it in blogworld, but I will tell you, she had the sweetest southern drawl. Anyway, when you mentioned a Teresa from Alabama, I immediately thought of this gal. I went to her blog and saw a photo of her and this could very well be the gal that sat next to me at the knitting shop. I never did see her after that class because she ended up not coming to the following class to learn how to knit a cap. Anyway, if it is truly the same gal, what a small, small world we live in! I discover your beautiful blog and the person that you refer me to is someone in Bainbridge Island that is very near me and could very well be this nice lady who sat next to me over a year ago. That is truly amazing. Anyway, on this posting that I am looking at of yours...I can relate to your desire to have a straight spines because there is some osteoporosis and curvature of the backs in my family. My aunt has a very curved back and my mother's became the same way. I am fighting this all the way and hoping that my back stays straighter than my aunt and mother's did. I think yoga helps. Are you able to do yoga? When I am regularly doing yoga, it seems to help my back. I loved hearing about your Tiffany charm bracelet. I would love to see a photo of it. We have a Tiffany's near my son's college. I bought my husband an id bracelet in there for Christmas this year. I am enjoying your blog, and you are a lovely lady. Have a wonderful day, Claudie! xoxo Kim

Kim @ Bluebirds and Butterflies said...

I LOVE that pink coat, too! xoxo Kim