Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flashback Thursday


 Colt, when we lived in Dunwoody, GA. now 18 and in University.

My first communion. I felt like a bride that day. 
Probably not suppose to be thinking that, but I was.

Brittany now 22 and in love, holding Riley who is now 20 and on his own. Look at those sweet little toes.
My beautiful mother-in-law. I miss our conversations. 
I miss her.

Rusty in Scottsdale Az. on 
"the swing". He was only 5 when he went to Rainbow Bridge.

Julie, I miss her too. She's been on my mind lately. Crazy girl.
This was after a little too much champagne nearly 3 years ago.
 Check out the magazine in her hand.

I KNOW, I KNOW, but I'm going on another girlfriend weekend. 
This time with this French girl.
Isn't that a pretty name? 
We both celebrated March birthdays. 
We've been friends for over 
25 yrs.

See you on Sunday for 
"Matinee Sunday".

Have a great weekend my friends.


wendy said...

Hello my dear friend. Flashback Thursday. that was fun.
Flashback's can be fun.....very thought provoking and memorable.
Colt...what a handsome young man I have seen him grow into. Such a cute young man in that photo.
and Brittany and Riley....YES cute toes indeed. I LOVE little kids toes.
Lovely photo of your MIL....I guess she has passed away?? I haven't really heard you say much about her.
Rusty...such a cutie.
JULIE...are you serious, what a great picture. Can't wait to meet her. After a little to much champagne....that is so funny. I'd be jumping on the bed too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is Isabelle...and when is THAT girl get together supposed to take place.
Amazing ALL the people in your life and all the places you go and things you do. What a rich and lovely life I THINK you have.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Claudie, I enjoyed seeing all of those cute pictures of you and the kids. And you were a bride that day that you took your first communion... the bride of Christ. He adores you, you know. :-)

And Riley looks so much like Randy in that picture of him as a baby. Did you clone that child??? ;-)

You have adorable kids, and that precious little dog who went over the Rainbow Bridge. Sigh. I miss mine, too, Claudie.

Cute picture of Miss Julie. She's such a card!

Have fun on your getaway with your dear friend. Remember that you have friends in Florida who love you very, very much, too.


Sheila :-)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

CLAUDIE! I just sent you an email with two pictures!!! You were asking about that lampshade!!!! It is in the attachments. And I know have a question answered: When is your birthday...Oh, I missed it! And I can see that you too are being reminiscent as well as I....and I TOO PRECIOUS, have had must be the fact that HORMONES are raging! I told Ruben last night that I just didn't feel myself..I felt so tired, headachy and just OLD! THAT IS UNLIKE ME!!! And yes, ma grand mère Marie is that lovely woman on my sidebar in all the lovely pinks, turquoise, in the dark suit with the hat. She was such a beauty. Oh dearest, I love your new header!!!!! YIPPEEEEEE! You have the pink...I have some new photos I want to put together for my next post. I have been on Spring break and I have had such a relaxing time. Yes, it is now Thursday and it is almost the end to a wonderful and restful time. LA RENTRÉE is going to unfortunately bring much stress with standardized testing and parent conferences!!! Oh well, summer will be here before we know it, and I AM STILL HOPING for Quebec.....stay well my dearest and enjoy every moment. GROSSES BISES, Anita

Sherri said...

Cute pictures! Julie cracks me up! That pic is hilarious! Get her drunk and then get out the camera!! LOL!! I like your back ground. You're doing really good with this Blog. You've really given it your personal touch. I keep on thinking one day I'll go back to mine, I just don't want to be a slave to it. Just got back from lunch in West Van and now I'm heading off shopping in the States. I hope you have a fun weekend wherever you and Isabelle go! XO

Jori said...

Love your pictures! Especially you in your communion dress. it's so special. My daughter is getting baptized soon, I have saved my dress all of these years, and she is going to wear it! Love your new header!! Have a great girls weekend! I adore the picture of you in your pink dress on your birthday! You look so pretty! Yes, I was featured in crazy domestic, for painting my kitchen cabinets. Nothing snazzy like baking something great like Martha. :)

jeanne said...

Hi Claudie, I love this post and the idea behind it. I guessed that was Colt and I should have guessed your were the darling little girl looking like a bride. smile. Brittany and Riley are precious. It's no surprise you have a beautiful family. Just look at the parents.

The picture of Julie is a hoot. She is a fun loving pretty girl. Too much champagne can make one laugh but Julie has fun even without champagne.

Randy's Mom is very pretty and elegant looking. I am sure she loved you too.

Poor Rusty. You know my son Brett with the two Aussie dogs. One of the was hit by a car and died. He can't be consoled. We have been sooooo sad.

My cousin Christy and her hubs have been wonderful guests. We have laughed like crazy and had a wonderful time. I will talk to CC and Deborah tomorrow. My cousin leaves in the morning early. Time to myself, yay!

As usual it is late at night writing this comment. I saw your stork OH Nooooooooo and you better tell me what that is all about. HA!. I am one curious woman!!
Love you to pieces,
Jeanne xoxoxo

Julie said...

I love this flashback thursday post you have going, Brilliant really. We have so many good memories to linger over. Life has its ups and downs but it's like a big panini sandwich. The bread doesn't always hold it together - but it tries very very hard.

Phew... so philosophical.

You just keep the masquerde going with those "fun-loving" pictures of me you are posting. Boy have I got them fooled huh.

Love ya.