Saturday, February 26, 2011

She called them MARTINIS...

She called them Martinis, but that's not what they were.
A splash of Amaretto, vodka, and orange juice. WHOA!

We started crafting for the SUMMER BREEZE party.

We cut and we pasted, being ever so careful to pick the right images for each lady.

Then she found my red Tulle for my outdoor pearl tree.

And she got silly, really really silly.

But that's what I LOVE about her. You just never know what will happen.

While the puppies were sleeping, 

Randy was cooking 

one of his great dishes of pan glazed filet, with gremolata & pomegranate sauce,
 (had to look that one up)

I was... well let's just say, playing, still in my PJs. with bed head.

Can you guess what we were making for my girls?

WHOA! my second post in 2 days. I'm lovin' it. 

 Randy just informed me that Apple is upgrading MobileMe. 
Do I go back? or do I stay? 



LADY JANE said...

So dear Claudie...If a post gets this adorable after or during one of those drinkies...pour me one or two will ya! Love the new blog...keep t it girlfriend...I'm lovin it! Hey...if you get some time andare not nappin after that wonderful meal stop over to see Jalina Rose...she pposted yesterday...oh and jammies are optional! Love it girl!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour ma belle! J'ADORE CE BLOG LÀ...KEEP THIS ONE CLAUDIE, PLEASE!!!!! I have now put this blog on my blog roll so I can see your newest post. Oh chèrie, I got your email...what a day you had....Ton père, 31 ans? Oh ma precieuse amie, I so know the pain...and your pretty finger...breath. Yes, BREATH and take in the beauty that you have around you. I love to see what you are up to at the cottage. Tulle? OH YEAH! PINK? DOUBLE YESS!!! A cooking man with an apron who serves up such lovely meals????? OUI! Let me tell you, I know how to have fun. I will bring a tiara with me and we shall have a grand time. I cannot wait to see you and Claudie, I really like what you are doing with blogger. I have to get brave and change my font; you are using the blogger options, right? Well BRAVA MA are doing a great job. I would stick with this blog.

Bonne journée Claudie, je t'aime! Anita

Jo Ann said...

The new Blog is great!
Very creative...which I had some of those genes! lol

The Amaretto, Vodka...with Passion Fruit called a TikiTiki in Punta Cana! yummy !!

Looks like you and Julie were busy! And Julie you should know by now that any picture is fair game to Claudie! Have a great day! the sun is shining bright! (melt the snow, melt the snow!)


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh that looks so good! I'm in for drinks and dinner!! Love the new post and blog. Are you happy?? I don't care where you blog as long as I can find you my friend! hugs, Linda

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

First off...I loooove those curtains!

LAWDY, LAWDY, LAWDY!!! You two are a mess! Can't wait for all of us to get together!

I'm supposing we'll have those "martinis"?

PLEASE keep this blog. I can't get in and post so much better!

I love both you crazy gals!!!

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

First off...I loooove those curtains!

LAWDY, LAWDY, LAWDY!!! You two are a mess! Can't wait for all of us to get together!

I'm supposing we'll have those "martinis"?

PLEASE keep this blog. I can't get in and post so much better!

I love both you crazy gals!!!

wendy said...

We better make a KEG of that for this summer!!! (tee,hee)
Maybe Randy can be our Cabana Boy.

I am intrigued with the craft project??
Who knew....all the things you could do with Tulle.

I haven't been this excited for an event since my first Tatoo Wha ha ha ha.

wendy said...

I guess I am going to have to sharpen up on moi francais.
I am wondering.....reading what Anita said, she wrote
Brava Ma Biche....
did that sweet little thing just call you a bitch. Well, I declare.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

I think this blog suites you! Bottom line is, no matter where you post it, its still your wonderfulness.

My only suggestion is put you player on the right side panel. Then once you collect several posts someone can turn off or change songs easily.

:) All that because I got the same suggesion for mine and when i moved it I recieved SEVERAL comments on how they loved it :)

I took french in high school (couple of days ago) and I never could figure out how a TABLE could be male or female. Guess we will have to talk about that one.

Hope you are doing well! BTW. Randy should go on a cooking show! how fun would that be?? He is a keeper.

Big hugs darling.

Sherri said...

Look at you with music and everything! You have picture frames and fancy fonts too! I think I went into blog depression and gave up! I web got to be too frustrating and I felt Blog Spot just took away my creativity. Didn't really know what I was doing. I felt I was blogging with one hand behind my back. But you look like you are doing great! Good for you. Love the curtain behind the poodle. Glad you had fun with Julie. Kind of breaks the winter up to have a visit eh? We've been having crazy weather this past week. Just getting over a back injury I got at work in Nov. I was on Valium around the clock. Couldn't even hold my head up. In order to get to physio Ken had to drive 10mph or I was just screaming in agony. So much better now. I think my summer bike injury landing on my head triggered it. I have never felt pain like that. All is going well. Going to be joining the gym soon and be a new woman by Spring : ) Hang in there with the blog. It really is less time consuming than the endless hours on IWEB. That got to be all consuming and unless you did it you can't appreciate the work that went into it. You'll probably find you get more comments too! Take care. Love Sherri XOXO

Shelia said...

Hi Claudie! Stay! Stay! I love you in Blogger! You gals have too much fun!! Can't wait!! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Teresa said...

Pour me one too! Oh you should stay with blogger Love... I think you'll be so much happier here.
Love you!'

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Claudie Sweetie...
Oh my goodness gracious. I love the new you. It is just perfect. French - ooh-la-la, Pink (well we all love that),poodles (how could you not love a poodle and PEARLS ( a girls best friend.) Boy you nailed it on the head this time. I love it.

Now you asked me about the signature sweetie, that is easy go to gif You will find all sorts of signatures there to choose from. A girl loves a little bling.

Hope you are well. You look so precious in your robe with bed head. LOVE it.

Have a wonderful week sweetie and I am so thrilled you are back. I have missed you.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh stay put, I can post you a comment!
Love the new look! And love all the fun you two are having!
You look good even with a bed-head!
Not fair! hehe.
Have a wonderful week, and boy can your hubby cook!

Jeanne said...

Hi Claudie I have been so unavailable for three days. My sister's party and then taking Patty back home to Columbia. i want one of those drinks. I know one will be enough. HA!

Julie is delightful being Julie and I love your blog. I can't imagine what you are making but I know we will love it! Sweet puppy sleeping. Great food cooking. Lucky you.

Love you bunches,
Jeanne xoxoxo


I'm your newest follower beautiful lady. You love dogs and fashion...your my tipe of pal and that's why I just followed you.
Come visit me too, this way we'll get to know one another...we might have lots of things in common.
I love the tulle material... and better all over!

tess said...

I wanted to be the first male on your Blog. Don't call me Rose. Mais je ne te pardonnerai pas si dorénavant tu m'appelles "rose". Up here in Chelsea men are men and sheep are nervous.
Carry on with the good work.


~CC Catherine said...

I knew it, now you're already getting MEN to post on your new blog. Now I've lost you for good. lollllooollllou You ROCK and Julie have wAy too much fun when you're together. How fun! Can't wait to see all the crafties you all put together for our trip to your world. Now, as far as Martini's honeeeeee, I drink mine virgin...sawry, me and alciehooool just never have gotten along too well. So, I'll have fun being the designated driver, swimmer, blogger, antiquer, and whatever else you all may need when you're all enjoying those lovelies! Isn't a great idea? lol Sooooo, lovin all the tulle on Julie, she's Sooooo creative with her designs. Seriously she is. Okay honeee, gotta run...keep "lighting up" our worlds with yours every time you post! French, Pink, Poodles, and're a STAR! Love ya mon ami